Good but needs a different narrator
Great writer BUT pretty annoying to listen narrate.
Torturous narrator
Completely turned off within minutes from the narrators voice.
Podcast tries to create cliffhangers from episode to episode and prove some sense of purpose, but ultimately doesn’t uncover or accomplish anything. I think the creators thought they may have a goldmine story when they started to research, then after they realized there wasn’t much of a story to tell they basically said “oh well, let’s release it anyways”.
Not what I thought it would be
I was very interested in season 1 because you get an inside view of what the porn industry is. I was glad to hear all of the positive stories about the stars but I was expecting more of some of the darker stories such as girls getting stuck in the industry or corrupt directors. If those things are not happening in this world, then that is fantastic but that’s what I thought the podcast was about. Season 2 was also interesting, it just wasn’t the turn I was expecting. And if we did season 2 about August Ames then we should also look into the other girls who killed themselves as well.
Why do I have to do a title
Jon’s voice is ridiculous. But I respect his instincts. My instinct tells me that he thought this was going to be a juicier story than it turned out to be. I mean no disrespect to August and her loved ones.
Everyone who has seen porn should listen to S1
What I’m saying is you should listen to season 1. S2 is interesting too, but S1 is particularly eye-opening.
More about Kevin than Mercedes
I think things started out interesting, but turned into a podcast about Kevin more so than Mercedes.
Great story
Found the story to be captivating and easily binge-worthy. Well researched and narrated. Fully enjoyed it.
Ultimately pointless
I went into this expecting another Butterfly Effect or a podcast on the online hive mind. I ended up getting a prolonged podcast on a toxic relationship. The podcast tried to say so much it ultimately said nothing. Disappointed by Jon Ronson this time.
Butterfly Effect is important ...
For parents to listen to.
What is going on with audible?
I paid to get this “book” that’s now available for free? Ridiculous. Audible selections and membership are never solid and always changing. Great story, but I’ll never support audible again.
Great narrative arc - Kevin is a no talent loser
I’m sure people have different takes on this excellent podcast on the whole - but one thing I think we can all agree on, is that the world would be a better place if Kevin Moore hadn’t been born. His parents are failures.
A serious attempt to humanize this issue without generalizations—not an editorial, a primary journalistic endeavor. This is very hard to do well, especially with the darkness of this situation.
A captivating insightful story
I love Jon Ronson. This is another great story by him and a deep dive into the porn industry we don’t normally get. I binged this whole series in a day
Such a great podcast
Country music is the best
This is so well produced, I’m shocked it’s not at the top of the charts. I’ve learned so much about the porn industry (good and bad!) Amazing investigative journalism into a vast world i never really knew existed.
Lost opportunity
Ronson fails completely to hold the porn business to account as if it’s innocuous, ignoring the darkness at the core of the industry. He could have followed the butterfly effect of free porn and the psychological development of young boys
Hauntingly resonant
Natalie Que
Endings are a challenge, I know this as a content creator. I am a long time fan of Jon, I devoured the Butterfly Effect, and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed was a delicious read. The Last Days of August had something to deliver and a message to convey, it did so, slaying with concision.
Going where other journalists don’t
When I first heard The Butterfly Effect, I was amazed at Ronson‘s ability to find stories that no one else was looking for. The world of free porn on the Internet? That’s like the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about, yet Ronson teases out the stories of many different people who have seen their lives drastically changed by it. Each episode offers some new revelation on how our lives are being changed by technology, in ways that we don’t recognize until it’s too late, almost like a real life episode of Black Mirror. The sequel, The Last Days of August, is just pure tragedy, such a sad, sad story, which takes an almost Rashomon-like approach to the suicide of one young actress. Yet despite the industry particulars, if you’ve ever lost someone to suicide, the emotions on display here are all too recognizable. Ronson’s best point is his compassion, his ability to just open up to people and hear their stories, no matter how offbeat. Without doubt, this is one of the best podcast series I’ve heard; fans of S-Town will no doubt want to hear this as well.
The best podcast I’ve ever listened to
I cannot overstate how engaging and interesting this podcast is. It’s also heartbreaking and an interesting look at a very specific corner of human behavior. I will listen to, read, and watch everything Jon Ronson is ever involved in. He also has the most soothing voice of all time, so that doesn’t hurt.
Worst narrator ever
Dj spinelli
The content and information is good but the narrators voice is straight up creepy. It really makes it hard to listen to. He sounds like a british - count dracula - pedofile.
Highly recommend
Jon Ronson has such an empathetic way of relating to his interview subjects. I truly enjoy each of his podcasts.
Highly recommend
Jon Ronson has such an empathetic way of relating to his interview subjects. I truly enjoy each of his podcasts.
Highly recommend
Jon Ronson has such an empathetic way of relating to his interview subjects. I truly enjoy each of his podcasts.
Truly excellent
I am a podcast junkie. So few of them present suspense and storytelling like this. And so few of them manage to achieve this level of humanity while still remaining focused on the plot. Speaking specifically of Last Days of August, this is not a whodunnit. It is a slowly evolving study in the complexities of being human; in the potentially multiple causes for a tragedy. The ball is always moving on who the audience wants to condemn or hug in this piece, but with the major players it is usually both. Very entertaining and substantive work. (Still can’t figure out why Ronson’s podcasts seem to drop into my feed months after their release, but better late than never.)
I dabble in porn a few times a year and go specifically to Porn Hub as that is really the only site I know. Did not realize all the information stemming just from Porn Hub. Just never thought about it ever and found this podcast very interesting.
Directed Verdict
This is exactly the butterfly effect. I have recommended this to all my friend!
Great premise and super engaging.
Porn is made by people
Eye Sunklow
This podcast does a great job of illustrating that individuals in the porn industry are people too.
Well Written but please stop saying "porn"
Jon Ronson's podcast is imaginative, filled with great characters and access and incredibly well written. His voice is an acquired taste. He might be better suited reading children't stories than covering smutty ground. Props to whomever can endure him pronouncing the word "porn" without immediately scrubbing forward.
Best podcast ever
This is the best podcast ever. It sheds light on lives of people that seem to be filled with glamour and glory. It goes into the gory and harsh reality of things. And if anyone considering going into the adult entertainment industry. They should definitely watch this to know what they’re getting into.
Thought provoking - engaged some interesting perspectives. Made me think more about on the human experience and sexuality. He hinted that certain childhood events may trigger certain fetishes. Wish he had interviewed a medical expert on the psychology of this so we could learn more about we do and do not understand about how this develops.
Balanced and strangely soothing
Such a great, fascinating podcast. Is it just me, or do the words “free porn” sound oddly soothing when Jon Ronson says them? Like being told a bedtime story about PornHub. He has a balanced and nonjudgmental approach to his interviews, which is so important. I love everything about it.
Can’t wait for next season.
Jon Ronson is the best
Already one of my favorite writer / reporters and podcast contributors. This series is unbelievable.
Don’t leave me hanging!!
I’ve listened to nearly all of Jon’s books on audio, and the podcast doesn’t disappoint! I have to ask though: is there any update on the special request at the end???? I didn’t expect to spend the end of a porn podcast crying. It went beyond funny and weird in that last episode especially, and gave me a new more humane perspective of the creators and consumers of porn. Good job!
Insightful and well done
Really terrific! Seems well researched and presented with the right mix of humor and profundity. Jon and his producer are excellent storytellers.
So well made and interesting!
I absolutely love Jon Ronson and have enjoyed all of his books. This was a fantastic podcast! I hope he does another because this one was thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your wonderful curiosity with the world once again Jon! Can’t wait for the next project!!
Interesting, powerful & informative
Mr Bemus
Don’t let the word “porn” matter keep you away. It almost did for me, but I gave the first episode a listen. This is an amazing podcast about business, technology and our changing world, But it is also filled with many touching vignettes about humanity.
Amazing Podcast
Great investigate podcast about the effects of free porn.
Beautiful, Touching, Humanizing
Everyone gets something
This was a beautiful piece of audio journalism that everyone should listen to. Jon Ronson does an excellent job showing us the humanity and the challenges of a group of people that most of polite society has written off. Moreover, this marginalized community of people are being steamrolled in a way that most people should find prophetic and terrifying for the role that technology plays in the story of internet pornography and how it will certainly map back onto their own work and experience.
Finished the season in 48 hours
I think that says enough. Great content.
This is just brilliant
Moderately Awesome
I looked forward to each episode with such anticipation. With incredible depth it took us in directions we could never have imagine. Jon Ronson is just the best and I prefer hearing his unique voice over reading the words myself any day of the week.
The last episode
I found this podcast while looking for podcasts on how to deal with anxiety. I was so intrigued by episode #6 when it shows up in the search results that I decided to give it a listen. I later went back and listened to the rest. I have to say that this is one of the most interesting podcasts I've ever heard. The last episode was my favorite. It drive home the impact that digital piracy has had on the world. Not just with porn but with music and film and I'm sure much more. The last episode also really hit me in the feels. What happened to Milo? How is he today?
Love everything that Jon Ronson produces and writes. A tender portrait of a taboo industry.
Good story
This show feels like a behind the scenes look at Ronson’s writing process. It has surprisingly connected stories that are confirmed with recorded interviews. It really can’t be beat for the price of nothing.
noof yourbissness
I couldn’t get enough of this podcast. Very interesting and I honestly didn’t want to to end.
Beautifully done.
A real pleasure to listen to, no porn pun intended, and very interesting!
Don’t Waste Your Time
Albert Cipriani
I only made it to episode 4. That was more than enough of enduring his super-confidential breathy tone while asking really lame questions that had yes/no answers. I got the impression that he was personally titillated by his subject matter. Kind of like he was a little boy in a candy shop falling over the people he “interviewed.” But his unflagging attitude of “golly gee whizz” gets in the way of insightful dialogue. The second star in my rating is for the genuinely interesting topic, not for anything he brought to it.
I can’t get enough Jon Ronson
Unica Sola
Or JRo as I like to call him. Examining personal and social conscience shouldn’t be this fun, should it? One of the few irreplaceable journalists around— unique, quirky, WONDERFUL. My life is better because of JRo’s books and broadcasts. (No, I am not being paid for this. And I rarely have anything nice to say about anything or anyone!)
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