January 16, 2018
Bedside procedures. Does the sim lab prepare you? | Ep. 5
Every NP will be trained to perform invasive procedures at some level. We learn the steps on how to perform them during simulation (sim) lab while in school. Does the sim lab prepare you for the real thing? Kati and Sean discuss some of the details, and Sean shares his first procedure experience. 
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31 min
November 14, 2017
What is NP school really like? | Ep. 4
Nursing school is never what you expect, especially nurse practitioner (NP) school! We talk about what it was really like. Everything from didactic coursework, clinical rotations and of course the sim lab. We might even reveal some things they don't teach you in NP school. 
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38 min
November 14, 2017
Tips for the new NP working with the bedside RN | Ep. 3
The working relationship between the nurse practitioner and the bedside registered nurse in the ICU can make or break the healthcare team.  Let's talk about the unspoken tension between these two type A personalities and ways we can eliminate it. 
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39 min
November 14, 2017
The DNP vs MSN degree for Nurse Practitioners | Ep. 2
When pursuing an advanced practice nursing degree to become a nurse practitioner you currently have two degree options, the Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) and the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP).  What's the difference? How do you choose?
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41 min
November 14, 2017
A day in the life of an ACNP | Ep. 1
What does a typical day look like for an acute care nurse practitioner? From receiving shift sign out from the exiting team to giving shift report to the oncoming team, we discuss what a typical workday is like. 
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40 min
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