Constant interruptions
I tried to like this podcast, but Oprah constantly interrupts her guests to talk about herself. Especially when they are about to give an interesting insight on a topic, she cuts them off and it’s soooo rude! I just want to hear the wisdom these people have to share, not Oprah’s low level comments and opinions. Like seriously, you don’t have to prove how smart you think you are, just let these folks share their point of view. Disappointing.
Spiritual Healing
I have not heard one episode in this podcast that has not been healing and helpful to me in some type of way. Each of them has brought up layers and layers of things that have been in my subconscious for a ling time. And you can only get better and heal when you face those/your layers 😊
Good content bad execution
BileGirl PDX
The content is Oprah quality great. However it has just been slapped into a podcast without any regard for audio levels. It is a LAZY execution. If you listen to podcasts via headphones then you will hate this podcast. The audio levels differ greatly from very loud commercials, and there are WAY TOO MANY of them, to the volume when they are in a conference in front of an audience. It’s as if they decided podcasts are an extension of TV, it is not. This is evident when they are pointing and the audio listener is left clueless as to what is going on. If this kind thing bothers you then you might want to spend the time watching the video of the same content. Again, the content is Oprah quality great but it was slapped into a podcast podcast without any thought to how it would be received by the podcast listener. It has been many a time I have had to slam my headphones off due to the bad audio.
Listening to these conversations help me on my journey in this life.
Thank you
Thank you Oprah for all that you have taught me. You have opened my mind to so much and encouraged my love of reading- guiding me to try books I would have never found without you. You continue to inspire me throughout my journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Love the podcast, but please improve audio
I would love to listen more often, but more times than not the audio is too low and I can’t hear.
Golden nuggets
Kris Charlie
I find that I have to listen to an episode a day to nourish my mental health. Every episode has treasures of learning for me to be a better person. I’m truly grateful for the wisdom shared.
My Soul Thanks You!❤️
Communication Faciltator 👁
Oprah, Thank you for listening to your soul and enhancing your own spiritual journey. Through your journey, my path has been revealed.👁
Spiritual Enlightenment Explained in a CLEAR and Easy To Follow Way For Westerners!!!
Oprah asks the questions that would be on many of our minds, helping many grasp ideas they would have not fully gotten the point otherwise. Oprah is also very considerate about what/who she chooses to share with her audience. Let this listening come out of the love you have for yourself, to be open to the content shared from an extraordinary insightful woman’s incredible work. Credited by I and the millions of beings all over this earth effected by her good intentions! Enjoy my friend, I hope from willingly introducing this to your mind that you’re reminded more of who we really are and what we’re here to do each moment, and that you’re perspective may open to experience a more fantastic present moment each day then you’ve ever dreamed of before.
Love ya Oprah
Since your very first show, Oprah, you have been a wonderful and much needed mentor in my life. You have touched the lives of so many by introducing such outstanding people that share their wisdom that inspires us to know better and do better and to live our best lives. Thank you. Kathryn DeMoss Missouri City, Texas
I love the in-sight!!!:)
I believe Oprah teaches a real in-sight on becoming a better person...I’m loving it!!!!especially when eckhardt tolle and Oprah discuss issues on chapter 8 “discover your inner space”he explained an issue using the flower as a metaphor.its was as if I discovered an eclipse...mind,body and soul!!! “No better so do better than” thank you for your insight on making this a great day...
Second time around
Encountered this book and the author some years ago. Was intrigued with all that was being said. Had four young children at the time so just didn’t have the focus to really implement all of the tools. Now, with the children grown and the owner of my own business and also going through a major relationship shift, I am getting the most amazing guidance and comfort from the podcasts. I am eternally grateful for the work that you both do and your kindness and generosity with taking the time to share with us. Words cannot express my gratitude. Sincerest thank you 🙏🏾
Oprah at her best!
A heart warming podcast that will enrich your life. Oprah finds the most inspirational people to interview. Then she breaks down how we can be better human beings from hearing their stories! I love this podcast!
So inspirational
This was so good for me to hear. LOVE! ❤️
Soul Lifts
I would like to start with THANK YOU!! Thank you OPRAH for bringing this energy of Super Soul sessions to me and others alike. These Super Soul conversations have become my daily ritual. Like Prayer, like church. I listen to them over and over and over! I share them with friends and I practice their principles. Am at PEACE. I have my own ‘soul-versions’ that I dream one day I can share with others to continue bringing Joy and Peace in the world!! I Believe that is my PURPOSE. Thank you Oprah.
Super Soul Sunday
Look forward to new episodes
What took me so long?
What took me so long to find Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and Brene Brown? The conversation was truly amazing, life changing and incredibly relatable!! I especially appreciated the conversation about being in the game and the Teddy Roosevelt quote as I have been there!! THANK YOU!!
Captivating every time !
No matter the topic, I always find myself learning something from Supersoul Conversations. It’s such a delight to listen to!
The best podcast ever
Honestly I don’t know how many times and episodes I’ve listened. They are all incredible, honest, soul touching.
Love, Love, LOVE
Excellent explorations of what it means to be human. This has brought much joy and inquiry into my own life experience. Thank you Oprah
Toni Morrison’s episode...
When Oprah and the women obsessively use such descriptive words to describe what people might “think” a beautiful black woman is, this sounded like they are making the idea stronger, even though that’s not their intention. That having light skin straight hair etc is what is considered acceptable. They actually invoked new negative ideas in my head I didn’t think before about black beauty. I love Oprah’s podcasts, not so much this one.
Friends Leading
I have seen all help coming from even former acquaintance or help appearing on Oprah Winfrey Shows. The shows are amazing and enlightening....I know so much and did not miss any episodes until cable. Cheers to her for great years of sharing love, friendship as well as advice. I have to say thank you. And I return to podcast...I remember her strong show on cable...Iyanla is good too... Thanks, Ophrah, for the introduction. Your magazine great too. I am glad to listen attentively and see the world this way again. You are a blessing. Pleasure working for you and meeting you. Pearl
Love the content; hate the sound quality
Is there any way to fix your podcast so that the sound is at a normal level?
Seemingly-harmless deception.
Daily Reformation Podcast
I urge any listeners to use discernment and be very careful. For anyone who would consider themselves Christians, I encourage you to read Jesus’ words in Matthew 16:24-26. Don’t settle for meaningless spirituality, instead repent and believe the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! John 3:16 is a great summary of this good news.
She’s a snake
How can anyone still listen to Oprah after she endorsed two proven liars in their pathetic financially motivated lawsuit about Michael Jackson? The whole “soul” thing is just an angle that’s proven lucrative for her, as I now know she’ll sell hers for career advancement.
She’s a snake
How can anyone still listen to Oprah after she endorsed two proven liars in their pathetic financially motivated lawsuit about Michael Jackson? The whole “soul” thing is just an angle that’s proven lucrative for her, as I now know she’ll sell hers for career advancement.
Oprah Winfrey is a Cancer.
Oprah is responsible for Leaving Neverland - the fraudulent “documentary” that was debunked as total fiction a month after it aired. She produced it alongside David Geffen. Her reward was her huge contract with Apple announced last March. That’s right. Oprah will be getting into 1 billion Apple pockets soon. All she had to do was kill Michael Jackson in order to get the deal. Oprah is a fraud. Oprah is a liar. Oprah is a cancer.
Retract Oprah
Unable to take this podcast serious until Oprah retracts her support of Leaving Neverland.
The Best Relationship Advice
I’ve preached the mantra “When people show you who they are, believe them” for years (I guess I heard it from Maya and Oprah). Today this episode resonated so deeply for me that I believe that my life will change because of it! Thank for this podcast, it is my saving grace many days. I am inspired to be the best version of myself and am determined to get there. Thank you, Oprah, for being part of my support team. Much love and gratitude to you.
Oprah, you ARE my religion;)
Oprah's Cheerleader
Thank you for helping me find my footing in life again after I lost my mother to cancer. You and your guests played a significant part in my journey to heal. I love you so much and my mother also very much in love with you, your show, and the phenomenal woman that you are❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘........you ooozzz kindness, selflessness and unconditional 💕 💖💖💖 xoxoxo
I love super soul!!!
Adam the Bee
Thank you Oprah for making such awesome podcasts that I can learn and grow from them so much💗💗💗👏🏼
Louder audio please!!
Please get the audio louder! I absolutely love all of your episodes and find you, Oprah super inspiring, however, I cannot hear well in public or on the bus! I hope you can fix this problem a.s.a.p. as I noticed I am not the only one experiencing this.. thank you!
Short & Sweet
I love this podcast! I do short 30 minute walks in the morning and this is my go-to podcast! Highly recommend! ❤️
Please get the audio louder!
I’m obsessed with this podcast up and obsessed with Oprah for most of my life. I love to listen to this podcast in the car and at the gym. The only problem is the audio is not loud enough. Definitely cannot listen in the car with the windows down while trying to enjoy some feature and get my super soul kicked in. Also at the gym it’s a struggle a lot of times two with my headphones to hear this podcast and I love to do body mind soul all at once. Now as far as content for this podcast nothing but the best A+ A+ I have heard so many different people talk so many different things some I agree with Sam I don’t know but every single person there is something I can take out of that conversation in my life to be a better person and to work on doing better and definitely on helping others. The show was amazing the podcast is amazing Oprah your work is amazing love you always.
Oprah’s lesson podcasts
I highly recommend Oprah’s latest podcasts where she shares lessons on relationships, listening to your gut and intuition. I can’t say enough about how much she has helped me because she is truthful and not pretentious.
Content warnings PLEASE
I love Oprah so much. But PLEASE add content warnings if there is talk of rape or other violence. I listen to this podcast to relax before falling asleep (Oprah’s voice is so soothing and the spirituality talks are comforting) but the most recent episode about “warning signs” had two stories of rapes not even 10 minutes in. This was unexpected for me, and certainly not what I wanted to hear before bed. Please think of your audience of assault survivors, sleepy people, people listening with children, or other listeners who might not want to hear about violence and near murders. Thanks.
Her teachings are priceless
I was worried all of these teachings would be not relatable . But I was sooo wrong! Everyone she interviews and even just her solo podcasts on her own life events are like she is speaking like me or to me. Her show was a huge part of my life so I love these podcasts!!
These newer episodes!!
I love them so much!!!! It’s so amazing to hear Oprah synthesize the lessons she’s learned throughout her life. I like the interviews but to another persons point: they’re hard to follow at times. These new episodes are so soothing to my soul. Keep them coming please.
Best teacher there is❤️
I love anything Oprah, but I especially love the newer episodes where she talks about what she has learned most from those on previous episodes of her talk show. It’s so relatable. A lot of the interviews with the authors and such are hard to follow and sometimes are so deep I can’t relate. I still listen because I am always looking to grow and learn and I definitely am growing.
When you know better you do better
Thank you! You can’t even imagine how that quote changed my life!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Knowing not to allow being taken to another location
I listened to my instinct years ago with out knowing this valuable advice, when a man approached me as I was getting into my car he asked if I had a light (years ago when most people smoked it was common to ask this) I sad no and turned to get in my car, he was in between me and the door as I attempted to close it before I knew it he pushed a gun in my side and tried to push me over. I looked at the parking lot lights in the dark and saw people several feet away I instinctively laid my hands on the steering wheel and held them blowing the horn and he left, I felt he was going to kill me there in front of witnesses or take me somewhere there were none My instincts saved me Listen to your instincts
I Had No Idea
I just have to say, I had no idea how critical this information is!! Until today I have never heard this advice. This is for sure a message that I will pass along to my children, especially my girls, and pray that they never have to use it but thank God that it is there.. in the back of their mind. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Oprah, for sharing your wisdom and helping us process our discernment. You are truly a blessing to anyone within an earshot!!
Guide Personal System
Thats Kees
Gut is the voice of your higher self.......This is your Personal GPS System. Respectfully,
Gift of Fear
Ginagina Smith
In 2001 I did NOT listen to my fear BUT I did remember your show about not going to the second location (show was about a realtor who was attacked)....🙏🏻
Such a moving podcast!
Wow this was extremely eye-opening and even humbling in the sense that I’d like to be more aware of how I’m presenting myself. Am I authentically expressing my true self to others? I don’t want to convince people I am something that they can’t see with their own eyes. And in return I expect that from others. Also going with your gut instinct is so important!!
Thank You
Oprah speaks with one voice and encompasses the voices of all listeners when speaking to her guests. Her empathy and compassion are unsurpassed by anyone else on air.
Im not sure
Idk, it seems weird to hear Oprah talking about not identifying with what a person has or how much money a person has when you know she's a billionaire. It's easy to say that when you are where you are... I like Oprah but some things just don't work on this podcast...
Emily Nicole Sullivan 2001
Listening to this podcast makes me a better human!!! 😃
So many great life lessons shared in these episodes 🙏🏾
Binged like it was Netflix
Nikki Milton
I’m really enjoying this thoughtful podcast and telling everyone I know about all the a-ha moments and takeaways. It’s become my best friend on my work commute.
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