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5. Lauren Handel Zander, founder of The Handel Group, on Education, Life Coaching, Landmark Forum, Entrepreneurship, and more

June 20, 2017
44 min

Lauren Handel Zander is determined to help you get exactly what you want out of life. Co-founder of the international corporate consulting and life coaching company, The Handel Group, and author of the new book Maybe It’s You: Cut The Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life, Lauren was turned onto life coaching at age 11 and has never looked back since.

Determined to help people create actual, actionable change, Lauren created the Handel Method, which is a style of life coaching that inspires everyone to face exactly what’s holding them back from true happiness—and to own it. Her team at The Handel Group works with everyone from CEOs to celebrities, and as Lauren says herself, there’s never been someone that she hasn’t been able to help.

In this episode, we’ll dive deep into Lauren’s no-bullshit style of coaching, discussing the most common problems people come to her with, why lying really is the worst thing you can do to yourself, and the kind of addiction that is the hardest to beat. We’ll also learn more about how Lauren’s passion for the environment pushed her into life coaching, the girl gang she swears by to keep her sane, and the one book she asks every single one of her clients to read.

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