Can’t wait for the next episode...seriously.
Backpacker Radio has been my go-to for all things thru-hiking since I became obsessed with the idea (and reality) to do a long-distance multi-day trek. I just finished the final episode after binge listening the last few months and feel like I’ve gained a ton of info from both the hosts and their guests. I’ve found myself laughing aloud as I walk through the woods and dream about future adventures and am awed by stories told on this show as well as the Trail Correspondent series. My husband and I are about to embark on our first thru-hike on the Tahoe Rim Trail next week and couldn’t be more excited. Thank you for all the resources, entertainment, and inspiration! Chaunce, best of luck on your last few miles of the AT and Zach, isn’t it time you planned an AT hike of your own? Please keep doing what you’re doing!
Love it
What’s your theme song
You people are nutz!
T dub007
Truckee here from the PCT as I section hike all of Oregon this summer (I am a teacher, this hike when I can), and love your off the wall podcast with Java’s snark remarks, laughs, and stories; Chaunce’s poop stories, AT 2019 hike (drink), and smooth voice, and Badger’s PBR comments and great style of keeping everything in order while talking. You ALL make me laugh while in the middle of no where! Truckee (Tyler)
Please Avoid Politics
The Llama Tamer
This has been an excellent podcast until episode #42 with Clare Gallagher. Our culture has become saturated with politics the last several years and it unfortunately has become more and more difficult to avoid it in areas that it would normally be way off topic. Episode #42 was a disappointing example of Clare’s political views inundating the podcast that is supposed to be about hiking/backpacking, and I hope it is an anomaly. I had this podcast rated as a 5* until this episode aired. I, like many listeners of this podcast, want to hear about backpacking/hiking/camping/poop stories, not someone’s views on what the White House should be doing. It cheapens the podcast, and removes it from the extremely short list of places one can go to seek non-political talk. For the same reason that ESPN has been hemorrhaging subscribers, Backpacker Radio will also begin to lose its appeal if the hosts can’t keep their guests on topic. Stick to backpacking, interviews, and poop stories, and all will be well.
This is a very fun podcast. I like #40. I like knowing the facts and history of trails, and people, etc.
Warning: this show will make you want to leave everything you know behind
Listening to this in the windowless, fluorescent light of my office staring at my dusty screen makes me want nothing more to throw all I’ve worked for in life behind. I’ve had feelings of this before- to just leave and wander into the woods where I love to be. This show has compounded and magnified these feeling exponentially. It scares me. I knew I wanted to do the PCT, now I know I HAVE to do it. And the concept of returning back is what frightens me the most. I’ve done large camping and hiking road trips and have been largely fine afterwards. But this is a thing that makes me fear that I’ll abandon it all entirely. This is an incredible podcast that has given me insight to this life. And for better or worse I am ridiculously appreciative of it as all I want to do with my life is immerse myself in nature. Suggestion: cover the E trails in Europe (or others in different continents or countries). I’m very interested in them but know little about them. I’d love to hear of people traveling them and dealing with language barriers, resupplies and general things along those trails. Thanks from a lost soul
My comfort food
I have to start by saying I don’t know how this podcast happened to me, because all my other podcasts are about disc golf. But I’ve listened to every episode of backpacker radio twice now and I’m still not tired of it. I actually get annoyed when my phone plays other podcasts now. Chaunce and Badger make me laugh out loud like an idiot, and together with their guests continue to inspire me to be more adventurous on and off the hiking trail. Chaunce has also inspired me to embrace a diet of gummy trail mix, which I intend to do as I explore the trails of the Bitterroot Mountains (which I just moved to). Thanks for the good times guys. Bring back Weezer and Gummy Bear. And one of you please hike the AT already 🤦🏽‍♀️
#1 Backpacking Show
Backcountry Barrister
BPR is absolutely the #1 show about backpacking on the web. The guests are great and the info shared is helpful (the hosts of course are also great!). Been following Chaunce’s AT journey with Easy. Looks like it’s been a good trip. Enjoy the Whites when you get there. It’s a place near and dear to my heart. Stay safe. So glad I found the Trek and BPR. PS, is it weird to listen to backpacking podcasts while hiking?
Enjoyments during Deployments!!!!
Papa Bear of Epic Adventures
Your show is great! I have listened to your podcast intensively for one year. Your level of sense of humor provides me with the motivation and high spirits I need during my deployments. I wish you guys good luck in future episodes. Can’t wait to retire from the military and hike the AT, CDT, and PCT. Zack maybe one day you could hike the AT when you retire. Thank you for let me and others listen in. Good Bless!!! Karl
I’ve been listening for over a year, and let me tell you folks. The cinnamon connection is a ginger gang of funny business. Badger and Chaunce are super knowledgeable and have THE best guests! Also why do they keep having the Real Hiking Viking? Can’t they get any new guests. Just kidding, TRHV is hilarious and one of the best in the business. I love listening to this podcast as I am currently thruhiking the AT, and it’s so informative and actually fun! Keep em coming cinnamon connection!
And now on to Chaunce’s favorite part of the show...
I discovered this podcast after a long and unsatisfying search for a quality backpacking-specific podcast. At first I was confused by the two-hour episodes full of rabbit trails, as well as whether certain co-hosts had actually hiked the AT, but over time the banter and laid-back atmosphere has become one of my favorite parts of the show. I’ve missed having the full cinnamon connection while Chaunce is on the AT (#I’lltakemyChaunces), but the stand-in hosts have done a great job picking up the slack. The guests and their stories are absolutely incredible, and I especially love hearing about lesser known trails like the Superior Trail and Pacific Northwest Trail. On that note, as an Arkansas native I have to do a quick plug for the Ozark Highlands Trail, which if nothing else could keep Jabba busy for a while. I currently work as a trail maintainer in New York’s Adirondack Park, and listening to your podcast as I work reminds me of the reasons for what I do. Keep on keeping on, and thanks for all you do for the community.
I’ve been listening to Backpacker radio for a few days now and absolutely love it! I loved the interview with Fidgit, she’s a remarkable person. Also, I didn’t know how gorgeous Chaunce was until I saw her instagram😍😍😍 Keep it up guys!
Yall are fantastic. I love your show, great info. Im new to thru-hiking(prepping for NOBO PCT 2020), so listening to the stories and info you guys give really REALLY helps. Yall are awesome keep it up.
Almost a fan
Mountain biking hiker
Mountain bikes should be allowed in wilderness areas.
Marginally better than silence
It’s alright.
Just read this!!
You guys have a great thing going. Great chemistry and great info, lots of fun to listen too. Please keep this up, I need to find out if Zach ever hiked the AT!! I’m a total hiking nerd and I love you guys! Starting Long Trail on June 20th.
This podcast keeps me stoked for my yearly section hikes on the PCT. look forward to the info and entertainment every time I tune in! Keep up the amazing work.
I can binge listen cause I have no job
Your podcast is amazing!!! It’s a wealth of information for this future 2020 A.T. through hiker! (Your book was the first one I read!) Thank you for putting this out “there” for us all to enjoy and absorb. For the love of all that is holy please keep it up!!! I’ve saved most of the episodes for listening on the trail!! All the best to you guys!! Light and love from someone who habitually over uses exclamation points!!!
Amusing and informative!!
Brandy Be Wyse
I listen to this both at my desk job and each evening as I hike to my towns river-bottom. I find I get more excitement on my training hikes (daily training to do the PCT in a year) and increase my completion time. I Highly recommend this podcast cause it distracts me from foot pain and excites me to hike again the next day.
Great Podcast!!
Currently getting ready for thru-hike of PCT SOBO. Trying to listen to all episodes before leaving. Hiked the AT in ‘93. So much has changed!! No social media!!! Great to hear all the hiker voices!! Thanks
Da best!
You guys rock! Really enjoy listening to your show! Is there any chance that you're going to have someone on that's hiked the New England trail??? Or at least any chance that you'll have some new england beers mentioned? Continue the great Podcast. And if you do decide to hike the New England trail, let me know. Cheers!
Eric for the win!
Alright. I’m upset. At the end of the legend episode (38 I think?), there was no Danny Devito clip! That’s why I listen to this podcast! I suffer through an hour and a half of hiking talk so I can get to the good stuff. Got me with the old bait and switch.
Maybe Someday
Maybe someday there will be instant beer to keep me company on the trail. Maybe someday Zach will hike the AT. Until then at least we’ll have backpacker radio. Keep up the good work. Love following Chaunce on the AT. Looking forward to the reuniting of the cinnamon twins.
You get 5 stars, despite Zach’s Cubs fandom
Binge listened to the whole podcast in the past few weeks, and enjoyed it so much that I didn’t unsubscribe in rage each time Zach mentioned he was a cubs fan #flytheL. Have only thruhiked the short foothills trail in the Carolinas and done longer section hikes, but ever since the outdoors bug hit me last fall, I’ve done nothing but think about backpacking and the thru hikes I will eventually complete (#PCT2022). This podcast is fun to listen to and a great way of satiating my wish to get back on the trail during the work week. #makeJabbaafulltimecohost
The best backpacking podcast
I’m super stoked to discover Backpacker Radio! Quality interviews with fascinating guests. Chaunce and Zach have a great rapport and complement each other well. I’m working my way through the back catalog while listening to current episodes. It’s maddening to wonder if Zach hiked the AT, and based on the YouTube evidence he stopped the PCT in Stehekin. Well, whatever...at least he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about
Backpacker radio review
goji 17
This is a great podcast for anyone in or interested in the hiking community. I’m also diggin Chaunce’s at throughhike vlog on the trek YouTube channel.
Church of the woods
Cassia Chitla
A source of infinite wisdom, from how to poop (and not poop) in the woods, to a raw expressions of humanity and spiritual insights. I’m not religious, but I feel like I’m in a southern Baptist church while listening to this podcast. A series of exclamations escape me while listing, from ‘YES!!!’ and ‘HALLELUJAH’ and ‘PREACH’ to the embarrassing bird-like sounding ‘HA-HA’ in response to the banter between Zach and Chaunce (Mo’ banter!). Not to mention all the truly incredible stories from guests! Who ARE you people and where have you been all my life?! These are five-star people. Pretty sure Chaunce will finish the AT before Zach. Get it girl!
#1 Hiker Podcast
Mike OConnor
No sh!t. Here’s the poop. This is the best podcast for hiker content. All other podcasts are number 2.
Thank You
Tweety L
Just have to let you know that your Podxast has inspired, entertained, had me emotional (crying and laughing), and most of all kept me motivated for many many walking/hiking miles!! I think other people may think I’m a crazy lady while walking with my earbuds laughing or with a big smile on my face...but I don’t care, because your show rocks and I’ll never stop listening! Keep up the good work you two and I’ll keep spreading the word about Backpacker Radio!
Just started this. Now I’m binge listening! Super enjoyable.
Favorite podcast
Started listening to the show a week ago with episode 1, currently on episode 17. I’m planning to start section hiking the PCT next year. Do either of you plan to do the American Discovery Trail? Thanks for making my 2 hour commute more enjoyable.
Awesome podcast
This is one of the best if not, the best podcast on backpacking and hiking.
My new addiction
Chuck Lopez NJ
I haven’t been backpacking in over 20 years. This podcast is my new addiction and has made me remember what I am missing out on the trail. I’ve never done any long hiking but now it’s all I long for. Love the banter, information, humor and fun. I love learning about so many amazing people I’ve never heard of before. I have to say. I love following Chaunce on the AT but I miss her on the podcast. I’m from NJ and I’m looking forward to providing trail magic for hikers when they come through NJ on the AT. I never even knew trail magic was a thing. Feel free to reach out to us for help if your on the AT in NJ and need anything. Find us on IG at @thecrazylopezfamily
Who needs friends when you can listen to reruns of this podcast?
These guys are great. I can raise the kids, fold laundry, and listen to Z and C bs all day long. Too bad they hate section hikers. Excellent supplemental mind fodder for prep for a weekend J section attempt first weekend in September. Cheers yall, keep up the awesome.
Love this podcast!!! Chaunce Rocks. Good Stuff Zach.
I started listening about three weeks ago. I love the casual approach to the interviews. Thanks for the interview with Katie on nutrition it was so informative!!!! Followed Juliana through her PCT hike on You Tube. I heard somewhere one of Zach hiked the AT? (Drink!) ;) Loving Chaunce’s AT v-logs. This is by far my favorite podcast listen to everyone!
Best backpacking podcast
Badger and Chaunce do a great job of bringing a wide assortment of guests on the show, and they’re getting better all the time. Plus Badger apparently doesn’t mind if you send him a calendar of tastefully nude hiker trash! -Culligan
Its pronounced Lou-a-vul
Greetings from KY, I have to say I stumbled upon your podcast after finding out that Frozen was going to be a Trail correspondent for you during his hike of the AT this year, since then I have binge listened to every episode of this and the trail correspondents podcast in the last few weeks listening to 2-3 a day. I love your banter and that Chaunce has the ability to keep Zac on his toes. Can’t wait for more, thank you and I think if Zac is giving thru hiking advice he should have at least thru hiked before, just saying. Love you guys and keep up the good work. -Beardedandlost
PCT dreams
I’m obsessed with this podcast. I feel like there is never a dull moment and the guests are always amazing. I graduated university in late March and learned about thru hiking a week after that. This podcast and trail correspondents has sparked the desire of hiking the PCT. Inspired by this podcast, I moved to Colorado Springs for the summer and will return to Washington to Attempt the PCT SoBo. I one day dream of being like the guests on your show. Thank you
Ruined my F#@king life
The Cinnamon Connection has completely ruined my life, I no longer go out to have fun, or sleep at night, and I sure as hell can’t focus at work. I’ve known about the show for awhile but finally started listening last week, it took me 4 days to listen to every episode and now I’m on a second round. For the first time since I LASHed the AT in 2016 I’ve started seriously thinking about doing another big hike, and by episode 4 or 5 I had three words stuck in my head “Calendar Double 2021!?” this thought just bounces around my head 24/7. So now I’m slashing my budget, saving money, and planning. Thanks! PS can’t wait for Chaunce to finish the AT so the show will finally have a resident AT expert who’s actually hiked the trail. 1600’s
Money’s? Sorry I’m a buzzkill
BB Moose 418
I absolutely love this podcast. This is the best backpacking podcast I’ve found thus far. I listen to every episode when it comes out. It’s super inspiring, and yet, also a bit frustrating. I have two main questions: how do people funds these hikes? And do hikers understand their privilege when it comes to being able thru hike? I work a 40hour week as a lower middle class person (and when I say this, I mean upper poor class). aside from gear being expensive, taking so much time off? Or quitting your job? It saddens me to think I’ll never be considered “a real thru hiker” because I don’t have the privilege of taking 5-6 months off my job. I’m lucky enough to have a job with a semi flexible schedule, but best believe if I quit, I will be replaced in a heart beat with no guarantee of being hired again. In addition, is housing not a big deal for people outside of California? If I gave up my place to look for a new one in 6 months, I could possibly be homeless. This is not an angry rant (maybe a little ranty), but more of a curiosity statement/question. I think this, as well as other privilege topics, should be assessed. We all talk about accessibility, but ignore any options to make things happen (I’m guilty of this as well). Or at bare minimum, acknowledge that not everyone has the privilege of “being a real thru hiker”. I’d like to see that stigma go away.
Great Podcast
Desert side of the PNW
I love this podcast! It helped me get through our snowy February, when I found it and had 30 something episodes (and the first season of trail correspondants) to keep me company as I shoveld the driveway for the 100th time and dreamed of pine trees. They bring in great guests and have fun time doing the show together. The content about hiking gear is always honest and complete. Even though one half of the cinnamon connection will be gone for awhile as finally one of the hosts will hike the AT, I am sure the magic will continue. Chaunce don't poop on the trail or Andrew Downs will find you somewhere in Virginia.
This is a great team that makes me laugh all the time. You may occasionally get some great information for hiking j/k. The stories are always good. Keep up the good work!
The real question
c. e. stevens
So i know we all wanna know when zach will hike the AT- but what i wanna know is when he will hike the CDT? Great podcast, just discovered it and it is helping me get through the next few years while i aspire to be a thru-hiker but have to wait! Love the guests and all the practical things i am Squirreling away for my PCT hike in a few years.
Andrew G
Loved this meaty episode!! So much info and even a poop story!
With love from Guyana🇬🇾
I am currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guyana, a small but absolutely stunning country in South America. To get from my village to the next “town” to resupply monthly requires a two hour speed boat ride along a twisty jungle river. Enter: Backpacker Radio. These episodes have been my constant companion on these journeys. Every time I get WiFi I download all the episodes I’ve missed to get me through the next month. I loved to hike in America (and now in the jungles of Guyana!) and am hoping to tackle the triple crown when I return from my service. Thank you Chaunce and Badger for providing me with inspiration, something to kill the time, and many many laughs along the way. I have suggested the podcast to everyone in my cohort and your following in Guyana is growing! Keep putting out great material... and did Badger ever hike the AT?
Seriously FOMO on all hiking now...
I can’t even remember what recently gave me the idea to start backpacking and hiking, I wasn’t raised on it, but I’ve been thinking about it, and SOMETHING snuck into my mind about backpacking. THEN I found Backpacker radio... That’s all she wrote, folks. I have learned SO MUCH by just listening to this show. (I’m well aware that I have my own deeper research to do before hitting long term trail trips.) I laugh and learn through each episode, I absolutely love Badger & Chaunce. I’m determined to go through each episode in order, so I’m way back here on episode 17. I love hearing when you have Jabba on, he is hilarious and reminds me of some of my husband’s fellow USMC (vet) friends. I plan on being a spontaneous trail angel this June/July on parts of the Oregon section. All inspired by this show and the guests! Thank you for the variety of guests and topics, it’s well thought out and well rounded. Extremely entertaining! Well, now that this has become an entire manuscript, I’ll wrap up with just a final question... Badger, did you hike the AT? If so, when? 😉
Lovin on the Cinnamon Connection
This podcast is awesome. As I plan my AT 2020 hike, I find myself turning to this podcast to get me through my soul crushing retail job. The host are so funny and ask really insightful question....Zack are you single?! Lol jk I know you are married and so am I hah. Anywho I am continually suprised by how much I enjoy the guests that they bring on. I especially loved the espide with ultra runner Peter Downing..what a cool guy. Also love how open Chaunce is about the poop talk...I too have a great story involving my dog and my own feces. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for helping me survive my morning commute down highway 82. PS please do an episode with Jabba when he get backs from hiking the Jordan Trail.
Love episode 30
I love episode 30. It was by far my favorite episode. So happy to hear from another hiker who is not the normal size of 5’10” and 180 pounds. I myself am also a big hiker. At 6‘5“ and 280 pounds. I feel gummy bears pain when trying to find outdoor clothing that fits. Northface makes some decent clothing in larger sizes. And I use a Mystery Ranch backpack that has an adjustable torso that will fit my large frame. They are the only backpack that fits me comfortably. It’s by no means light weight. But they carry better than anything I have worn before. Keep up the great work with the podcast. And I will keep listening.
A+ in BPR 101
So I’m in my last semester of college and I 100% binge listen to Backpacker Radio at every possible moment. So no matter how midterms go, I’ll get an A+ in podcasting I guess.
Don’t start the podcast.
Seriously don’t do it. If you start this podcast it will make you rethink your life goals and make you wonder why you haven’t quit your job already and started thruhiking a long trail. I started listening to this out of the blue and fell in love. My only complaint is that no one has hiked the AT yet. Good on Chaunce for hiking it this year. Maybe Zack should follow suit.
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