Great stuff!
I love this podcast! About to go sign up for Audible though so I can listen to season 3 since it seems it might not be released here 😐
pure hermeneutic joy
patty nash dj
esther perel is so incredibly smart, and this podcast is a joy to listen to. WHERE IS SEASON 3?!
Insightfully wonderful
I came across this podcast by chance and it turned out to be exceptional. To say that I learned a lot would be nothing more than statement of fact. The experience I had, while listening, was insightful, emotional, and everything in between. I can’t wait for more episodes.
I learn so much about myself by listening to these sessions and am growing my empathy towards others. What a unique experience to get to be a “fly on the wall” in a very good counseling session.
After listening to a handful of episodes I feel like Esther and her patients are my friends, I’m learning much about my self and my relationships
I am a fan.
Esther Perel is brilliant, the podcast is so insightful ! What a way of exploring the complexity of relationships. I love listening to the questions Esther asks, to dig deeper and to understand the issues between couples. So much wisdom. I cannot wait for season 3.
AMAZING! As a podcast, it is very entertaining and interesting. It made me tear up so many times. I can relate to some issues and now can understand certain emotions that hits me time to time. It gives youa very fresh perpective of human psychology (Not that I know anything, I'm no specialist!) I cannot wait for season 3 it's all I've been waiting for. I love Esther!!! She is just THE BEST!!
Spring 2019
I love this podcast! It’s such a great learning tool to reflect upon yourself but also others and how they may feel!!! Please, when is it coming back?? Also how come no one is responding to all these great reviews that you are getting? I did email and asked about season 3 and they said it was on audible, but it’s not named the same and feels more like a book than a podcast!!! Can you please make SEASON 4 😍😍
Season 3
Ta Le Ha
I absolutely love this podcast! You’re absolutely an amazing speaker, therapist and human being! I’m very excited for Season 3 to become available. The show notes said it would be available in the Spring, it is now mid Summer and I was wondering if you could post when it will be starting? I check frequently and I am very much looking forward to new episodes!
Nourishment for your relationship soul...
Pizza lovers
I’m not even in a relationship and I thoroughly enjoy listening to Esther. First heard of her on a Dax Podcast. She brings such a deep understanding of issues within relationships and sets the bar for what a therapist should be able to accomplish. While she is having a session, she will break several times and address the podcast audience with things like, “here is what I heard”, “this is what I am thinking”, “I am going to try this”. This provides the listener with a better understanding of the session. There are too many things I love about this podcast to describe in one review. Needless to say, listening to Esther Perel will be a requirement for my next partner. lol...
Season 3 is on Audible
Like so many other people that have written reviews, I too have been waiting for Season 3. I just did a search for it and it seems to only be available on Audible. I have never used that before, but it seems like you need to pay to use it, which is disappointing. Luckily, I believe there is a free trial. There’s no way I can not listen to Season 3! Esther is so wonderful and knowledgeable in how to help the featured couples.
Desperately waiting
I don’t know what it says about me and my wellness but I’m desperate for a 3rd season. It has made me a better sister, wife, daughter, and mother to listen and think through these sessions. Thank you and spring is already passed!
Love love love this podcast
What a great podcast!!! This helps me so much in my own everyday life. Waiting on season3
Where is Season 3?
I love this show and need new episodes!
Where is Season 3?
This podcast shares a lot of insights about the struggles of marriage. It makes me reflect about my own marriage and experiences.
Season 3
This is a great podcast. What happened to Season 3 that was supposed to be available Spring 2019?
Well worth the purchase
Been a listener of "Where Should We Begin?" from the beginning and so purchasing Season 3 from Audible was a no brainer. There were 6 couples, all with a different story. Some issues were very relatable and I found that you can actually learn a lot from these. A minor downside (which Esther is aware of), this is not recorded in a sound booth so there are times when the New York construction noise overpowers the conversation (distracts it).
Human Dynamics
Meg Gab.
As someone enthralled with human relationships and just being human, this is the most intriguing podcast. It has made me a better partner as well.
When can we expect season 3???
Where is season 3?! We’re waiting!!!
Thank you
Cherie Ann Chan
Thank you for your perspective and truth. I learn something from every episode and have gained a new lens of which to reflect on not only my marriage but other relationships and my relationship with myself.
When is it coming?
Heard her on another podcast. Fell in love.
BIG love to EP! She’s a fantastic source for really great info, self reflection, and a good laugh, too. She’s forthright, compassionate, and intelligent. I love this podcast. I love EP. I love learning through this platform.
Such a powerful podcast! There is no one like Esther!
Youmie F.
This podcast is extremely powerful. Esther’s ability to be sensitive to her guests make you root for them. She is able to help people truly think differently. She is walking in her purpose fully. She is changing lives and she is doing it just by asking the questions. Now when is season 3 coming???
Wise Words
This is the very first podcast I have ever really got into listening to. While the stories and sessions are not extremely riveting or exciting they are real and down to earth. Esther is very insightful on advising the steps couples should be taking to communicate. I encourage every couple to listen along. A lot of the advice shared pertains to so many different aspects in a relationship.
Season 3
Where is it?!
Love the show! I want an update show!!
I learn something every episode. That you Esther for your wise perspective.
Deep Listen but Consistency?
Love these episodes and always looking forward to more. But spring is over, where are the new episodes?
Waiting for Season 3
Yes, I’m curious about when Season 3 will start. Does anyone know?
I learn something from every episode
I like listening because it is nice to know that I am not the only one who doesn’t have it all together. I like how she always comes from a place of love and infuses it into every session. I also like how she helps the patients to understand that she is there to help and not fix anyone.
Can’t wait for more
When is season 3 out? It’s summer...so just curious 🤷🏻‍♀️📚🤘🏻
Mii moo
I absolutely love this podcast! I can’t wait for season 3!
One of my favorite podcasts
Esther Perel is amazing! What I love is that I can sometimes apply her advice in these relationships to my work and daily life—it’s not just relevant for romantic relationships.
Curious when the new season is coming out. Two weeks left of spring. Just saying.
Momma Matthews
Great advice. Where is season 3??
Season three ?
I love this but where’s season 3 😃educational 👌
Updates?? :(
Love this podcast. That being said, it is June now, which is Summer 2019 in my book. Where my new season at? 😩
This podcast is so fascinating. Hearing couples confront all kinds of issues is so helpful, as are the asides and insights from EP.
Love, wish there was more content!
I love these episodes!! This podcast gives you different perspectives on different relationships. Helps you to understand communication and other people’s realities. It’s very educational. Now I’m just waiting for springs content to come out!! :)
Mind blown!
I also stubbled across this podcast thru Dax Shepherds podcast and was mind blown! She hit on a lot of things that fit into my life right now.. as if she was answering to my prayers for answers. She helped me see a different perspective on things. She made so much sense and gave me hope. I’ve been binge listening to all her episodes and look forward to her 3rd season. She’s amazing! She’s like a “Relationship Whisperer”!
Listen to every episode. You'll be glad you did.
Came to this podcast because of Ester's appearance on Armchair Expert. Ester is an incredible human being with deep insight into what makes people tick. I'm not even in a relationship, but I get so much out of this podcast. Often feel like Ester's talking to me when I know for certain she's not, but she's just that good at understanding people. Absolutely worth listening to every episode.
I’m not even part of a couple but I find every episode so enlightening and thought provoking. Can’t wait for season 3
I just binged both seasons and I absolutely cannot wait for Season 3! Esther you are amazing!!
Zack Betz
I'm only halfway through season 1 and I can say this podcast is now my favorite (and I listen to a lot of podcasts). The conversations are so intimate that sometimes I feel I shouldn't be listening. So I am very grateful to Mrs Perel and team for letting us see "behind the curtain". Mrs Perel beautifully walks that line where she hears her guests, yet knows just the right thing to say to tip the scales in favor of their flourishing. When she plays with them, and they play back, it really is fun.
I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and I absolutely love this podcast, it’s amazing to hear someone work with couples so gracefully. She’s great! I love the sense of humor she uses and focusing on cultural differences. I love how she can also say “what I should have said was...”. Loving it. Thank you!!!
Changed my life
I love this intimate peek into relationships and how she pulls back to tell you what the people are really saying. It’s so interesting to hear how complex we truly are! It’s also crazy to think how ill-equipped we are for understanding each other. I literally check everyday to see if Season 3 has been released!
Raw & heartfelt
Esther is amazing! Listening to this audible makes me feel like I, too, am getting a therapy session. I love that I can always take something from each episode because Esther is so versatile. I’m looking forward to season 3!
Nina Saphina
Sometimes I think the participants are being “led” to a conclusion they don’t necessarily buy into 100%, but overall, for those of us interested in the human condition and how people cope, these episodes have been great listening! I have picked up some tidbits that I am reminded of in certain situations. Like, in regard to the saying that time heals all wounds, there was the observation, “There’s nothing magical about time. It’s what happens during that time that’s important.” I keep checking back for more episodes, I hope there’s more to come! Season 3 is here, yay!
Esther is the Best
Love, love & love!!!! Esther is amazing, I could listen to her all day. She is very intelligent in her field, she has a great way of framing things, to a relatable level. She has an amazing voice! My only complaint is I need way more episodes.
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