Love church of the city
I live in California and have been listening since last year. Pastor Jon you speak truth in such a beautiful way, the biblical teachings are on point!!! Suzy your teaching on Jesus on the cross answered some deep ? I had with the Lord I absolutely loved it. May Jesus continue to bless you and use you, these teachings are powerful and I love listening weekly🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏽🙌🏽thank you for being a mighty servant! Natalie
Jon Tyson is wildly gifted
Having learned from Jon for over a decade in person and virtually he remains the pastor with the most depth and relatability I’ve encountered. His sermons are so well researched, challenging, compelling, and yet never lose you. When speaking on hard topics he comes from such grace and love, offering up books to read on either side if you don’t agree with him. He will bless you.
Praise God!
Jon Tyson speaks truth from scripture and applies it so eloquently to our world and culture today! I wish all pastors could speak truth in such love as he does. If they would, our world and country could change dramatically in a way that would glorify God and look like the Jesus the scripture describes and who He is!!
One of my favorites
A spirit-saturated combination of relevant truth and humble love. I’ve learned and grown so much from the leaders at this church through these podcast sermons. Definitely worth subscribing!
The Celebration Master
Jon Tyson is a modern day CS Lewis. Inspired, humble, prophetic – clear, profound, Scriptural – every sermon speaks to my heart and my life directly. Suzy Silk is an incredible pastor and teacher as well. Her sermons are educated, clear, and so genuine. I can't get enough of this podcast. I've listed to about 10 Church of the City sermons in the last 4 days. I'm so impressed, and these gifted and Spirit-led speakers just add kindling to the fire of my faith. Thank you to everyone who is involved in making these podcasts!
New Keller in Town
CityHill visitor
New York City has been known as the place in which Tim Keller preaches. With Keller retiring from ministry, however, I believe the baton, so to speak has been passed to Jon Tyson. He brings the theological rigor and insight of a Keller but at the same time adds a charasmatic flavor which is the perfect combination of a preacher. Another way of framing it; there is depth but not at the expense of being dry - the pitfall of many preachers.
Thoughtful, Relevant, Challenging and Engaging
Jon Tyson and his team constantly brings a thoughtful word each week. His Controversial Jesus series was one of the most relevant and thoughtful series I've heard. Without wavering from Biblical truth, Jon shares the truth of God's Word.
Incredibly transformative.
Jon Tyson is an incredibly inspiring teacher and true theologian. I leave each sermon with pages of notes and a brain bursting with knowledge and insight. His Controversial Jesus series has been transformative in my life, and in the life of many. I cannot say enough good things about this community and the teachings.
Extraordinary teaching
David Bahnsen
Faithful, passionate, honoring
Valuable Teaching
COTC messages are so practical and deeply spiritual. They communicate the relevance of Jesus and Scripture to life and culture today, and I leave with a sense of awe at how beautiful it is to live as a follower of Christ. Gives me hope, inspiration, and courage
Beautiful mix
Lauren Chandler
Tyson and team do a beautiful job of diving deep into theological waters in a way that is applicable to everyday life, serious and full of joy
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