great job!
hes very educational and knows his stuff about these bands and or singers!! i look forward to the new shows!!
Well, he has a schtick
I’m definitely a fan of the content, and I think Jake is a good host, but sometimes he pushes the poeticism and attempts to sound “rock n roll” himself a little too hard. A worthwhile listen if you’re a music junkie, either way.
Always Waiting...
One of a handful of podcasts that I wait for and anticipate, every single time! #RockaARolla
Maybe we shouldn’t have started with Cardi B
I work in a very DIY creative space with a bunch of like minded, racially diverse ladies and we LiSten to podcasts when we need a break from music. This one seemed like a home run, so naturally we started with Cardi B. Holy moly, we were all super creeped out by a dude (who sounds like a white dude - but we can’t judge voices folks) getting down right voyeuristic and creepy. It was the quietest the office has ever been. Uuhggg, I know, don’t be so sensitive, but gross and weird and not right.if it were her voice, or at least a woman, but I don’t know. It seemed like soft core.
THIS is rock and roll!
As we’ve continued to watch and hear the disappearance of terrestrial radio personalities, it was a delight to discover Disgraceland Podcast. Jake is a brilliant storyteller who crafts such perfect harmonies of intrigue and suspense to unravel some of the greatest backstories of rock and roll. THIS is THE podcast to fall in love with time and time again with each revealing episode. Radio personality is alive and kickin’ with Jake Brennan and Disgraceland. **Side note: I was an early subscriber of Disgraceland when I first wrote this review. While I still listen, I have to say since Jake entered an agreement with iHeart Media the quality of his podcast has dwindled as the Disgraceland space is now being used as a platform to promote other not as interesting or entertaining podcast produced by the corporate media conglomerate known as iHeart Media thus watering down the uniqueness of what made Disgraceland. And Jake's "Disgraceland After Party" is nothing more than a ramble-fest, Jake talking incessantly about uninteresting stuff - sort of like unnecessary filler required by iHeart to fulfill his contractual agreement. Yeah, yeah a man's gotta eat and provide, yet it doesn't mean a man needs to become a sellout to do it. iHeart is killing Disgraceland.
Everything I ever wanted to know...
about JFK is thanks to The Misfits and Disgraceland.
My new favorite podcast
CC Crouse
Jake is an amazing raconteur!! His stories keep you tuned in and personally has brought some artists/songs back to my catalog that I once had forgotten so thank you for that!!!
Check it out
This podcast is just excellent. Short but packed with nuance. Jake is an amazing orator.
Which Doobie You Be?!
Love. Love. Love. this Podcast. I’m Subscribed to several podcast and I catch myself listening to this one all day. ❤️ I also love the “What’s Happening” reference! 💋💨
Big Lurch
Somebody get Jake a Netflix deal, please.
Top notch
Really enjoyed this season. Host has a great style and vibe!
Great listen!
Saw this podcast and it looked interesting. Was hooked after the first episode. Love the theme effects and narration!
This is one of the first podcasts I could really get into. The narrator is just amazing! His way of telling the stories is insanely entertaining. Will forever be my favorite! If you haven’t listened to this one, you might want to.
I’m s junkie for disgraceland!!
Z Ruise
This is the perfect meld of true crime and celebrity bios. Keep up the great work! You have a listener for life!
Podcast is good and content is excellent. I don’t need details about sex and private parts and what they are doing. Mostly referencing the Rolling Stones episode. The content is too good to dive into those areas. Stick with the content and I believe it will be much better.
Future podcast suggestion!
Aubster the mobster
I love your podcast!! Can you do a podcast about Sublime???
One of my faves
I freakin ❤️ you Jake! I wait for your podcast like a dog waiting for his master to accidentally drop some scraps on the floor. I just wish it wasn’t so long between episodes.
I want more, more, more...
This guy’s words come at you like a machine gun - one that you can rewind.
stephani 1313
I love the format of the podcast. The stories are amazing and told in a true rock n roll style.
The most entertaining podcast ever. The host is one talented storyteller! I could easily see these made into a drunk history/unsolved mysteries esque TV show. I know it would be a instant hit! But I’m satisfied with the podcast thanks and keep up the great work
True Romance!
In your review of Tarantino’s movies, you fail to mention True Romance! This is one of his absolute best movies of all times. A true classic. Please watch it if you haven’t. I’d love to hear your updated opinion after you’ve seen it a time or two!
Amazing how much research he does for the episodes!
I just wanted to say that I’m so stoked for each and every episode that he comes out with. Jake does not only his due diligence but he offers a spin to make it better. Good stuff for everyone
my fav podcast!
Definitely my favorite podcast. Been looking for something like this for a while and all of the stories keep your attention forrealzzz! Love it :)
Love kid TCHC for life!!
Great rock and roll story teller!!
Chiro joe
Give this a listen! Buddy turned me in to Disgracedland, been rolling through episodes. He weaves a colorful, comically entertaining story
Music history with a touch of autism
At best... this guy mentally redarded.
Jake Brennan is an incredible storyteller
I don’t even know half the people he’s talking about, but Jake’s storytelling and perfect background sound effects keep me engaged from start to finish. I am bored by most podcasts, not this one.
We need more!!
Disgraceland is the only thing that gets me through my day! Hours and miles of walking with nothing but fire!!
Great podcast.
Great podcast. Very entertaining. Just a little campy, but in a good way. Very well researched. Thanks for keeping us entertained.
Cool at first, until i realized how dumb the narrator is
disgraced disgracedland
The stories are cool to hear, until you realize the narrator is completely biased, and generalizes things a lot without showing the whole truth
All Hail the King baby!
Kyle 808 Kyle
Not Elvis, I’m talking about Jake Brennan. Disgraceland is a most satisfying slice of cheese you will ever devour though your ear holes! The pace, music and writing all stand out as star crossed brilliance! Take a long strange trip and listen now!!!!!!
He tells a good story and it’s well produced but he puts too much of his own emotions into their stories. Truth is, we don’t know how these artists feel/think. It’s not right to put the narrators words and feelings as if it’s the artists
Listen if you aren’t L7
Don’t be a square, listen to this podcast.
I have a pretty boring job, but the minute I put on Disgraceland and I hear the dulcet tones of the melotron I’m transported to stories of some of the greatest artists of all time. WHAT A SHOW! Best production of any podcast I’ve listened to and I’ve been listening to about 6 hours a day worth for about 3 years. Hoping for a Hank Williams or Jr episode or for a live show in Nashville!
My absolute FAVORITE podcast!!!🎙️🎙️🎙️
Candy Dee N
🎵 I am amazed at how this show is formatted. It's quite obvious that there's a lot of research done for each and every episode. I am a music fanatic and this podcasteans everything. There facts and stories about these artists that mostly unknown. It also shows the events from a completely perspective. I am ride or die with Disgracelandband I TOTALLY deserve a poster!!! 🎵🎵
The detail and production that go into this podcast is second to none. Beautiful original music & well researched subject matter. The continuation of the format is fun & dependable. More that once I’ve found myself repeating the words to the intro. It’s rare that I find other kindred spirits that truly care about music as an art form, equally spectacular across genres but Rock N’ Roll at heart. I look forward to more and, what you do with it. Rock on, Jake!
Love this another reason not to watch tv
Love the way this information is laid out before you. Rock detective that’s the way I hear it. Great job would love a sticker for one of my guitar cases. Subscribed right away can’t wait to listen to all these podcasts. I’m going to share this with everyone I know! Thanks
Starter off strong
First few episodes were really well done. Now it’s just non sense and uninteresting stuff.
Not as Good as I had Hoped...
I just completed the podcast Disgraceland (2018-2019) - at least so far. I started listening because it sandwiches two of my favorite interests, rock-and-roll debauchery and true crime. On the positive side it generally covers musicians that I’m interested in (besides Cardi B) and there are some great stories in there. In theory, in a short amount of time you can learn an intriguing story from history. On the negative side I’ve already heard most of these stories (and some have a decent amount of interesting info missing). I also take issue with the (I assume, relatively young) narrator’s immature style of story telling. He tries too hard to sound poetic, “cool” and make it intense (like a bad tabloid news show). My biggest beef though is the narrator’s editorializing. The stories are interesting enough without making it sound like you know the musicians thoughts before they died. Also, the After Hours episodes are self-indulgent and painful. I couldn’t care less what cheese-filled show you’re watching on Netflix currently. He’s also already covered a decent amount of the essential music-related stories so I would assume that as time passes the stories may get less and less interesting? I highly recommend learning these stories, just not on this podcast. As the show continues I get more and more annoyed. I give the show, currently, 5.44 stars out of 10.
Dig it!
Love love love this podcast! I wish it was weekly! Even the “After Party” episodes aren’t enough! Jake is a masterful story teller! Everything about this podcast is perfectly addictive!
An actual episode would be cool
Hahaha moo
Maybe someday a full episode will be posted again?
Can’t get enough!!! Every episode has been crazy good!! Love the mini’s too, just enough to get me through to the next full episode. Keep em’ coming !!! Cindy F.
Better before he sold out
The episode on CardiB was a complete sham job in my opinion. Full of apologies and justifications for inexcusable actions. I’ve been listening and enjoying it from season one and then he sold out to Iheart radio and now he’s becoming the mouth for a bunch of suites. The cardi episode felt like it was written by a team of lawyers and publicists trying to whitewash her background. In the beginning he pulled no punches and aired all their dirty laundry for the world to smell. Now he’s handed a carefully washed, dried and folded basket to hang up the way the suites want him too. I’ll keep listening until he becomes too much of a corporate shill to be entertaining. Big corporation just killed another beautiful pod cast.
I’m absolutely am in love with this podcast will the zombie Elvis pin be restocked soon plz plz
Jake does an amazing job of presenting some of your favorite musical artists in a different light. As an avid music listener of course you understand that The Rolling Stones were always stoned and that Johnny Cash didn’t love much more than coke and his wife June. Jake though, does an amazing job of giving us the heart breaking stories of Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. I 10/10 recommend.
Patience Pays
I wasn’t sure what to think after the first listen, but I kept listening anyway. It definitely paid off! The addiction is real and I can’t wait until the next episode each week! Highly recommend!
Killers, and drugs and mayhem OH MY!
Half the stuff that Jake winds into these stories I’ve never know about some of the most famous musicians of all time. I cannot get enough. By far my favorite podcast and I anxiously await my new edition weekly. Thanks Jake for a great show week after week!
Love the show
As a big music fan, i really enjoy this podcast. I’ve learned a lot too that i wasn’t aware of. Keep them coming
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