Subscription bug
I love rough translation, but for the last several months all of the NPR TEDx podcasts have been uploading into my rough translation feed. I’ve unsubscribed and resubscribed serval times in an attempt to fix the issue. I don’t really want all those TEDx podcasts taking up space on my phone.
Intriguing, Enlightening, Excellent!
I’ve been engrossed in each episode and learn so much with each one. Great interviews, background, and presentation.
Blue Birdy
Great show!
Great show; terrible name
Listen if you’d like interesting stories about topics you haven’t thought about. Think “This American Life” from other cultures. And it’s in English.
TED Radio Hour mix up
I subscribe to both this podcast and TED radio hour. For whatever reason, rough translation takes over TRH and now TRH get removed from my feed. NPR please fix this issue. It’s been happening since you guys accidentally pushed all of podcasts by accident.
Smart and international
I’ve been looking for a new podcast, and I found it. I wouldn’t mind 60 minute episodes too!
Very edcational
Light worker 73
This is a very educational. People need to listen and learn.
What’s with the ted radio hour episodes
I love this podcast, it always challenges my patterns of thoughts and teaches me as much about myself as it does about other people. That being said, I don’t subscribe to ted radio hour because I don’t like it, I don’t understand why ted radio hour episodes are regularly being uploaded on this channel. I really don’t want to unsubscribe but I am on the brink. How can I subscribe just to rough translation? You can’t even tell in the episode descriptions which show it is.
Everything I want from a podcast
My favorite podcast, and I’ve listened to about 20 so far. Incredibly well reported and produced, and gives you a great new perspective on the rest of the world.
Why do I get Ted radio hour episodes???
I love Rough Translation but I don’t want Ted radio hour episodes on my feed
Why does my feed keep getting TED radio hour?
Love Rough Translation but my feed continues to get both that podcast AND the TED Radio Hour despite multiple subscribe and unsubscribe attempts. Why, NPR, why?!
Much Needed & Necessary Podcast!
MB Morales
I’ve appreciated these podcasts since the first time I was introduced to them (about a year ago). Not only are these real stories but very insightful and with so much context and FACT CHECKED! Thank you for these podcasts. Keep them up!
One of the best podcasts out there
I’m enthralled by every episode.
Best of cross-cultural understanding
As a foreigner living in Guatemala, these stories are so close to my experience. Geographically near to my old home but sometimes a universe apart!
Engaging and important!
These are really stories you won't hear anywhere else. If you want to feel connected to people doing interesting, meaningful, yet relatable things in unexpected places, this is for you!
Up there with the best
Seriously good journalism and story telling. Thought provoking and really real. Get it in your rotation!
I enjoyed the podcast, but am disappointed to hear an incorrectly identified capital by a former East African correspondent. Was the point of the show to see how listeners would react to a mistake to judge how we would respond to failure?
Lagos is not the capital of Nigeria.
Lagos is not the capital of Nigeria. Weird that someone who says he was the former East African correspondent for NPR doesn’t know what’s the capital of the largest African country. Research would help.
Best stories
Really great. My favorite is about Jane Austen but the second season is all great. Just heard the one on failure. Thought provoking! Should we really be exporting the fail fast gospel from the US? Maybe it’s a mirage that hides the real truths that we don’t want to talk about...
Highly recommend
Stupid game!!!
Very interesting stories
Truly one of the most fascinating podcasts I have ever listened to.
Great podcast!
San Francisco Listener
I really enjoy the stories on this podcast. They are so interesting! Keep up the good work.
Wonderful diverse topics covered from unique perspectives.
Very interesting presentations about international affairs and events.
Mind blown
Most interesting podcast I’ve listened to.
Tell me is there other show like this.
Totally addicting
Very binge worthy.
I love this podcast!
Maggie the Bad Magpie
If you want to learn about the world from real people who live in it, and/or if you're interested in understanding between cultures, check out "Rough Translation." I've especially enjoyed some of the earlier episodes, so after you subscribe scroll back in the feed for the truth about rape in the Congo, how news affected war in Ukraine, and what happened when an American mom carried a baby for a Chinese woman. Five stars for sure!
Evocative Evolutions
This podcast is all about the evolution of an individual and how their journey changes as they change. It highlights inspiring and aspirational individuals who stopped and made a change. The thing about these stories that it focuses on the actions of the individual and tells the stories through the words those closest to them. Definitely a must listen for anyone taking the road less traveled.
Great reporting and storytelling!
AFM reviewer
I learn; I laugh; I cry. This is my new favorite podcast.
Excellent stories with a different perspective. Facinsting.
Absolutely solid
Great storytelling about important communications.
Rough Translation: My favorite podcast
Subjects that oftentimes seem to be obscure, but prove to be surprisingly relevant. I become a fly on the wall to some incredible human dramas and events.
Maybe my favorite podcast
Up there with the greats: This American Life, Radiolab, Rough Translation. The reporting and heart is on par with those others; the subject matter is more exotic, more, I dunno, dangerous. The reason I listen to podcasts is that I might hear something like the RT episode “Anna in Somalia.”
Awesome Podcast
I love the topics that are covered
I love Rough Translation! Every episode is different, which makes it that much more interesting.
Always interesting and different perspective
Keep it up!
One of my favorite podcasts
This podcast looks at analogues to a trend or current events topic that is present in the U.S., but from the perspective of people in a different country. For example, a debate about legalizing abortion in Argentina, or how fake news influenced elections in Ukraine (elections that occurred before Americans started being concerned about fake news within the U.S.). I think it’s great!
Mosul volunteers amaze
Great reporting
Some are amazing
Making mischief
...some aren’t. I listened to an interesting examination of the man who sedated Eichmann and then how Tolstoy helped a man survive isolation in Ethiopia. I followed it up with the most self indulgent confrontation of a daughter/guest journalist cry at her mother’s alcoholism. Compared with the previous stories this was so narcissistic a platform. Still, a good series if uncelebrated.
Mixed podcast
I listen to all episodes from Rough Translation, I absolutely love this podcast. Recently I have been getting TED Radio Hour episodes under Rough Translation. Can someone please look into this? Thank you!
One of the Best
I cannot speak highly enough of Rough Translation. Every show has surprising depth, and it inspires fascination, reflection, and amazement. I don't know what its secret sauce is, but this is one of my favorite podcasts around!
Awesome journalism
I love this podcast for unique stories and top-notch journalism that states facts without any biases.
Super great podcast
I love podcasts w perspectives that are unique and REAL! Loved this one, just wish for more and more of them!!
Was gonna say 5....
Until I’d been listening for days straight and suddenly disappeared from my list of podcasts and now every time I want to listen I have to search podcasts and guess which ones I listened to and where I was. Very disappointed, Npr should be able to do better than that. Other than that the show is great one of my favorites
Favorite podcast
This is my absolute favorite podcast. I had been looking for a podcast that covered different cultures, and it has the added bonus of talking about relevant issues. My only complaint is that the seasons are so short.
Did something happen?
Ploy AK
I’ve been an avid fan of Rough Translation since the first season with the journalistic and compelling story telling of the podcast. There’s nothing quite like this podcast out there. I would listen to the episodes in the day and just be transported to another place in time. However, I find the new season slightly odd. A lot of the new episodes I believe are Tedx made? And the speakers seem to be talking to an audience and the NPR host of the show? Of course the content is still amazing, but the new style of story telling just lacked luster to me. I’ll still listen to Rough Translation because it truly is one of my favorite podcasts. But if I wanted to half listen to a Ted Talk I would just go there.
Sincere Storytelling with Objective Truths
fellow podcast enthusiast
This is a great podcast that gives more context to news that we may hear. In my life I hear news of bombings or human right violations in other countries that they seem so distant and foreign. All of which leads to impersonal and indifference of these happenings. Yet these podcast allow me to see that very real lives that are being impacted and allowing me to become more receptive to global perspectives. It’s amazing how this podcast truly connects others by finding commonality even in different countries and cultures. Great job to everyone working on this podcast. Truly great work!!
This podcast shows connects the weirdness of humans all over the world.
It’s like finding out the weird things that you thought only you or your family deal with are happening everywhere, and immediately feeling less lonely.
We find ourselves by finding another
This podcast delivers on what I have hoped to hear from many podcasts, but haven’t until now: that learning about others helps us learn about ourselves.
My new favorite show
Such an amazing podcast. Anna in Somalia blew me away. The way they explore the intersection between cultures is creative and compassionate. I’m telling everyone I know about this one. Please keep them coming!
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