This is Love
It is. I love this podcast and hard work it must take for this vision to be forged into the wonderful stories I love listening to. Just the research alone that y’all have done telling my ears facts I would never ever known otherwise. Phoebe... I don’t care who says what negative about your voice...your voice is wonderful, distinctive and makes This is Love and Criminal the 2 favorite podcasts on my saved lists. Y’all rock!
The only podcast I’ll listen to the ads on!
This is love
The stories told are beautiful, heart warming, intriguing and absolutely fascinating! This podcast will paint a magnificent picture of what love is and what love can be.
I feel so good while and after listening to this channel. I love the hosts gentle voice. I love everything about this channel. Keep it up! 💗
Great stories. And very well told!
This podcast is a keeper. Very interesting stories told by an outstanding host. This podcast doesn't disappoint.
Awesome show
I love this show and Criminal too! Phoebe’s a great host, the music is great, the topics are great. I have enjoyed every episode of both shows without a doubt.
Why is this under criminal
At first I didn’t want to subscribe because first it is under criminal and I’m tired of all the crime drama and their minimal descriptions for each episode doesn’t help either. However, I listen to several episode and I love this podcast. First I want to say phoebe judge has the best radio voice ever, just so calm and soothing. Their story is also very unique. My favorite episode is the one about the snail finding love, I sincerely was smiling the whole episode. Just really wholesome stories.
“Something large and wild” captivated me. I tell everyone that story, and any time I think of Grayson latching on to Lynn I get a flutter in my chest. I’m not a fan of love stories, but This Is Love has stolen my heart ❤️
This IS Love!
I love Phoebe (and crew)! This is a great alternative to Criminal. As always Phoebe is inquisitive and charismatic. These stories show all the forms of love from around the world. Keep giving us great stories!!
Silvia and the Cats
Chessie's Dad
Best episode ever from the absolutely best Podcast ever to warm our souls. I am overwhelmed with love, joy & light............ JOËL from Manhattan Beach, California
Sylvia and the 😻
Wow! The episode about cats made my heart so full 😭
Keep going
I have listened to about 10 episodes. This is the most remarkable podcast. It makes me feel Calm and somehow connected to something. Please keep making more episodes. It truly is remarkable. My favorites are the very first episode and the episode about the baby whale and the town that was quiet about Cremona is my absolute fav of all time!
Already a fan......
But the episode about Sylvia and the cats made me a permanent listener!
I’m so not sentimental but
This podcast talks about love in many forms, and it’s giving me all the feels. And I learned the Italian word for crazy cat lady!
Wholesome and thoughtful content
I love this podcast because it’s very peaceful. It manages to discuss interesting topics in depth while simultaneously remaining light and easy to digest. It comes across as effortless and it’s always feel-good stuff. I find myself listening to it when I’m feeling drained from the world and all of the bad news. Thank you Phoebe, there’s no other podcast that offers this glimmer of hope. Please never stop.
Silvia and the cats
Best. Episode. Ever.
Sweet reminder
Bbbbbb. Jjkkkk
This podcast reminds us of all the actually, truly matters..us..to each other...to nature...love is the core of anything great.
Beautiful and touching
Can't share this enough~
This is the most beautiful podcast I have ever heard. Every episode is warm and tells the story of different ways people express their love.
Constanza from NY
The stories are beautifully told. I can’t get enough.
Stories of people you will fall in love with.
I found this podcast by chance. It’s my happy place when I’m too consumed by true crime. Every person on the podcasts is fascinating in their own way. Phoebe Judge just ebbs & flows through every story with such grace. I love “This is Love”.
LOVE this is love
This is such a great podcast- thoughtful, intriguing, and diverse stories. I recommend it to all of my friends.
New favorite podcast
I can’t get enough of this podcast. The stories are so pure and spark such pure joy and love that every episode has left me teary eyed in the best way. Keep them coming please!
So glad to find this show!
I have enjoyed the variety in your episodes! And it is really soothing to listen them. Looking forward to the new episodes. Please keep up the great work! :)
JL from Eau Claire
An elixir for our times. Simply beautiful and moving.
I adore Phoebe Judge. I found This Is Love through her other podcast Criminal which is, hands down, the best podcast of its kind. She is a lovely interviewer, instantly engaging, humorous, and compassionate. She brings so much to each story. I drive cross country for work and love to binge on these shows. Thank you so much for the work you do, excellent stuff!
Thank is Love is the best work companion
I work on totes. I am cutting, ironing, packing boxes. The breadth of these stories is so full and rich, the time just flies. I’d like to think the warm feelings I get listening, are transferred to my totes abs and sent out in to the world! Thank you 🙏🏽
Simply beautiful!
These stories are wondrous and beautiful. Plus, Phoebe Judge’s voice is just magical.
Brenda Jackson!!
LJ wilhite
Okay so once I started listening to this specific episode I wasn’t sure I would like it, once I heard the Authors name I was in awe because I was familiar with her writing. Thank you so much for making this podcast
I really connected with the fourth episode. Thank you for sharing your story.
from a true crime addict
Wow. All I know is when i’m making extreme facial expressions throughout an entire episode that I have struck gold. Facial expressions of all kinds..... shocked, happy, overwhelmed, devastated, nervous, heartbroken, overjoyed, surprised. I normally don’t like a podcast unless there’s some type of crime involved & this invoked all of the feels. BEAUTIFUL!
Phoebe, I really look forward to every episode of This is Love and Criminal. I appreciate the way that you tell a story. Thanks for all your hard work.
Like listening in the car. thought provoking
Heart warming!
Unique stories, told in a very beautiful way! Couldn’t wait to hear the next episode! Thank you for all the heart warming stories from around the world! I learned a lot too;)
I'm in love!
Every story is so heartfelt and touching, I find myself smiling, laughing, and even getting a bit misty eyed as I listen. <3
Dose of human life and authentic connection
newbie to podcasts
Wow. Should put a warning on this podcast that it may inhibit safe driving... due to tears! I listened to the one about the woman and the baby whale and was just blown away by the simple, wonderful connections we can have. In a time where I’m almost ashamed to be human, this is a really nice positive side of humanity.
I couldn’t get past episode one
This podcast is so painfully slow I couldn’t take it. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The MOUTH NOISES in ep 1 sent me over the edge. No no no!
It’s good
It’s good
Phoebe Judge FanGirl
Fab Camp
Yup. That’s me. Full disclosure, I’m a huge Criminal fan, which then made a huge This is Love Fan. Phoebe Judge should be narrating everything. Politics, sports, news, reality shows, etc. the content of these 2 shows is fantastic & Phoebe just elevates them to a new level. BTW I named my own daughter Phoebe (true fact).
First episode, shot through the heart, the rest follow through
I cannot praise this podcast enough. This is love, indeed. Little did I know I’d fall for this podcast. Take a listen if you’re a fan of life, of living, of podcasts.
I can’t explain to you how much I love this podcast. The diversity that shows different types of love has me absolutely enthralled.
Eight thousand miles had me holding back some tears. So glad I found this podcast, makes you feel the love!!!
Better & better
So much fun, thank you! I loved the man-alone-40-years story. Fascinating.
Really enjoyable!
This must be love. Thanks Phoebs and all. You had me at the ugly episode.
This is loving it♥️
I tear up every episode.. oddly enough, that means it’s good. If you like feel-good podcasts you’ve found an exceptional one. I call this the hallmark of podcasts. Amor Vincit Omnia
Gave this podcast a try...
The stories are mildly interesting, but what puts me over the edge to unsubscribe is phoebe judge. She’d rather hear her own voice than those of the people she interviews. Her boring monotone voice puts me to sleep every time. I end up falling asleep because all end up sounding the same because Phoebe judge has a very limited way of thinking. She puts her spoon on every podcast episode and they all blend together-blah.
So wonderful!
This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time! Such great stories, and such a inexpensive definition of love. Creative, beautiful, high-quality production. I can’t praise it enough. Thank you!
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So good
I’m really into this podcast. It’s not just sappy, hs love stories. It’s deep, and dynamic and so wonderfully varied! There is so much to love!
Love love love phoebe judge
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