True Crime Obsessed

39: Crazy Love

April 10, 2018
60 min

There really aren't words to describe how much both Gillian and Patrick hated this film. H.A.T.E.D. Also, they both agree, this MIGHT be their best episode. These ladies are hilarious when they're furious. 

Whatever, Garbage Bert meets Linda. He's disgusting, she's gorgeous. He's also insane, she's basically normal. He's rich, she likes him for his money and they date. But then she finds out that he's married. She finds someone else and he hires two guys to THROW ACID IN HER FACE. She's scarred and blinded. He goes to jail. But after he gets out her GARBAGE FRIENDS decide TO SET THEM UP ON A DATE (Like, I can't) and after five months THEY GET ENGAGED. And then THEY GET MARRIED. 

Fine, whatever, they deserve each other. 

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