May 31, 2018
Conversations With the Storyteller, the Trainer, and the Assassin | Warrior Wealth | Ep 021
Garrett is joined for the first time by special guests in this, the final public episode of Warrior Wealth. If you’ve enjoyed the Warrior Wealth podcast and have gotten value from it, Garrett's encouragement to you is to get off the fuckin freebie sideline and get into the game by heading on over to warriorbook.com, bigmoneystylist.com, or wakeupwarriorwoman.com
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65 min
May 24, 2018
The King Eats First | Warrior Wealth | Ep 020
This is the fifth part of our five-part series in preparation for the Warrior Wealth Summit. In today's episode, we go deep into the conversation of Leadership.
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66 min
May 17, 2018
The Game of Numbers | Warrior Wealth | Ep 019
This week in our podcast, we are releasing Part 4 of our Warrior Wealth series and we’re going to be talking about Accounting and the game of numbers, and why knowing your numbers actually matters.
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78 min
May 10, 2018
Client Experience and Fulfillment | Warrior Wealth | Ep 018
We've got the third edition for you this week of a five-part series as we continue to give you hour-long deep dive content, with an invitation to join us at the next Warrior Wealth Summit.
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95 min
May 3, 2018
Frame Control | Warrior Wealth | Ep 017
This week’s episode is from a livestream event leading up to the Warrior Wealth Summit in June. Garret jumps into the topic of sales and ultimately the idea of Frames.
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67 min
April 27, 2018
Pay to Play | Warrior Wealth | Ep 016
This week’s episode is taken from a livestream training in April 2018 with over 500 people wanting to learn more about Warrior Wealth, where Garrett blends together the very different yet harmonious conversations of Advertising and Marketing to create a Road Map to take your business and life further when it comes to advertising the messages that matter to you.
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59 min
April 19, 2018
Production Fueling Protection | Warrior Wealth | Ep 015
This week’s episode of Warrior Wealth has been pulled from the Warrior archives and features clips from the Warrior Wealth Summit in 2016 where Garrett dives into the topic of Protection, and how your Power actually sets up your Protection.
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44 min
April 12, 2018
Strategic Seduction | Warrior Wealth | Ep 014
We've dipped into the archives for this week's episode of Warrior Wealth where you get access to a closed-door training from the Warrior Wealth Summit that focuses on the all important but oft times neglected topic of Marketing.
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41 min
April 5, 2018
The Formula | Warrior Wealth | Ep 013
You get access to a closed-door training from  the 2017 Warrior Wealth Summit in this week's podcast that focuses on The Formula: Facts + Feelings + Focus = Fruit. What does this all mean? It's a powerful formula that creates a purpose-driven life. And when we have Purpose, we have relevancy, which brings forth incredible power. The key is to implement it into your life consistently in order to obtain the greatest results.
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65 min
March 29, 2018
Protection Sets Up Production | Warrior Wealth | Ep 012
This week’s episode of Warrior Wealth has been lifted from the Warrior archives and features clips from the Warrior Wealth Summit in 2016 where Garrett dives into the topic of Protection, and how your Power actually sets up your Protection.
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30 min
March 22, 2018
Focus the Frame | Warrior Wealth | Ep 011
In this week's episode of Warrior Wealth, Garrett has you consider that when it comes to your business ventures, not everyone  you talk to should be involved in the conversation of what you’re selling - that everyone is not a fit for the product, service or experience you are offering to the marketplace.
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53 min
March 15, 2018
The Challenge of Being a Businessman | Warrior Wealth | Ep 010
Garrett tackles another week on Power inside of the strategy to gain Wealth in admitting that it's a Challenge to be a man, especially a businessman that has to support not only himself but hitting payroll and increasing the money that he's made in the first place. Fortunately for us all, his background in the banking industry has given him tools to face the pressures of being a businessman that is focused on accumulating wealth.
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56 min
March 8, 2018
Protect the Vault | Warrior Wealth | Ep 009
Garrett gives you another clip from one of the LIVE Warrior events, this time the Warrior Business Summit from October 2017, which goes over this week talking about the King's Vault, taking us down this continuous conversation about Protection, and that begins to have purpose when what a man stands for MEANS something.
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72 min
March 1, 2018
Dollars Follow Value | Warrior Wealth | Ep 008
In this week's episode Garrett is back from vacation and ready to share new insights on the topic of Profit from his experiences in Maui as well as the experiences from his past to shape the way in which he approaches making money now. It requires looking at profit from a different angle of making money and understanding its impact in our lives through the concept that dollars follow value instead of the other way around.
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60 min
February 22, 2018
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is | Warrior Wealth | Ep 007
In this week's episode the topic is on Production, and the listener gets to be a fly on the wall from a recent Warrior event known as WarriorCon. Garrett leads businessmen through a series of conversations and exercises surrounding the topic of strategic marketing and how vital it is to the life and growth of their companies.
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56 min
February 15, 2018
How to Maintain a Powerful Emotional IQ | Warrior Wealth | Ep 006
In this week's episode Garrett focuses on how the perspective of a entrepreneur in regards to making money is not normal; in fact, most successful businessmen are insane in how they focus on unconventional approaches to keeping the money after it's made so that they can then continue to grow their money as well. It comes down to their emotional IQ to gain and maintain the power that comes with success.
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60 min
February 8, 2018
Use Protection | Warrior Wealth | Ep 005
In this week's episode Garrett shares insights into the 4th area of the Warrior Wealth formula: Protection. As we gain power that comes through success, it will also bring with it haters that will try to storm the kingdom. There are weapons and tools that can be wielded, but more than anything, a ruthless commitment to results becomes the greatest commitment you could possess because of the desire to protect that which you're clear on.
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59 min
February 1, 2018
Profiting from Abundance | Warrior Wealth | Ep004
In this week's episode your host Garrett J White covered the topic of Week 3 in the Warrior Wealth Formula: Profit. He ventures into this whole topic about getting paid to get laid, meaning that by making the money within life, a man is able to bring more sexual desire for his wife, and all ventures that we travel on will not matter if we don't make profits first. When we focus on an abundant mindset instead of one of scarcity, we set ourselves up for continual profit.
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60 min
January 25, 2018
If You Build It, They Will NOT Come...Until You Market | Warrior Wealth | Ep 003
In this week's podcast Garrett goes over the second topic of the month: PRODUCTION. This is the beginning step of making money and it all comes down to Sales and Marketing.
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45 min
January 18, 2018
Power Comes from Within | Warrior Wealth | Ep 002
If we aren't willing to create that power within ourselves, good fucking luck trying to create it anywhere else. Power is the topic of the month that we will discuss on the first week of every month.
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55 min
January 10, 2018
Origins | Warrior Wealth | Ep 001
Welcome to the Inaugural episode of the Warrior Wealth Podcast, in which your host Garrett J White, founder of Wake Up Warrior, discusses how to Make Money, Keep Money and Grow Money.
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35 min
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