Brit’s comments are so annoying!
Love Ashley and her story telling. It’s hard to listen to Brit’s commentary tho.
Amazing true crime podcast!
I was told to check this podcast out and I am totally addicted. I have been binge listening to it for the past few days. I love how Ashley and Brit keep you so captivated into these stories, especially the story of Bryce which is crazy! @christinemcb823
I’m so addicted to crime junkies stories. Wonderful delivery.
I found this podcast about 3 days ago and I’ve almost listened to every episode! I’ve already gotten three people in my life to listen to it. I am totally hooked. Natalie is an excellent host, and the theme song is FIRE.
I’m from Honduras and true crime has always been my interest, which is why I decided to study psychology & specialize in criminology. This podcast is SO respectful and informative it’s truly moving. Keeps me on edge every time. Love this! Binged all of it in like 4-5 days.
I listened to 15 episodes over the weekend on a long drive. Looove it! I was a little nervous to stop for food or gas on my trip (alone), but I was ok with being weird and rude and staying alive, so it was fine. (; Great stories I’ve mostly never heard of. Yay!
Steady decline, lackluster episodes, toxic community
Kressie 
Started out strong, but recently the episodes have been lackluster. The ads have gotten to be too frequent recently. The Facebook group is the definition of toxic/groupthink, which is scary to me. Why not let people express their honest opinion, even if it’s not 100% praise? I also think it’s extremely unethical to ask your subscribers for a 5-star review, rather than ask for honest reviews. That bugs me a lot. If someone thinks you’re 4/5 stars, you should let them explain why. We all need constructive criticism to improve, and when we stop allowing it, we get stagnant—which is the state of this podcast. Look up the definition of groupthink. Ashley, Britt, I hope you read this and understand where I’m coming from. I’m unsubscribing. I might give it another try in a few weeks, but the decline in quality, increase of ads, and cult-like fan base is a big turn off. I want to be a fan and I hope it gets better. For now, I’m out.
Best podcast ever
Rojo diable
Amazing! I’m obsessed! I’m a new listener but have been on a binge. I listen everyday on my way to and from work. Full. Body. Chills. Every episode!!
I started listening a few weeks ago. I totally binged and am hooked. Stay rude. Stay weird. Stay alive
I better be careful!
Listening to this while typing this. I can’t get enough! I didn’t even know about any of these cases, and the podcast really sharpened my senses and made me observe the people and places around me. I love listening to this and the stories are so good! From here, you can get more answers than from social media. I really like how it isn’t an automated voice like from YouTube, and it isn’t just a brief story. It’s so rich and it really grabs my attention more than anything else I’ve listened to. I really like this podcast and I have high hopes for it. I’m a true Crime Junkie fan now!
The Best!!
I have been an avid true crime fan my entire life. I have read all of Ann Rule and John Douglas (and many others) crime stories and even got a “Serial Killer Encyclopedia” from my sister one Christmas! To say I am a “junkie” is an understatement and this Crime Junkie podcast is beyond excellent!! How awesome that there is another medium to get my “fix!” Thank you, Ashley and Brit! This Oklahoma gal loves you!!
Thank you
Thank you ladies for giving respect to both sides of the story. These are sensitive subjects with sensational headlines- you deliver it with poise and honesty! I’m a literal true crime junkie, I think I found my family!
A coworker of mine recommended this podcast and I CAN NOT stop listening! This is now my favorite podcast ❤️
Weird inflection/intonation
Story telling is good if only her intonation didn't make her sound like a teenager telling ghost stories to 7 year olds!
So addictive!
Love this podcast ❤️
Love Ashley
I love your podcast and truly enjoy your stories. I actually enjoy them much more when you are solo. Your a great story( true crime) teller! But Brit is very annoying and sounds like my 13 year old granddaughter with her “Wait-What” comments among many others! Ashley you deserve a 5 star rating!
Binge worthy
First podcast I’ve ever listened to and I’m hooked!!! Now I have to wait every Monday for new episodes. 🖤🖤🖤
Obsessed with Ashley and Brit!
I am a stay at home mom with four kids. I can’t stop listening to crime junkies. My girlfriends and I are all obsessed too! We all joke about how we believe that crime junkies has helped us stay out of trouble! Thanks for all you do Ashley and Brit! Keep it all coming!
This show keeps me guessing!
I listen to this podcast while I’m invoicing at the office and it takes me into another world inside of my head! I love this podcast. By the way, the hosts voices are perfect and weirdly calming throughout these crazy stories!
Just binge listened
Love this podcast! Such good story tellers
What a treat!
Great reporting and follow up. Thorough, investigating, and storytelling. I love the friendship in Ashley and Brit. It’s always a pleasure to hear the precious Pruppets!! I’m telling all my family and friends, and have recommended new subscribers!! ⚖️🐶
Love but
I love this podcast but the cohost bothers me and slows down the story without much reason or valuable questions. Prefer just one host or a different one.
Great podcast
Love this podcast. Top favorite true crime podcast ever!
Amazing job
I found this podcast a few weeks ago and feel I. Love after the first episode. They do such a good job going into detail about the case you can tell they really care with how much effort they put in telling you the facts about the case and in a way it keeps you captivated.
Can’t wait for more
Love, love, love! @ADonald78
True crime
Love listing to this podcast.
My coworker was telling me about this podcast last week— and man oh man- I am a HUGE fan! I’ve listen to some of the episodes twice, because it’s just so good! Ash & Brit are so amazing just going into detail and how much thought it’s put into each episode. Again, I am just a Crime Junkie fan! 💕
The highlight of my week
Moose baby 987987
Monday’s are not only my day off but Crime Junkie releases new episodes, perfect combination!!
Best Podcast
What an incredible find! Each episode is a perfect depiction of a different crime, well-written and presented! Ashley and Brit are AMAZING! I’ve recommended to so many people and I’ve never heard of a complaint. Definitely my favorite podcast!
Large in Charge
baylees honey
New to Crime Junkies and I found it wonderful! Didn’t even mind doing the dishes while I listened! Although my husband was confused as to why I was in the kitchen yelling at the window over the sink...”Oh come on, you know he did it!!” —Listener for Life!
Love it!
Eliza Eliza Eliza Eliza
I love the way the two of your jump into each story with such enthusiasm and great research! As a home hospice nurse I have lots of driving in my life and your show is an invaluable resource in keeping me sane amongst the Bay Area traffic! Great podcast! However, I have to say I tried your recommendation of True Crime Obsessed, and could literally only listen for 10 minutes before the voices of the hosts made my ears bleed....
Love this podcast! I tried listening to other crime podcasts and it just isn’t the same! I hope you guys never stop honestly 😭🙌🏾 Come to San Diego! Lol plenty of fans out here
It's Great
I absolutely love this Podcast. I began listening just this week, starting with the first episode. Love the format and Ashley and Brit. I'm from Indianapolis, which makes the podcast even better! Also, I have three rescue puppers- so I adore the love Ashley and Brit have for fur babies. Keep up the good work ladies!!!! And thank you for such an entertaining, informative show!
So addicting!
I love this show. I listen to it every chance I get!
Brit makes it unbearable
Held on for a few hoping she’d get better but Brit’s comments make the whole thing unenjoyable
Fav podcast
We Stan Patrick and Gillian!!🤩💙
Love you guys but I think Ashley should consider making more episodes alone. I enjoy more focus on strictly the case and not so much convo back and forth between the two
Best True Crime Podcast
My mom was the one who recommended this podcast for me and I’ve never been more thankful! Love this show! You ladies are awesome about telling facts and the story without derailing the conversation! I’ve even gotten my fiancé to enjoy you guys on our road trips! Keep up the awesome work. Be weird be rude and stay alive ♥️
Great story telling! FULL BODY CHILLS
These podcasts get me through my commute! I even find myself listening to them when I’m home because they are that good. I like that they discuss cases that aren’t as popular because they ALL deserve to be heard!
Decent content, but...
So stuffed with ads it’s ridiculous. Pretty soon they’ll start inserting them between words. A couple ads, no problem. They deserve compensation. But there’s a point when it becomes absurd. They have surpassed that point.
The Most Interesting Podcast Ever!
I stumbled across this podcast maybe a week ago and I’ve been catching up and listening pretty much everyday! This is such an interesting and addicting podcast... seriously love it.
Hi Ashley and Britt!! I love your show!! I showed it to my dad (the maura Murray episodes) and he loved it, and my mom and I are going on a road trip in like 5 minutes so I'm about to get her obsessed! Thanks so much for making this show:))
The BEST True Crime Podcast
I love so many true crime podcasts but Crime Junkies is my favorite! They are the perfect length, give you all the important details without dragging on too long. Ashley’s voice and way of reading the episodes is so unique, and is weirdly, quite soothing. I don’t know why so many people are hating on Brit! It’s their conversational flow that makes the show so interesting to listen to, you feel like you’re in a conversation with friends.
So Much Love!!
Ashley and Brit strike the perfect balance between girlfriends sharing stories and a detailed, nuanced retelling of a crime. They’re friendly enough that I don’t feel like I’m being lectured and I even feel a little safe listening at night, but not so casual I’m annoyed by their banter (à la MFM). There are so many stories to tell and this is the only reason I’ve ever been happy for crime - so Ashley and Brit can share more stories! Throwing together my “If I Go Missing” folder ASAP.
Depends on what you are looking for.
This is not journalism where the hosts are interviewing people and presenting the voices of those afflicted by violence. They are researching and presenting their findings. It is well researched, but the way the hosts goggle in shock and amazement about their findings— sharing photos and commenting how “creepy” a situation is— made me not want to explore it much further. Felt voyeuristic to me. But your mileage may vary.
Binge Worthy!
podcast overload101
I literally binged at work and at home for almost a month! I’m finally caught up and all i have to say is this is one of the best storytelling podcast I’ve heard! I’m addicted to true crime because of my mom! This podcast is so interesting and detailed. Love Love this podcast now I’ll be waiting for Mondays to come sooner!
I love this podcast. I started listening to it and I got hooked. Now whenever I have free time I get my earbuds, curl up on my couch and listen to it. Keep up the amazing work!❤️
Newly discovered crime junkie
I didn’t know how much I liked true crime till I found crime junkies! Thank you Britt and Ashley for continually delivering these episodes! 10/5 highly recommend!!
love this show
my sis got me into this podcast since both of us love watching crime stuff and i csi law and order id channel etc . i just started listening so i have to catch up but y’all are doing a really good job . from tx .
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