True Crime Obsessed Obsessed
I am so happy I found this podcast- I’ve been binging it for the last week and cannot get enough. Gillian and Patrick have awesome chemistry and are judgey in the best way. A podcast about true crime that references theatre, My So-Called Life, and My Cousin Vinny? These are my people! I never thought there were other people who sang Newsies while discussing true crime. You definitely don’t need to watch the documentaries to enjoy the episodes, butI love having ideas if more documentaries to watch. Gillian and Patrick are so fun they make the episodes fly by and make you feel like you’re one of their friends (or at least make you wish that you were). If I could only listen to one podcast, this would be it.
Love it.
I absolutely love these two. It’s like hanging out with your BFFs. They give the most hilarious recaps of documentaries, some that I’ve watched, some that I’ve wanted to watch and never got the chance to, or ones that I seriously never thought I’d be interested in, but after hearing their insanely funny observations, I changed my mind (yes, they do sometimes talk about heavy topics - but they are never making fun of tragedy - in fact, there are often some very heartfelt moments, but they also diffuse the sadness/tension/horror with comedy and it’s the best). I don’t even skip the ads because they somehow manage to even make those interesting. Give me all the TCO!!
Love it!
I watch/listen to a lot of true crime shows. While this is true crime, these two pick apart the flaws with investigations or with supposed witnesses and the criminals, etc. . While there is much laughter that I find infectious, I don’t find them disrespectful to the victim(s). My favorite laugh out loud episode was episode 61. Still working my way through the early episodes since I just started listening this week.
I have people who review “no”
Come on this is great. PS I love the laughing.
Too many ads per episode
This podcast was recommended to me because of the humor and the way these two kind of riff of of documentaries; totally up my alley. I started at the first one and have been listening through all the episodes. I just finished episode 72, and one thing that is becoming way more apparent is the sheer increase in ads. Don’t get me wrong; I understand the need for ads to pay for something like this, but we went from one ad per episode to about 4-5 every ten or so minutes, and it’s becoming so distracting from the actual podcast. That’s about the only thing keeping it from a full 5 stars for me.
Stop yelling at me!!
If you like two obnoxious voice who’s vocabulary mostly consists of “like” and only know how to yell and clearly have very little intelligence, mayyybe you’ll go for this. Otherwise no. It’s cringeworthy. And a great example of how the population is getting more stupid by the day.
Like sitting with your friends.
Literally can’t get enough of these two. Such funny and irreverent comedy is hard to find. It’s definitely more like chatting with your friends. It’s not meant to be like every other true crime podcast. If you like to laugh your way through horrible events and hear the catty things you think said out loud. Anyone who leaves anything but a five star review and rating deserves that garbage bell to be rang on them.
Not for no-nonsense real crime adherents
The name of the podcast is a little misleading. The (hilarious but respectful) hosts use documentaries to break down the crimes. It’s like watching them with your funniest friends. Super useful if you find a documentary boring. Important for me: they’re extremely careful to not dismiss or disrespect the seriousness of the crime and victim/s involved, and they try to make sure to call it out. Love y’all Patrick and Gillian - keep up the spilled tea kiki!
Too many ads
I used to love this podcast and listen to it everyday at work... but every 5 minutes there is an ad so I just had to stop listening and switch over to a new podcast.
How did I not know this podcast existed?!?!
OMG it’s like my bffs are here with me being snarky and I LIVE for this podcast!
Thank you John Smith
Thank you John Smith for alerting me to the hilarity of TCO. So funny. Love Patrick’s laugh! Gillian is hilarious and right about everything :) 5 STARS!!!!
HERO BELL (for this podcast)
I listen to A LOT of true crime podcasts (found this one on Crime Junkie), and this is the pallet cleanser of all podcasts. This podcast is the refresher all of us crime obsessed people need; it’s light hearted, easy to listen to, and absolutely hysterical! People claiming Patrick and Gillian are insensitive and inappropriate obviously don’t understand the nature of the podcast..These two review and recap documentaries, and the majority of the laughing is at the nature of the filmmaking, not the victims. Regardless, HIGHLY recommend! If I had a hero bell of my own, she would be SCREAMING for these two 👏🏼👏🏼
Great Podcast
1) Crime Junkie brought me here. 2) You mention Hamilton a lot! 😊 3) You talk about LGBT+ themes a lot which is something that I personally enjoy. 4) from what I have heard about Daisy, she is AMAZING!!! Love the podcast, wish I could meet you guys! Happy podcasting!
Funniest podcast by far!
I loooove Patrick and Gillian! Whenever I’m having a bad day I love listening to Patrick’s hilarious laugh and Gillian’s crazy funny comments! Absolutely love them! They are amazing story tellers!! Keep more stories coming! 😘
Love my new bffs
It feels like I’m listen to my two bffs talk about shows. I love hearing their funny and catty comments. Total fabulous!! 🙌🏼
Stick with it
At first, I wasn’t sure I could handle the intense range of the hosts but after listening to a couple episodes, it doesn’t stick out anymore. True Crime Obsessed is like having a conversation with friends who don’t find you weird for watching true crime documentaries. So before you stop after the first episode give it a try, it’ll grow on you and become one of your favorite podcasts (as it did mine)
Obsessed with Obsessed
Absolutely hilarious.
So fun
NWI girl in TN
I love the different spin they put on telling these stories. Patrick’s laugh literally puts a smile on my face every time
Perfectly inappropriate dialogue. I LOVE THIS PODCAST!
This is the funniest podcast out there...funnier than all of the comedy podcasts for sure! Squeal after squelch after ding, these hosts give all the docs a huge dose of real talk and I can’t stop laughing!
Good content, but obnoxious male lead on this podcast. Can’t listen anymore
Not mad just disappointed
I like this podcast. There is language if that bothers you. They are funny and tell the stories of the documentaries I wish I had time to watch so it is nice to hear about them as I’m on the go. My only problem with this podcast is they are so kind and excepting of everyone but Mormons. I have listened to 2 episode now that have negative language referring to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.They are careful to call out someone being racist but in the next breath talk down on a religion they don’t know about. It makes me sad to hear.
I 👏 LOVE 👏 Patrick 👏 Hinds 👏 and 👏 Gillian 👏 Pensavalle 👏 I love it all. The story-telling. The theatrics. The cussing. The CACKLING. The sass. Girl. I die every time they call someone a trash/garbage person. I’m going to have to send them a present for this gift they have given me. Love y’all. Never change.
Ok ... I literally just started listening yesterday and I’m 10 plus episodes in! And I’m OBSESSED . They have such a different approach to telling a story .. I literally laugh out loud while listening! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It’s like being part of their conversation and hanging out with friends !
Love the true crime and the true entertainment
These two are amazing! Loving the documentaries they are covering! Some I know of, some I don’t, but the perspective they bring is hilarious and spot on! I wish I had two fun friends to break down true crime stories with!
love love love
i LOVE TCO! can't stop listening. love u guys :')
You guys are awesome!! I feel like I’m in the convo too when you guys talk.
I love watching crime documentaries on Netflix, Hulu whatever and I had hoped this podcast would be similar to that, however it turned out to be 2 obnoxious, loud, overbearing people cackling about horrendous events that took place where people died. I couldn’t even make it through one episode. I don’t recommend and I’m unsubscribing.
Only took me half a minute to come to the conclusion that this obnoxious duo is too much for me. Incessant cackling in a true crime podcast? Complete lack of respect for victims and family/friends of the victims? Lack of perspective and depth? No thanks, not for me. If you’re interested in a podcast about two vapid, self-obsessed, *obnoxious* fools, you’ve come to the right place.
Delightful - Exactly what it claims to be
So... if you hate laughter getting anywhere near the same vicinity of heavy topics, you will hate this podcast. “True crime comedy podcast” isn’t a euphemism - the creators of the show describe it as such because it’s a lot of joke cracking and laughter. However - I find the whole dang thing delightful. Basically the cohosts watch true crime (ish) tv shows and movies, then recap them with energetic and lighthearted commentary. It’s loud. It’s kind of nuts. It’s like if your favorite broadway characters stopped their play so they could get all sorts of Nancy Drew with your podcast feed Mostly it’s just pointing out the obvious in a way that highlights just how absurd we humans can be. I walk away from each of these episodes a little bit lighter at heart.
Did we just become best friends?!
Okay I LOVE this podcast!! I feel like I would be best friends with these two lol I listen on my commute to and from work and they are hilarious.
My favorite podcast! These two are hilarious. I love Patrick’s laugh and Gillian’s impressions. I thought I’d never pay for podcasts but their Patreon is so worth it! I’ve been listening non-stop!
So addicted to these two!
I stumbled onto this podcast searching for true crime and I have to say, I was instantly addicted! I feel like Patrick and Gillian would be so much fun to hang out with! They are so awesome and I absolutely love them!
I’m immediately skeptical of all gay man/straight girlfriend comedy duos since I’m biased to the one that I’m a part of with my roommate... BUT.. guys, this podcast is so good and entertaining and my roommate and I now listen to it together. So, FINE, TCO, you win, and you’re great.
True crime obsessed
Stop laughing, seriously dude? It’s horrible when you keep doing it!! Ruining what could be a decent podcast. Enough with the jokes and constant laughing!!
Soccer Mom 4 Lyfe
Patrick's laugh and Gillian's quips make this a fun iteration of a true crime podcast.
I’m so, so happy I found this podcast!
Love love love. Behind the curve was hilarious... crime against science hell yes. Please do Blackfish!
New fav, thank you
I have found one of my new favorite podcasts! They have been giving me some time to distress after a long hard day at work. I love how relatable both Gillian and Patrick are. Totally want to be best friends with them!
u guys are awesome
im really hoping patrick reads this and cries
Tried to get through the first episode, couldn’t. Tried the second, even worse. Annoying voices and a massive jumble of all over the place nonsense.
Love this podcast
Finished binging Crime Junkie and needed something new. These two are fresh fun and sharp. What a great show. So happy i found them
Thank you
I live in Colorado but frequently make the 14 hour drive to visit my family in Illinois. 14 hours of driving just one way, and this podcast SAVED MY LIFE! Everytime I drive home and back I binge 14 episodes and will even repeat them multiple times. It makes my trip not only just bearable, but weirdly enjoyable. Have listened to EVERY episode and also every Patreon episode. Fav fav fav podcast ever! Hilarious, skinny legends!!!
Princess psycho
Laughing and making jokes while discussing murder is pathetic. You show no compassion for victims and their families by the man laughing like an idiot through the entire show. Shameful.
Best podcast out there
Q Knowles
Gillian and Patrick are so entertaining and always bring a new perspective to some of the most iconic crimes. I’ve listened to almost every episode since I discovered them last month I hope to see them live one day
I’m obsessed with TCO
A friend recommended this podcast to me and now I too recommend it to all my friends. After episode 1 I was hooked and joined the Patreon. Please come to Chicago soon for a live show!!! :) :) 5 STARS p.s. I love the garbage bell!!!
11/10 would rate this show a good boy
YASSSS! While Patrick’s voice can be soups annoying and his laugh feels like it’s going to literally shatter a crystal wine glass, I’m still so Right there with him! The more he laughs the more I laugh- and not just smirk, but full L-O-L. Gillian is basically my spirit animal. After listing and laughing along with this show I feel her spirit with me as I act snarky and witty with my friends all day. Because of these amazing people I’m basically a more informed AND funnier person. Seriously, MY FAVORITE PODCAST EVER. Patrick and Gillian I’ll see ya next episode with a full glass of RedBull Chardonnay, like a boss.
Best Podcast EVER!!!!!
Crystal Carra
This Podcast is AMAZING! If it weren’t for these two I don’t know how I would get out of bed on Tuesdays! Patrick’s laugh is amazing and literally makes my day! Gillian is HILARIOUS and I love how passionate she is! This podcast is super addictive and their Patreon is just as amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
Anyone giving you guys a bad review Has a stick up their butt
You guys are super awesome and always make me laugh and really make my long eight hour days seem faster. Keep. It. Going!!!
So glad I tried this one
Since I fell for MFM, I've tried other True Crime podcasts and really didn't enjoy them. THIS one is the exception. Patrick and Gillian are amazing together. My favorite moments are probably when Gillian *really* hates one of the movies. Or maybe it's when Gillian gets to do an unflattering impression of a "garbage" person. I love Patrick, but I think I love Gillian as much as Patirck does. Impossible to describe, just begin at the beginning and binge.
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