Solid podcast
Princess psycho
The podcast is awesome. Debra is an idiot. I’ve been single 12 years and have NEVER been remotely desperate enough to settle for anything just to say I have something. Shame on her for letting a man come into her home and life and disrespect her children/family like that. It’d serve her right if they never spoke to her again. You can’t fix stupid
Great case and coverage of it.
Me me amezing
Hardcore Christians despise things like planned parenthood for providing services they don’t like, but do things like forgive their loved one’s killer and overlook the clear cry for help a victim needs. The family’s decision making is outrageous. The ONE sister sounded like the only sane one from the beginning. However, to go as far as to be on the DEFENSE. Christ, I applaud the host/interviewer for keeping his calm during that call. Loved the podcast though
The Mother
That mom REALLY brought the devil into her house. 5 marriages makes me think she should stop looking for men. She should just go into an arranged marriage. No luck picking men. To keep going back to that nut...
Favorite podcast ever!
Love the podcast- but this family is full of morons
But can’t stand how Debbie’s youngest daughter, Terra, ends all of her sentences on a high note as if it’s a question. Sounds like such a California airhead. Her other daughter, Jacqueline sounds just like Kim Kardashian...very airhead and very “better than everyone”. Sooo snobby it’s hard to listen to them. Very cliche Orange County.
Episode 6 terra
Omg is this girl LD?she sounds like she’s not quite all there! Zombies? Was this info necessary to the story?
Crazy but real
Having been through similar things it’s hard to believe but is real. It is easy to become blinded and unrealistically thinking things can get better and just wanting to see what could be the good in someone. It’s a very dangerous situation and have to listen to those around you and see the signs for what they really are. Don’t put anything past anyone!
Truly irrational woman! Fascinating
Wow it blows my mind how anyone can be so mislead and naive. The guy is a psycho but this women is really an interesting case in herself? Wow!
Very well told
It’s so sick, you’d never believe it to be true but it is. This is well told, easy to follow. Loved the narration.
This was really the most amazingly horrifying thing I have ever listened to. Psychopaths, sociopaths and clinical narcissists are pure EVIL and can manipulate the most seasoned and wise human beings. Some of these negative comments about the ladies involved in this are repugnant. Stop and think about how many in law enforcement, in the judicial system, in the medical field, etc... were fooled by this single, one man. Why would these ladies be any wiser than trained professionals. Not to mention that most of us "good" people out here in the world want to extend the benefit of the doubt to the people around us. Either way, this show was very well done. Well produced, edited, etc. It rovided a ton of quality content.
how does it end?
Mixed emotions
Excellent story and narration. Shook my head more than once at Debra’s stupidity and the grandmother who defended Cindy’s murder. The daughter’s voices were also extremely annoying.
Frustrating at times because of how naive some characters either are or were portrayed, but a great story. Would recommend.
This guy is a huge creep.
is this real life?
i’m absolutely exhausted listening to this and have actually gotten angry more than a few times at the flippant attitudes of some of these women being interviewed. the naivety is overwhelming and to be honest, the privilege also. a mother who heard continuous information regarding her child’s abusive home situation and when her child wants a divorce from her abuser, she says “Oh, how AWFUL”. the sanctity of marriage is here in this podcast y’all, even if that marriage results in death(s). exhausted to hear these people cry while talking OVER the reality of the ONGOING situations of the victims in this podcast.
So Annoyed!
I rated this 3 stars, not because it didn’t hold my interest but because this family is so naive and annoying it’s ridiculous. First the mom/grandmother forgiving her daughter’s husband after killing her. She allowed him to get away with cold blooded murder showing zero respect for her daughter or her memory. She should be ashamed. She taught her daughter, Debra not to be forgiving but to be stupidly naive. They all from the grandmother down to the (grand)daughters sound naive and brainless while interviewed. It’s like speaking with children. It’s really frustrating. No one should be taken advantage of but this family has placed an obvious target directly on their forehead.
Amanda - AZ
Pretty interesting. Similar to a crime show documentary in podcast form. Anyone criticizing the women in this story are crazy — takes guts to be vulnerable enough to share this story. There is only one bad guy in this story— Dirty John.
Eerily Similar Experience
I faced something very similar to this... thankful for friends who helped me face it down, and thankful it did not get this far. Understand all too well the frustration of police doing nothing - being unable to do anything - until it’s too late. Thankful I’ve grown a spine.
British TV
Unfolds like a weekly television series. Well written and spoken.
I’m sorry but these women are just unbelievably naive. This was too frustrating to listen to and I couldn’t finish.
HIGHLY Recommend
This was absolutely amazing. I've been painting all day and listened to the whole thing. Absolutely breathtaking.
The whole time listening I was thinking Nooooo! Very well written and narrated
Good podcast
I enjoyed the podcast. I listened to it over 2 days and had to keep myself from googling the outcome. The ending was worth it. You wonder how people can let themselves fall prey to a predator but it happens. I would give 5 stars but there are a lot of ads.
Love Wondery Podcast including this one!!
Wondery has some great podcasts and this is definitely one of them. A must listen!!
Interesting story, but drawn out
This was a very interesting storytelling experience; less investigative journalism than it is a thorough retelling of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However it is drawn out in too many episodes and unnecessarily pauses the narrative to focus on the daughters and family. For example, I really didn’t need a 10 minute aside on how to kill a zombie. Doesn’t really further the plot.
Could have been better.
The daughters should have been left out of the interview process. Their voices are painfully annoying and ruined a pretty good story. It was hard for me to take them seriously.
Classic Case of Domestic Abuse
nh listener 318
As a retired prosecutor of domestic violence cases I can say after just one episode this is a case of domestic violence. Reviewers who blame the victim should be ashamed of themselves and learn about the dynamics of domestic violence. John played on the victim’s insecurities, isolated her from her family and was a master manipulator. Don’t be so quick to blame a victim. If you’d worked with as many victims of domestic violence as I have you’d have more understanding and compassion for Deb. And by the way, I’m male so don’t bother trying to call me out as just another woman making excuses for her gender.
Weird funny goof
I love crime - related podcasts. This series fell short in terms of content. Debra, as well as Debra’s mom, were vocally irritating to listen to. Slow moving, repetitious content.
Good road trip podcast
This was a great story to listen to on my 6 hour drive... there were things that were repetitive but other than some minor annoyances, I really enjoyed this. If you start listening and think you can’t make it through the first episode, hold off and listen all the way through the first ep and start the second... I wasn’t sure I’d like it at first.
Who are these psychologists?
Great story. Amazing tale. You feel like you want to discuss it afterward. I can’t help but wonder who are these psychologists giving such bad advice!
Painful to listen to.
I know it’s bad to victim shame, but this whole family is a joke. Debra made so many irrational decisions and knowingly put her whole family in danger, and we’re supposed to feel bad for them? I definitely don’t. I’ve heard so many good reviews about this podcast but after listening for myself, it was painfully boring and frustrating to listen to. Would not recommend if you’re really into true crime
Good story telling
First of all, the other reviews who are judging one’s accent is really messed up. Good story telling but really frustrating. It’s hard to not pass judgment on the whole situation. I guess age isn’t always an indicator of wisdom.
Couldn’t finish
Chb in AZ
This story tended to be repetitive. And could have been covered in shorter time. And I agree with others, the voices were quite distracting. Did not make me want to continue.
Unbelievable story told by the people involved
I just want to point out that this podcast doesn’t have actors - these are the real people talking. So much for all these 1 star reviews about the voice of the daughters...
Debra’s horrible choices
Listening to this podcast honestly gave me anxiety over the horrible decisions Debra made. She only cared about her kids well being after the fact, even though they had told her he was a bad guy. She may be a smart business woman, but she has no common sense. She put her kids lives in danger and I just cannot believe she went back to him AFTER she knew all the evidence. Just wow.
Absolutely absorbing!!
Amazing story with an insane ending!!!
It’s worth the listen
Good podcast.
What In The World!!!
I can't wait to hear where this shady shrink is today. This Story is Nuts!!! Please hurry with episode 3. Asking my friends to get on board and listen to what is happening in the Big Bad world.
Great story but
This is honestly a great story but like most complaints on the reviews for this podcast is that the voices of the daughters are extremely annoying. Debra also laughing so much as she is talking about John seems like she really was ok with everything that happened. Lastly the story could have been told in less episodes. You’d be better off reading the story somewhere on the Internet than listening to this podcast.
Bye bye online dating
Scary as hell! Loved the story. Well told and post interview was excellent
Very entertaining
Riveting! And loved the women - especially Jacqueline and Tara.
This would have been a GREAT podcast minus the valley girl voices.
Popsie & Erica
Great podcast but the valley girl voices from the daughters were very distracting and did not make them sound intelligent or believable.
Love It!
Aarius Yaites
I love true murder/crime podcast series. Very well written, produced and the story flows beautifully!
Didn’t finish.
I did not care for this podcast at all. I found it very boring. Could hardly get through Chapter 1 as the younger daughter voice is very annoying and she has very little to contribute. I also found the other daughter to be a bit arrogant speaking of how she had worked around Physicians and she knew how they dressed and behaved and John’s attire of wearing scrubs was a red flag. My husband is a Dr an Anesthesiologist in fact and he does wear scrubs to and from his work place. I am an RN and know many Physicians that come and go wearing hospital scrubs. This big point she tried to make was pretty much pointless. As for the Mother I can’t imagine marrying someone you obviously know so little about and turned a blind eye when others would point things out. Another annoying point the Mother giggles throughout while answering questions. Funny??
😮 WOW JUST WOW 😮 ADDICTIVE The show is out too, I’ll be watching this weekend.
Allie Taylor
You will feel so involved in this story and just wishing and hoping for a happy ending. Beautifully done.
Great podcast.
I’m with the other listeners. This mother should be ashamed of herself. What a story though!
Most annoying podcast ever
Former User!!!
I listened to the whole painful thing, but oh my gosh! So irritating. First of all, red flags galore that should’ve prevented this whole fiasco from ever happening. Victim blaming is horrible, but at the same time a little bit of common sense is kind of good. Debra was selfish and stupid, and half of the podcast she talks about John like he was a pretty okay guy. Then you have Terra who isn’t right. Listening to her talk makes you want to pull your hair out. Everything she goes back to has to do with a zombie apocalypse. Now the other daughter is, maybe, more with it, but she’s trying to appear smart and sophisticated by bragging about who she has worked for and how she’s 5’2” and only weighs 95 lbs. The
Great story! Now, please give us the, “updates.” How was the relationship with daughters, after the tragedy. What was the reaction with John’s family. What’s the mom up to, of late and the dear mother to Debbie.
Dirty John
The woman in this story is so stupid I found the podcast difficult to listen to. She wasn’t a victim, her daughter was. She was a willing participant over and over and over, putting her children at risk. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.
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