I got bored
I want to love this but, the monotone voice becomes dull and I loose interest.
It’s not that good
I gave it three stars but there are so many others out there that are better. The narration and hyperbole are just too much.
Constructive feedback
I listen to everyone of these podcasts. I don’t dislike any of them. I enjoy the stories I enjoy tuning out and listening to something spooky. I do feel it could be enhanced with a tiny bit more sound effects. If the “ghost” or person is singing a hymn, hits someone to sing a few bars. Play with some effects and have it fade out under narration to give those people listening with headphones a true auditory experience. Im sure you’d even have tons of fans who have the talent who’d be willing to play the ghost (cough cough).
Very dramatic
He puts everything into the podcast and, oftentimes, makes me ecstatic that I listen to it during daylight hours!
It’s an ok podcast
I am a big fan of spooky podcasts, but I’m only giving this 4 stars because often it’s hard to tell I the stories are real or just fictional. They’re still entertaining and spooky but I wish there was a bit more clarity. Also someone mentioned that the podcast was sped up. There’s a button in the corner that says 1x that adjusts the podcast speed.
Cheesy narrator ruins decent content
Historical insomniac
I prefer a less cheesy, breathy, absurdly emphatic reading/performance(sic) of the details about haunted places. I didn’t realize Yellowstone had a history of mysterious deaths but the pseudo-you-are-there details from the point of view of a kid who plummets to his death into the falls left me thinking the whole thing was bad fiction.
It’s good I now like being scared 😱 🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣
read butty
The guy who does this is great and he’s carful about what he says about religion
USC Fan 747
I love the historical context behind the hauntings. Fun show!
Okay, could be better
The stories are just that... scary stories to tell around a camp fire. It’s not bad but it would be nice if it was more matter of fact. Most of these stories I don’t even believe.
That voice though
Have to give this 3 stars because of the narrators over-exaggerated voice. Just speak like you do in the Serial Killers podcast and you’ll get 5 stars..
Hidden history
Bill the Wesleyan/Armenian
The ghostly stuff is interesting but what’s even cooler are the little historical details I didn’t know
Must listen!!!!
Very interesting and it actually makes you visualize the scenarios I would really recommend this!!!
Best haunting podcast out the!
Tracey Bristow
I love listening to this while traveling and around the house.
Great Podcast
Absolutely the best
Love this podcast but...
I love this podcast and look forward to it every week but the last few weeks it’s been sped up. The last couple of weeks was pretty annoying but this week it’s sped up way too fast. I don’t want to listen to Alvin & The Chipmunks! I hope this is fixed soon!
These are all just stories nothing is factual other then the place mentioned. I wish they would investigate the haunting and explain the history instead of making up a story
If you want to stay up until 4 in the morning spooked this is the podcast for you ;)
Easy and fun
Ugly Horse Ranch cowgirl
It’s fun to listen and historical as well as will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! I could listen to it all day
Such a compelling story
These podcasts are delivered with understated quality. The listener ‘believes’ due to the well written narrative and accompanying sound effects. This places the listener in the middle of the story and that is often a frightening place to be. Bravo!
Effective Storytelling
At first I thought the narrator was a touch hokey, but absolutely works! I was sold on the premises, even yelling at my stereo "RUN! RUN NOW"! Good writing, good narration, but I think you keep to two stories max. Fun time, but this isn't good enough to make my daily rotation
I only wish there were more episodes!
Good podcast.
Skeptic's review
The Atheist Moonwalker
I am not a believer in ghost & I'm incredibly skeptical to say the least. But I'm hooked to these stories. He tells them in a way that is captivating and in that moment makes you believe that they're real. Almost like reading a good book. I find myself not only being drawn into each and every story, but also learning a few interesting facts about the places that he talks about. In the mixture of these captivating stories, he mixes in some facts that are educational to the listener. But educational in a way that is fascinating & fun.
I love the stories!
I listened to 40 plus episodes in the last week! I love this podcast, super addictive and captivating!
Lee Lee
I just started this podcast last night and I was hooked within 5 minutes of the first episode! I love the history & stories behind the places in each episode! That makes it that much more interesting!
Jayde fuller
Listen to it whenever I get bored BUT MAKE A NEW EPISODE please I been waiting forever but I love dis podcast night ☠️
Haunted places The Stanley Hotel💜💜💜I loved this episode. The hotel is absolutely beautiful.💜💜💜
I usually give your show a five star rating but this time only at three. I have lived in Northwest Florida for the majority of my life black water river recreational is in Milton Florida not Pensacola Florida.
Monte Cristo Homestead
The Monte Cristo Homestead episode has many terrifying moments. It's a must listen from the series!
Love this podcast, I definitely recommend
Stop it Greg Paulson you’re scaring me
H.T Ellison
It gives me goosebumps every episode. The stories are informative and creepy as hell.
Creepy yet fascinating, I’d recommend this to anyone who’s into this stuff.
Awesome Podcast
In love with your podcasts!
Your podcast is by far one of my favorites! I absolutely love your voice and sound affects! Keep up the kickass work, I look forward to your episodes every week 💕
Great voiceover, perfect pacing
Just started this podcast and I’m in love. The narrator is AMAZING, his voice is perfect and his pacing is suspenseful. I love hearing the stories behind places instead of just scary experiences there.
Spooky and interesting!
Anna Marie from over the sea
Love that it’s not just a bunch of anecdotes about recent experiences, but that we actually get to learn the history and folklore of these places. Well done! It’s a favorite!
Spooky Stories
It’s like the adult version of the book scary stories to read in the dark but based on real places and real history. Look forward to it each week.
The best
This is one of the best podcasts in the world I wanna go to these places
Excellent podcast
I loved it!! So spooky & makes me want to visit these places. The narrator has an excellent voice!
Port Arthur
Fur child 3
Scary and details captivating keeping me
Reading Ghost Stories Around a Campfire
T San Diego
It’s reminiscent of being told ghost stories around a campfire.... fun, thrilling and keeping you in the edge. The stories are riveting and scary enough that they linger with you for the rest of the day.. and into the night. I look forward to Thursday’s to see what’s next
Ghost stories!
Love this podcast, it’s perfect for a dark night! Great narration and atmosphere.
Haunted placed
I cannot get enough of the podcast!
Perfectly Spooky
An Inside Joke
It's like a Halloween ghost story that you can listen to year-round. Great series.
Haunted places
Diva Dianna
I love listening to this podcast at work, it’s one of my favorites.
Keep making more!
I’ve listened to every episode and not a single one has been boring. LOVE IT!
Haunted Places
I just discovered this podcast. I binged on it at work, I LOVE IT!! I told a co worker about it and he loved it! Thank you for keeping the story interesting. Keep up the good work 😀
Great podcast
Noob chicken
The Chronology of the stories are bad
Unsatisfied purchase
I use to like this show but a few of the episode the stories dates are messed up. After listening to the Ryanhall story the third episode I notice the mistake, I decided to comment about it . The Ryanham hall story it went from Dorothy’s disappearance to a 100 years in 1835 when it appeared to the Colonel. After that event the story teller said a year later in 1736 ? If it would of been a year later it would of been 1836. I mean I know is a scary story and not facts but it looses its affect if you don’t keep the decades straight.
Lake Superior episode especially
I love this show! I finally got to listen to the “Lake Superior” episode today and, as someone who spent four years going between Marquette and Munising, I have to say that the description of the lake in the beginning was good enough to make me feel homesick for the lake! (Then the stories reminded me why I never swim in it alone.)
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