Accesible, educational and fun!
Get your nerd on with Erin&Erin! They are super knowledgeable and easy to understand
Being a graduate student myself, I want to know how I can get my own super popular, geeky podcast?? 😅 I’ve always had a strong interest in immunology and, while I know most of the biology pretty well, I mostly came here for the epidemiology and history and this podcast does not disappoint!
The Erins are always there
Sara Cathrine
OMG I will tell you I love this podcast, the Erins always there to teach me more about how health care is ever changing and how we got here... Also hello a mix drink recipe with every episode what else could you ask for?
Love love love
Unable to watch anything
I am not a scientist/ work in the medical field but I absolutely love this podcast. The girls are hilarious and extremely smart. They break everything down so I am able to understand and follow along. I wish they had more episodes I could binge 😁
Not a scientist - but I love it
curious doge
I picked this podcast after it joined the Exactly Right network. I wanted to broaden my horizons and learn about topics other than true crime 😂 The hosts explain things so well that anybody who doesn’t know scientific jargon will understand. I feel like a well-rounded individual when listening to this podcast.
Perfect for those with morbid fascinations
Absolutely my favorite podcast! Informative, entertaining, fascinating, and engaging. I often listen before I go to bed and the Erins have so captured my imagination that I dream (have nightmares) about some of these diseases — brava!(?) Perhaps I’m too macabre, but I do miss the “classic” episodes from Season 1 (and early season 2). Gimme more of that (sometimes literally) blood-curdling infectious disease that had us all tuning in in the first place! Very much enjoy the format of ~first hand account ~pathophysiology ~history ~current/future impact I have a masters in public health and am working towards a PhD in the health sciences, so I think people with medical/science backgrounds perhaps may have an added appreciation for this podcast, but it is approachable for anyone interested! The Erins do a great job defining and revisiting terminology and it’s meaningfulness for those that may not have an epidemiology background. Plus, somehow finding ways to make light of horrific things, have me often laughing out loud! If you’re trying to decide where to start, my favorite episodes are (in no order): - MRSA - Prions (the most nightmarish be warned) - Bubonic Plague (part 1) - Rabies - Honorable mentions to Yellow Fever and Measles
J.A.W. Cooper
The content is absolutely fascinating and I love that they cover both the history and biology of each affliction. The hosts are so charming, funny, knowledgeable, and passionate about the subject matter with genuine concern and empathy for those afflicted. I especially appreciated their episodes on vaccinations. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
This has been a favorite of mine for a while now, and even as someone who’s fairly science literate the simple explanations make this podcast extremely digestible and engaging. I’d also just like to specifically thank the Erins for using non-gendered language when appropriate- it doesn’t go unnoticed and is much appreciated
I absolutely love this podcast! Both Erins are excellent hosts and they choose truly enthralling topics. TPWKY is presented in a polished and sophisticated way but manages to be playful and fun at the same time.
You will nerd out!
I wish this podcast was around when I was in college over 10 years ago. I love love love pathogenic microbiology and epidemiology. If you do as well, this is the podcast for you. The Erins do a fantastic job sucking you in and making infectious diseases a reality. The detail they go into on a cellular level is fascinating. Every episode dips into my biological sciences degree and is a great review. They have great sources and clear explanations. I enjoy nerding out on my daily commute!
Current Nursing student, and all-our human anatomy NERD, I am already HOOKED on this podcast after 2mins in! Thank you ladies. PLEASE DON’T EVER STOPPPP!! 🙌🥰😜
The Erins are smart, funny and great at explaining scientific principles. So glad I started listening to this podcast!
Love this podcast
If my science teachers had been half as entertaining as these two, I would have been wayyyyy more interested in science.
Their enthusiasm is infectious!
I love this show. The chemistry between the Erin’s is so amazing. I love how excited and knowledgeable they are about their field. I can see the passion they have for epidemiology just in the way they talk! I’ve learned so much and I love how they present the information in a way that’s not only easy to understand for the everyday person but also in an entertaining way. I look forward to even more in the future!
Attention getter!
Love these hosts and their excitement as they nerd out during their podcast. The biology, disease ecology, pathology, history and much more is included with each episode. Well done!
Erin #2
I love this podcast! But, I just cannot continue to listen to Erin’s incessant giggles. She’s clearly a very educated woman and it is sad that she comes across as if she isn’t. Love the topics, though!
Love this podcast, wish it was a little shorter
Each episode is well researched, great chemistry and enthusiasm by both presenters. Just wish it was a little shorter on time.
This podcast will kill you
Dr Nitpic
Just started and I love the format of these podcasts. The two Erins appear very much in sync, albeit somewhat “silly and giggly” during their dialogue. It doesn’t detract, however, their evidence-based medical presentation of a huge variety of topics in infectious diseases, toxicology, ecology,etc. Current references are well documented and they have really done their research. Even though they are not physicians they sometimes mispronounce certain medical terms, but perhaps I’m too picky. STILL LOVE IT.
This podcast its soo great, I love it! The Erins are also great and make something very serious a little bit more relaxed on the way that they explained the diseases.
Love their enthusiasm & research backed
....Episodes and history. Started off with the HIV episode and they kept me hooked and helped me learn a lot about how the media and hate against marginalized groups put everyone’s health at risk. Good job ladies!
Fascinating and slightly frustrating
I found this by listening to my favorite murder’s episode on Tuberculosis Mary. (Forgive me If I got her name wrong. It was about a year ago). I saved this podcast to listen to it then. And I didn’t start listening to it until a couple of weeks ago:). I just finished episode 3. About small pox. & when they got to the part about inoculation & vaccines, all I could think about was my little sister. She had her first child about 3 and a half years ago. When it came time for her first shots, my sister asked our family if she should get my niece vaccinated. Of course everyone was horrified. “YES! Get her vaccinated!”. My cousin actually shared a Penn & Jilette video on vaccinations. (My sister is also a flat earther. She just has problems with authority & trusting authorities on those sorts of things). She also has mentioned that she doesn’t trust doctors because they were wrong about her son having downs. So, even though I love this podcast and my sister, it is frustrating because I just think about the people that don’t trust vaccines. Just because they haven’t had to live in an era or location where those diseases are so prominent. If you can get past the frustrations of thinking about people who don’t trust vaccines or modern medicine, and you’re interested in hearing about these freaky diseases, then I think you’ll love this podcast as much as I do:).
Obsessed with knowledge
Audrey René
Honestly, I feel so much smarter listening to this podcast. They ask all the right questions and give so much detail to each episode. It really is worth the time to listen about these infectious diseases. Plus you’re gaining knowledge and can spread awareness!
Needs better editing
I wish I could get through a while episode, but I haven’t been able to yet. These episodes are just too long and have so much unnecessary music and long pauses/giggles. If they could condense that into 45 minutes, I would probably love this pod.
I am in love with this podcast. Be grateful every day you live in 2019. And wash your hands, you filthy animals.
Genuine enthusiasm
Just one of many
The hosts are passionate and enthusiastic about their subject matter. Consequently, the show is very well researched and their love of science is infectious. sorry for the too easy pun.
Old white guys not welcome
I’m a 36 year veteran Pediatrician. I thought the podcast was going to be more serious. Much of the information appears to come from Wikipedia. If these ladies read something on the web, they believe it without much question. They giggle far too much, especially about serious illness, and are intolerant of anyone who does not have their political lean. Just listen to the HIV episodes to see what I mean. They will insult anyone and everyone, but they especially hate “old white guys” like me.
Infectious curiosity
This. Podcast. Is. Amazing. The ... ahem ... infectious curiosity with which each topic is investigated is a driveway moment every single time. Thorough, fascinating, timely, informative. History, biology, evolution, anthropology, sociology, and everything else. This podcast has it all. It’s the holy grail of science nerd podcasts. Stop what you’re doing and prepare to say “that’s ... amazing.”
Compromise Happens
Senora Perez
My husband and I can finally listen to a podcast together: I enjoy comedy similar to the other Exactly Right podcasts and my husband is dry. He loves science and we love looking up pictures and stuff: Love learning in an interesting way!!
Can’t get enough!
My daughter turned me onto this and I’m hooked! Please keep he episodes coming. I occasionally play parts while my high school students are working - on advanced biology, or human anatomy & physiology, or microbiology. They love it too! Thank you!
So entertaining
My wife and I listen to these all the time!!! We’re addicted!
Love this podcast! Tons of interesting history and science behind infectious disease. Erin and Erin inspired me to take epidemiology and am now majoring in Public Health. Keep it up!
Perfect amount of humor with lots of information
Margie momma
Great, informative, and a perfect bit of humor! I’m currently on episode three, but can’t wait to get into the rest. I’m in Nurse Practitioner school and I’m hoping this podcast will get a couple questions right on the tests!
More medical mysteries!!!
Turds Mcgee
Ok so I’m behind, but I just finished the episode on encephalitis lethargica and it is one of my absolute favorite episodes. Y’all said at the end to let you know if we wanted more mysteries so I’m casting my vote YES PLEASE.
Great idea, but delivery is annoying
I came to this podcast from Ologies. I absolutely adore Alie Ward’s quirky humor and her injection of lightness into heavier topics. This podcast tries to strike the same tone, but it just doesn’t work for me. Erin Welsh is solid; Erin Allman Updyke drives me up the wall. The dumb comments, the faux-shock, the incessant giggling... I know plenty of other listeners love her style, but it’s not for me.
Incredibly researched, not so jargony that it’s hard to understand - they do a great job of defining terms, and just really fascinating. The mix of epidemiology AND history is so great, especially with how hilarious old science techniques are sometimes. Erin and Erin do a great job and their enthusiasm for biology is truly ~infectious~
My new favorite podcast
Malaria Micael
Accessible for everyone to listen to, yet enough technical detail for us in the science community to sink our teeth into. Warning: You’ll get hooked.
Love this!
Erin and Erin—you’re awesome! Thank you for doing such a fantastic and fun podcast. I’m a homeschool mom and am so excited you’ve caught the attention of my 10 year old daughter. Women in science FTW! 🥰
Educational but fun!!
I love this podcast!! I’m a nurse and have learned so much from this podcast but have loved every minute of it!!
Can't get enough! Toxoplasma gondii, please?
New to the podcast and am SO hooked! The Erins strike the perfect balance of seriousness and humor. It's fun without seeming inappropriately so, given the subject matter. The science is explained gorgeously. Accurate, yet digestible. The history lessons are interesting and really bring the material to life. I'm a med student and wanted something enjoyable but semi-academic to listen to this summer and this fits the bill to a T. My personal favorite infectious disease is Toxoplasma gondii, so I really hope to get to listen an episode on that in the future!
Nurses love this podcast!
Pediatric nurse of 15 years and I LOVE this pc! It’s second only to MFM ❤️
Love the Erins!
Theses ladies take you on the journey of infectious diseases that is not only medical but gives the history and culture information. Keep it up ladies!
Love listening to smart women geek out so fantastically about something so morbid. Utterly my jam
Fun, quirky and educational
Found this by chance and I must say, the Erin’s have made learning fun!! I was looking for something different to listen to while driving and the zombie podcast called out to me. After hearing their smart and witty banter, I subscribed and am now a rabid fan (see what I did there?! Rabies? Anyone??) I like the format of each Erin taking turns with an area and who doesn’t love the most creative and fun part, the quarantinie?!? Cheers girls, keep it coming!
10/10 Would recommend
As a woman in STEM it is especially meaningful to hear some wonderful STEMinists creating the exact content I want. Thank you thank you thank you!!
I stumbled across this podcast when I was looking at the Exactly Right merch page after The Murder Squad sent me there. It was literally just the logo that caught my attention. I started listening that same day and I’m so hooked! I just finished the Gnarlypox (smallpox) episode and honestly I squealed a little at the beginning when they quoted Richard Preston. He’s the one who got me interested in epidemiology in the first place! This podcast is really phenomenally informative and entertaining. Kudos, Erins! Keep rocking it, and if you haven’t yet, please start a YouTube channel of you two making quarantinis!
Very cool
Always informative, often gross and terrifying. I’m into it. Give it a listen (just not when you’re eating).
Binge worthy
Love the podcast super funny and educational
Tons of information twisted with history. Not so dense that my brain hurts, but I still learn a lot.
Interesting, educational, fun!
I want to be friends with the Erins. This is currently my favorite podcast! More episodes, please!!
TPWKY fraking awesome!
Episode 32 reveals why this podcast is so good. Two friends doing what they love. It’s like serious Scully and goofy Scully talking about science.
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