Best Podcast I’ve Found
The JeweIer
Dan will often tell you he’s not an historian. He has to, because his knowledge and insight into history, and the energy with which he tells it, would surely lead you to believe he is. Discussing in depth topics ranging from amazing Germany to Assyrian kings, he makes history come alive in a way you only wish your college professors could have. The wait between episodes is long, but that just gives you time to listen to Blueprint for Armageddon for the fifth time (and still discover new info).
The best there is
Dan Carlin frequently says he is not a historian, but each episode of this series undercuts his case. Maybe he would agree that he is a master storyteller: the lecturer as artist; colorizing the black and whites characters of history. If you like history, you like digging deep, and you really dig informative, intelligent, and entertaining talks, you're going to love this podcast. Seriously. This is the best there is.
Dan Carlin Delivers
He captures that childlike obsession in his recordings and it’s downright infectious. I have been following Hardcore History for about four years now and I cannot get enough. Each show is worth more than a single listening, richer than cheesecake Dan’s episodes are the mental meal I’ve craved and continue to with a wanton desire
Hurry back
Extremely entertaining and enlightening!
Seriously a knock out program. Guy deserves his own tv show.
Wonderful Human
The only problem with this show is there isn’t enough. 26/5 stars.
Thomas Dunne
Best to ever do it
Nothing Beats Dan Carlin. Period.
The best historic storytelling of all time.
A great podcast
Highly recommended for anyone who loves and appreciates history. This is one of the few podcasts I subscribe to.
Dang good stuff Awesome material Never better Constant excitement A- grade performance Real emotion Love it Intense story Numerous hours listening Thanks dan!
History for the masses
Listen to this if you want to experience history though the lens of human emotion, Dan and crew do a world class job of painting any piece of history with raw feeling.
Dan is back in fine form
I am one of those listeners who can’t get enough of these Santa Claus vs the Martians combat thought experiments. This definitely scratched the Hardcore History itch while waiting for Supernova III (delayed! Dan giveth and taketh away it seems). I recently started my 13 yr old son on HH with the Thermopylae episode and now we’re creating another fan. Thanks guys. This and the ‘on haitus’ Common Sense are my favorite media. Take care and keep it up!
The passion!
He loves the topics and so will you!
Thank you
Dash Y.
I love all of it if Dan Carlin makes it then it's good. Your content is awesome, buying your old shows was a great decision I listen to them all the time
compelling and rich
dc is the goat
More please!
Blueprint for Armageddon - WOW
Dinosaur to dinosaur
New Skeptic
The views expressed by Dan are such a refreshing salve to my politically weary ears. Questions instead of zealous absolute answers. Heart instead of fury masquerading as heart. Those two things set him apart from many of his peers. Love the shows (most especially his Hardcore History series Blueprint for Armageddon...wow). My only regret after listening to his work is that I didn’t find him sooner.
Dan Carlin is the Voice of Reason. Intelligent, entertaining discourse. Please, Dan.....may I have more, sir?
The Best....
DC is the best at his craft, enjoyable, easy to understand/follow and packed full of cool stories! If your someone who’s interested in History but think it’s boring to listen to this is your guy/podcast! 👍🏻👏🏻😎
Wish there was more
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I wish there were more episondes but I'll take quality over quantity.
Human nature taught by someone with godlike knowledge and childlike enthusiasm and curiosity.
I’m caught up on all things Dan Carlin and I’m eagerly awaiting whatever is next (understatement of all understatements).
The shear amount of detail is amazing and you make me think I am there in all the places you talk about
More is better
Awesome Podcast
Arguably the greatest podcast (and podcaster of) of all time! I love the long form style. The crossover interview with Danielle Bolleli is great too. Thank you Dan for doing what you do!
True understanding of history and how to research
Dan always provides sources, states when things are people’s thoughts verses research and always stands on the side of true historians. This is important to avoid false understandings of history. Unless things are fact and documented, they are not history. This understands that.
More of the best
Dan is a master storyteller, does great research, and helps provide perspective that you will not find in history books. The shows are exciting and engaging. Keep it up guys!
So Good
Simply the best
john HUD
I have read, studied, listened and traveled to major history sites for 40 years - Hardcore History quite simply the best. Whether you agree with all of Dan Carlin’s thoughts is irrelevant - what he does is serve up history in such a thought provoking way that it forces you to question your assumptions - that is his genius - he makes you think. John Hudson Pittsburgh
An incredible answer to his long cycle time
For those who love Hardcore History, this provides a much needed breath of that perspective which only Dan Carlin provides. I wish I had known about this sooner and can only give props to Dan Carlin for his thoughtful and well-researched insights into world history.
Rating from Official Site
6/5 stars
Very compelling subject matter. Well done!
Best history pod
Lem Kenada
So thorough and entertaining, best one out there. Content is worth the wait
Love it!
Jeneen Dahl
All through school, and most of my adult life, I thought I had little to no interest in history. Even though I had a love for books and storytelling. Always it was bone dry facts and dates to be memorized for tests. I was curious about both world wars and thought I’d suffer through a droning lecture. I was so wrong! Finding this podcast has changed my mind completely! I love hearing the details, facts yes, but with the human condition added and Dan stopping every once in a while. Building word pictures and begging his audience to just stop and put yourself in the middle of the situation and then giving us the ability to do just that by describing the conditions people had to live with, what the mindset was like at that time and reminding us we have no foreknowledge about what will happen in the future... I believe history is one of my fav subjects now. I wish Dan had been my history teacher. He has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dan!
Thanks for the extras
Dan’s regular Hard Core History series is the best. These supplements to the regular show are interesting too. Thanks Dan!
The best historical discussions I’ve found.
Know it all Paul
I love dans shows his humble and factual approach to history really strikes a cord with me!
Dan is the man
Long time listener. Not sure how I’m just now finding this show as I’ve been listening to him for years. Never the less, the more content the merrier!
Love the podcast
Keep them coming please.
Blueprint to Armageddon
Love this podcast. So informative and so easy to listen to. Dan Carlin brings history to life!
Best History Podcast
Dan, you consistantly make history so detailed and you give such a great perspective on what it was like during the period you are speaking of, I told a friend of that you detail battles so greatly that you can smell the gun powder on the battlefield.
Master Story Teller, for realls yo!
I no longer listen to podcast on Apple but I love this one so much I came back here to write this review! It is that great!
One of the Great Podcasters
I can’t say enough about Dan Carlin’s work. He does an impressive job humanizing events in history that seem almost out of touch and does it in a way that keeps you entertained the whole time.
This is a wonderful compliment to Dan's Hard Core History podcast!
Dan Carlin Review.
Tired of Donkeys
Imagine that you are about to jump into a pool with water that is considerably colder than the air. You aren’t sure how it will feel but once there it sends your senses into overload. You instantly know that you have made an irrevocable life choice. Now stay dry and turn on a Dan Carlin podcast. Hello ice cold water for your brain. There is a passion in the voice and story telling that will not let you listen passively.
Always great!
I have learned so much fascinating historical information and presented in such an interesting format; can’t listen to any other podcast! Totally spoiled by all of Dan Carlin’s work.
Value +++
Learned more from this podcast than any history class I’ve ever taken
The man
Dan Carlin is... and this is his secondary outlet to HH
Carlin is the best
I have been listening to Dan Carlin for years now. He knows how to keep your attention and make history worth learning. Absolutely fantastic podcast.
This is great.
Dan always makes great content.
Another great Dan Carlin Show
I could listen to this guy describe paint drying...Okay, maybe not. But this is another great podcast of his.
Calvin Shoop
So well researched and well rounded. Great information with interesting perspectives.
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