Love it!
If I didn’t have to listen to the hosts crunch and chew into the mic during the “snack time” episodes, I’d rate this higher. I’ve heard so many thoughtful and interesting pieces on this show, and the hosts are very likable
Into the woodsSolution
Buy some chicken fertilizer and speed it where the kids hang out. You’ll feed the woods and the vagrants will not want to hangout there due to the stench.😄
SingleGirl in NYC
I really like this podcast and the stories are great but the hosts need to stop editing in FAKE LAUGHS. It’s so weird and obvious and the person who is talking didn’t even say anything that funny
Do not listen
This podcast is disrespectful to the creators of the content they use and do not ask for consent those features.
Always. A. Surprise.
Amory and Ben have an amazing rapport, and the stories they share are as bizarre and unpredictable as anything you’ll find on Reddit. Start on episode 1, but then find a favorite. But beware the snack episodes, unless you have an affinity for listening to someone munch carrots into a microphone, though they manage to make that fun to listen to also.
Let’s hear it for random info!
Love the random topics! Other investigative podcasts I listen to have become increasingly political... I get all that in the news cycles!
I love the random topics! I love that the stories are about real human beings! But more than anything I LOVE BEN & AMORY! 🥰
Pile of Plates
What a great series of podcasts. I cannot count the times you all have left me shaking with laughter or shaking my head in amazement. A piece of gold in all the dross of too many podcasts.
Started with crockery 🍽
Now crockery has turned into a deep dive reddit heardit. Binging
Mysteries-little known facts-controversial topics
This podcast has it all! The pus to immunization podcast was informative and I appreciated the approach to the controversial opinions. The plate mystery was a fun contrast! Very cool because yesterday I listened to a 99% Invisible podcast about sand and how we may run out of this important building resource! Hoping the plate recycling is one way to ensure humans are using resources wisely!! Love how podcasts from different sources can tie together! Plate please!!
Great podcast
plate wanter
Love this podcast, have listened to almost every episode! Especially loved the infectious series! Last episode was great too! PS- Plate please
Great reporting, fun stories
This has been one of my favorite podcasts since I started listening a year ago. The reporting is spot on!
Send plates please
An interesting look at my favorite website
A favorite
One of my absolute favorites I listen to regularly. Love both of the hosts and how great they are at telling stories. Will be a forever fan!
Always interesting
This podcast is always delving into something new. Sometimes it’s the weird, seemingly small ideas that become the best episodes. Love if!
Great show!
The stories can be funny, sad or heartwarming, but they’re always interesting. The hosts’ kindness, thoughtfulness and curiosity are always present, along with their warmth for each other. And I don’t mind when Ben makes dad jokes or they munch snacks on mic 😉
Like a happier, peppier This American Life
Recently found this podcast and love it so far. There’s a little bit of Leslie Knope’s spirit in these guys. Great production, compelling stories, and intriguing premise that stories are crowd-sources online. If you love This American Life, you’ll love Endless Thread. Check it out!
Definitely not Francis.
Too many Francis reviews from only listening to just one episode. Thanks for introducing me to Reddit. Great chemistry between the hosts. Unique stories. Loved the plate and infectious stories. Keep it up!
First of all....they are the best.
Kyle E Coyote
From the hosts to the content, simply perfection. You will learn, laugh, cry...from laughter, and you will be addicted. You’ve been warned. I’ll see myself out!!
Makes my commute a breeze!
A pile of plates? I was recommended this podcast recently and started listening to the most recent episode to get a feel for it. I was immediately enveloped in Ben and Amory’s storytelling ability AND investigative journalism skills (all regarding the seemingly mundane topic of ceramic plates.) You don’t need to be active on reddit to enjoy listening to Endless Thread, although it will definitely make you interested in the site. If you’re looking for a podcast where the hosts feel like your friends but still deliver engaging information - this is the podcast for you!
It just gets better
Light hearted and totally bingable
It is difficult for someone to report fairly on an issue when they already have their mind made up. To do so is a true testament to their ability as a reporter. Needless to say, the biased shines through. More national public radio propaganda. I was so wishing it would be different, but just more of the same.
Too serious now
First season was fun, lots of regular podcasts, unique stories. Now it takes itself way to seriously. Infectious diseases, pride content. Cmon man loosen up. Hasn’t been anything entertaining in this season yet. Debbie downer podcast.
Pretty Good
PW from GR
Loved the series on vaccination. Well done. Must say Ann Marie is a good narrator with serious material but on the fluffier pieces her insipid laughter about every little thing is annoying. (Sorry, you asked)
Well done!
Beach Boy!
I “binge-listened” to all 5 episodes of the Infectious series after hearing a small part on NPR. I thought the hosts were smart and witty. In full disclosure, I am pro-vaccinations, but I still found the history of vaccines and the information around all of it fascinating and enlightening.
So biased
I’m pro vaccines, but it would’ve been nice to hear from the other side. The best way to convince your opponents is to understand them. It’s discouraging that this podcast literally “fades out” every time a person that doesn’t share their view begins speaking. Side note: “Do you believe in climate change?” This question is so incredibly inappropriate. This woman is being so brave by speaking about this very difficult thing in her life, she deserves respect.
Please ignore the anti-vaxxer reviews
I absolutely adore this podcast and was rather bothered by the anti-vaxxers who have decided to post negative reviews based on one episode. I’m a chronic redditor who has to spend countless hours in my car for my job. I love the stories of all of the people who are connected through Reddit and I have learned so much from this podcast! The hosts are great and they interview some amazing people. Keep up the EXCELLENT work! 💕💕💕
Balanced, sort of ...
I was hoping that the podcast could help me understand the reasons why people chose to not vaccinate. It didn’t really get there, as the anti vaxers were represented negatively through out. Episode 5 almost got there with stories of those on the fence about the question of whether or not to vaccinate. Much was made about the producers struggle to include the interviews with “Ginger” and that she almost didn’t make the final cut. How odd - why wouldn’t you want to hear from an anti vaxer in a podcast about the vaccine debate? despite the time allotted to Ginger, I feel that the podcast merely scratched the surface of the anti vaxer argument. I would not go as far as other reviews that said that the presentation was one sided, but I do feel as though I wanted to understand the other side a bit more. If we’re going to debate it, let’s debate it and not write off those who chose not to vaccinate as being unintelligent, hysterical or conspiracy theorists. There was never a question of whether I would vaccinate my children - they were vaccinated - and I believe that this was the right choice. My kids were born in the early 2000s when the fear that there was a “link” between autism and vaccinations was still in full swing. As it turned out, our son developed autism, but I do not believe this was attributable to vaccinations. As a parent of a child with special needs, I spent a lot of time with other parents with special needs children - very smart, well adjusted people - who blamed their child’s autism diagnosis on earlier vaccinations. These very smart parents also chose to forgo their child’s later vaccinations, particularly the HPV virus vaccine, and alter or forgo subsequent children’s vaccination regiments. I try to educate myself and my son (he’s 16 now) about his disability and how it impacts him today and in the future. His struggles are primarily social but are nuanced. We can identify “typical” spectrum-like behaviors, but he is his own unique person with his own unique diagnosis. The idea of blaming vaccinations for the extremely complex challenges each individual with autism possesses is too convenient. Or at least I think so.
Room for improvement
I understand that y’all are left leaning but wouldn’t it be interesting and in everyone’s best interest to hear from multiple perspectives and not just Democrats? To hear a Democrat talk about Republicans as if it’s black and white seems pretty careless
Well produced, horribly biased in every way
This show is interesting and well produced. The content is very interesting. I am a huge proponent of vaccination and agree with the majority of everything they present. However, their compulsory need to throw back-handed jabs at everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders and constantly bemoan this country and everyone in it who do not agree with their every viewpoint is exhausting. It makes the show much less enjoyable. To the team: could you try to just present interesting research and anecdotal evidence without little jabs at everyone not like you?
People are dumb
Ginger’s anecdotal evidence and conspiracy theories made me want to punch a baby.
Completely Biased and Unscientific
I really wanted to listen to this podcast, because I know there is information out there that's biased, and that lots of things get spread around on the internet. And I know that vaccines have eradicated diseases and are an important part of our health system. But these "journalists" are only interested in presenting their point of view. In the episode where they say "it's time to listen" to a woman who doesn't want to vaccinate her kid, they don't even listen to her! They cut her off when she talks about all of the research she's done. I can't believe they had the gall to ask her whether she believes in climate change. People who don't want to vaccinate their kids are not "science deniers"; they are mostly educated people who don't trust big pharma and the powers that be - not the scientists. If you've delved into academic studies, you may be aware that who funds the study has a lot to do with the outcome. This is why these parents are skeptical. For these podcasters to just say, "vaccines are safe, end of story" - this is not good journalism. No wonder this is getting so many bad reviews. This kind of podcast isn't helping things; it's just further polarizing people.
jess 1977
As a podcast fan in general, this one is definitely worth the listen. Don’t let the recent negative ratings regarding vaccines dissuade you.
“Wah wah”
We don’t know much about autism and how it develops. And because it develops around the time children happen to receive their vaccinations, people put two and two together. It doesn’t mean they are linked. You’d rather risk fatal disease (and the spread of) than risk something like autism which has not even been proven...that’s a problem. The purpose is not to debate both sides so of course there’s bias.
Great podcast.
Everyone who says it’s biased is sad the facts aren’t in their favor. It did give me some perspective on anti vaxxers and let me understand that, hey, they’re not just complete moronic loonies. I mean, yes, some are, but the majority are just confused or just very libertarian. Solid podcast (so far, only on episode 4).
Not very NPR-like material
I listened to every episode and I could see myself in these presenters: pretentous, making backhanded jokes of parents who challenge immunization. I was them. I almost lost my best friend because I thought she was becoming an “anti-vaxer” just because she preferred to vaccinate her child on separate days rather than 6 doses at once. Until one experiences injury in their own child/family, they will never understand where concerned parents are coming from. I was determined to listen to the series in full, but I must admit it was extremely painful. I literally cried every time I listened to this podcast, and had flashbacks of some of worst times of my life/motherhood. P.S my child is still fully immunized but I’m not sure what his future holds.
As Balanced As Possible
This podcast does its best to be balanced considering that one side represents a century of research and results and the other side represents a small group of misinformed, ableist idiots who use The Brady Bunch and Minion memes to substantiate their claims. Well-researched, paced, and edited. Check it out especially if you want data-backed fodder to disprove your "vaccine hesitant" aunt who thinks Obama is a lizard person and treats her seasonal allergies with a homeopathic cat dander.
Is this becoming a podcast about vaccines?
This podcast was off to a good start. Reddit has such an “endless” amount of topics or subreddits to dive into yet this podcast has spent 5 episodes on only one of those. I do think vaccines are an interesting and important topic of discussion but it’s becoming a little repetitive and starting to drift away from the randomness that drew me into this podcast to begin with. I know part 5 is the last of this topic but I am hoping that in the future less time is spent on one thing. Needing some variety here.
Disappointingly biased
While putting a spotlight on the issues involving the “anti vax” movement is important, i believe that this style of reporting which claims to give “both sides” a fair spotlight actually creates a false equivalency from a fringe movement and the large scientific community. I am a huge fan of many other episodes of the show, but this serious has turned me off from the show. I fully believe that you have not done your full diligence when creating this series. You are giving many people an unchecked platform for their own believes which aren’t based in fact.
Lydia Westman
A fantastic in-depth look at vaccinations, how they came to be, and how the political divide began. Truly informative reporting on all sides while also keeping me entertained. Amory is my favorite!
One sided
I listen to and read everything to understand this controversial topic. When one of the biggest concerns is a lack of safety studies, instead of getting a one line “of course” from Paul Offit (the same man who says 10,000 vaccines at once is safe) why don’t you present the actual science of how those studies are structured? It’s not a true placebo, vaccines are compared to other vaccines, not a saline placebo. A true reporter would find that. The only vaccine ever studied as a link to autism is the MMR, we give many many others, starting at birth. The Danish study that “proves” MMR does t cause autism: they give their children 1/3 LESS vaccines than we do and they compared vaccinated children to vaccinated children + MMR, not to unvaccinated children. Did deeper and be bold enough to stand up for what is right
Active Disinformation
I was hopeful that this show would give the vaccine a fair shake, but instead they are using the platform to spread disinformation and propaganda. It’s hard to tell if they haven’t read the actual data, or they are choosing to manipulate. Ill informed at best, dastardly and dangerous at worst. The latter appears to be the case due to the way they repeatedly fade out the audio any time an educated and articulate dissenter had facts on their side.
Too bias
I don’t have a strong opinion either way on vaccines but this podcast feels really bias throughout. I like more neutral reporting.
Have grown to love the hosts
This podcast really surprised me by how truly good it is. Covering a wide range of topics and interests that continuously teaches me stuff. Overall riveting.
Biased as hell
I was excited to listen to this when I heard an ad for it because it sounded like they were going to do a healthy debate about vaccinations and show both sides and let listeners decide for themselves which way they want to sway. Unfortunately that is not the case at all. They paint a picture of so called “anti-vaxxers” as unintelligent, social media fame hungry people. They go on to say that there is no real science for the anti-vax movement and that it is all just anecdotal evidence. Then they decide to use a story about a child who died from the H1N1 flu. It seems a little hypocritical to use an anecdote when you’ve just bashed the other side for doing the same. In the next argument they say that some there’s a conflict of interest for some on the anti-vax side. Is the fact that they brought on Dr. Paul Offit, who they even said had developed a vaccine, not a conflict of interest? This is a horribly one sided very poorly done podcast only with “experts” who are clearly pro-vaccine. If you’re going to do a podcast that advertises the vaccine debate at least debate it and hear from experts on both sides. Don’t just take little snippets from one side that are out of context to make them look bad while putting the other side up on a pedestal. Also have you ever thought that the reason Facebook groups for this kind of thing exist because people are looking for others who have experienced similar traumas? Most people who don’t vaccinate their children did used to at one point but then something happened to them to make them realize it’s not a black and white issue and there are real dangers to vaccines just like every other medication. It’s not a one size fits all yet manufacturers and the government want you to believe it is.
Still trying to like the hosts
please talk better
This show is usually pretty fun. I have been listening to each episode for over a year. I just can't like the hosts. Their scripted "casual" banter often seems forced and annoying. The impotus of this review was the obnoxious mini series about vaccinataions. This was poor journalism. I cringed over and over. Using tape from another journalist who admitedly had four alcoholic drinks? Applying obviously inaccurate interpretations of interviews with Portlanders, "fluffing" content to make a story more dramatic.
Good Show With Good Reason
I think the main reason this podcast is delving into the history of vaccines is due to reddit becoming one of the primary fighters against anti-vaxx misinformation and backlash, much of which can be seen in these very reviews. Anti-vaxxers are incorrect in their beliefs, and this limited series will tell you why. It also has good shows about reddit posts, subreddits, and stories, if that’s what you’re looking for.
Not really about Reddit culture
I used to love the idea of a podcast about Reddit culture. Spending a lot of time on Reddit myself, I can think of so many stories and mysteries on Reddit that would make great podcast episodes. I loved when they investigated the man who was finding weird notes in his house, for example. Instead their episodes have gotten farther and farther away from Reddit culture until they present things that are only tentatively related at best. Now they are going on a vaccine debate bender, not even trying to tie it back to Reddit at all. If you want to make a podcast about the vaccine debate, go ahead, just don’t present it as a podcast about Reddit.
I really enjoyed the infectious series. I can’t wait for more episodes, and more series on controversial topics.
pro-common sense
I was excited for this series, thinking it was hitting both ends. You guys OBVIOUSLY are for full vaccines and this series is just once again bringing up autism, and how well vaccines work. You guys should’ve interviews vaccine death and injury lawyers. You guys should’ve interviewed moms who have lost children hours after vaccines. You should interview random doctors that claim they are so safe but then don’t know ANY ingredients in them. Did you guys do a survey and discuss the difference between parents who never vaccinated, than decided to vaccinate and said “wow, I regret not vaccinating my child” compared to the parents who are regretting getting their kids vaccinated. You guys didn’t even give the same amount of info, time, and effort into the side of anti- vaxxers compared to pro-vaxxers. You guys never hit points on how how VAERS isn’t accurate and how when people have reactions that are needed to be reported for the “scientific study” doctors and nurses claim its normal and fine. And then nobody reports it so therefor everyone thinks they are safe. This isn’t some Illuminati theory on a secret society. This is about health and how doctors are just so willingly to inject all this stuff into children without testing them for MTHFR genetics, or if they are allergic to aluminum, Mercury, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and everything else to make sure they won’t have a bad reaction and won’t wake up dead the next day. You guys DID nothing but repeat the same stuff but I’m different formats over and over again. Who would responsible if I went and vaccinated my perfectly healthy unvaccinated 6 month old tomorrow and i woke up the next day to him dead? Would you label it as SIDS or would you look into the vaccines. There is this mother in coin rapids MN who vaccinated her 6 month old daughter and 12 hours later she died. The state medical examiner would NOT run tests to see if it was vaccine related because she “could lose her job”, so they had to raise money to hire a private autopsy and guess what came back on it... you should’ve looked into the bigger picture instead of just what everyone else is saying.
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