A great way to wake up
I’m a longtime NPR listener. Now that my schedule doesn’t allow me to listen to Morning Edition live, it’s nice to have this little substitute. I’m always left wanting a bit more but do appreciate the 15 minute run time. A+
Ugh-tech issues
I love Up First, but for some reason am constantly getting Planet Money episodes in my Up First feed on my podcasts app. Please fix this, npr!!
Up First/Planet Money load error
Mtn Gent
I subscribe to Up First, and love to start my day with that. Somehow Planet Money gets automatically loaded into my library, even though I did not subscribe. Kind of annoying.
Wonderful reliable news podcast!
Foster Keri
I have been listening to UpFirst consistently for a couple of years now and it always delivers high-quality and up-to-date news. I like how they also include additional “breaking news” segments. Great way to start my day and get up to speed with all of the news highlights.
Coffee + Up First
tori. colorado.
I listed to Up First every morning while I’m getting ready for work. It’s the perfect amount of news with the most up to date information. I love that they always give both sides to a story, I never feel like a news story I’m hearing is biased. This podcast is held to standards that I wish all media outlets were. I highly recommend!!
Problems with Planet Money instead of Up Fiirst
Why do the Planet Money episodes keep downloading? Started happening a couple of months ago...please fix it. I enough listening to Up First.
More than news summary
I was hoping this would be an up to date description of the important news, both domestic and international. After all, I can listen to NPR live to get the long form and hear their pet projects. This podcast gets us part way there. It is a mix of too long news summaries pieces with spattered individual newscaster values coloring what should be more objective and of course, some of their traveling newscasters pet projects abbreviated long form journalism. I wish they would just stick to more snippets of the breadth of the international news stories without all the NPR color and fluff.
Great show
Great short show to keep you up to date
I start my day with this every day. Best news podcast. Full stop.
My go-to news source
Jess K 706
I love how concise these folks are, and I trust their reporting to be pretty unbiased - with a little lean to the left. 😁
Fair-minded without the fluff
This excellent little pod is concise, consistent, and evenhanded – everything online and cable news fails to be.
Quality News in a Concise Format
This is always my first podcast to play every morning on my way into work. Always enjoy listening.
What is happening?
My favorite podcast to start every morning went bonkers MONTHS ago and STILL hasn’t been fixed? I’m getting hundreds of Planet Money that appear and disappear. And now ZERO mention of the Amazon burning into extinction while you talk about sperm??? So disappointed. I’m out.
Great morning intro!
Don’t have much time but want to keep up with all things news, this is the podcast for you! Great work NPR team!
easy to understand news every morning
Bite sized
I listen to Up First every morning to get my day started! It’s a bite sized, easy way to catch up on the latest.
Love it
Great compact information, I just wish it was about 10 minutes longer! Can’t get enough
Perfect focus and length for a city commute!
This is the first and often only podcast I listen to during my morning commute. The stories almost alway cover the most important news events of the day or week, with just a touch of cultural news that adds a nice human element. The length of the podcast and breadth of content are exactly what I was looking for. In addition, I really appreciate all of the different hosts and their personalities. I’d be so out of the loop without Up First!
Up First
Love this pod! I'm a daily listener. I love the fact that I can listen to this on my commute or while I'm having my AM coffee. I wish it was 7 days a week but getting the daily topics during the work week is awesome. Plus they don't go too in-depth to the point where it feels overwhelming.
Great way to stay current.
* recently downloads have been slightly problematic but still LOVE the podcast!* The 12 minutes of concise reporting keeps me up to date on national and world events. I download first thing in AM and listen when i can.
Great news source when busy
Great way to start the day!
The perfect news podcast
NPR has long been the source I trust most for accurate news. The Up First podcast is the perfect summation of the news that I can listen to during my commute.
Excellent way to start the day
Listening to this with a cup of coffee has become my routine. Thanks, NPR!
Essential Morning Listening
Johnnie Ponnie
I have enjoyed Up First since it’s first episode. It comes on automatically every morning through my NPR One app and follows the National and local news briefs. I like that it gives me a good overview of the top morning stories with enough depth and insight without being too long. I also like that the hosts play a bit during the intro which provides some levity early in the day. I hate that it is not available on Saturday and Sunday! 😉
Excellent reporting roundup daily
Up First does a great job keeping you up to date with the news on a (week)daily basis. I grind my beans and make coffee while listening to it, which is just about the right amount of time to listen to each day's episode.
Great way to catch the news and I love the beginnings with the journalists talking “behind the scenes”
Perfect way to start your day!
Sexy Babe!
I love this “short order” version of the news. NPR creates a relatively unbiased source of information on the topics you need to know today, as told by experts and officials on the subject. Great listen for the commute to work.
Love to start my day tuning into this podcast. I do wish it was longer.
Best way to start the day
It’s a small commitment of time that gives me a good overview of the day prior and the day ahead, along with important context & good storytelling. Bravo!
Up First or Planet Money
I absolutely love up first but for the love of god please fix the technical issues with planet money, it’s been going on for months now. Surely Apple can help you with this if it’s something you can’t fix. I’m unsubscribed until it’s fixed.
Quick and witty!
This is a great way to get a summary of the top new stories. The hosts are great and they are able to explain some of the more complicated items so that I can understand. 15 minutes is the perfect length for me, too! My favorite news pod, for sure.
The dumbing down of NPR
This morning, for example, starts with Noellle saying “I think I’m going to sneeze” and then David Green asks “does your heart stop when you sneeze? We should Google that”. It’s that dribble that frustrates me and makes me want to stop listening to NPR in the morning. In fact it’s because of this that I hardly listen in the morning any more. I want newscasters who appear authoritative and knowledgeable, not a friend at my neighborhood pub!
Excellent start to my day
YoYo Ma-ster
I love starting my day with Up First - 10 minutes of today’s news is exactly what I need when I’m getting Ready to start the day.
What you need every day
A great way to get caught up on the big events of the day and the facts behind them.
A good quick way to hear unbiased news!!
Up First
This is the podcast I turn on first every morning. It makes sense of the nonsensical. It’s clear and concise. Thank you, Kelly
Great summary of most important news
I love using this podcast to start my day and then diving deeper into a topic that was mentioned if needed. This one and the Daily are my go-to’s. Concise but informative! They hit on all the major topics in an easy to digest way.
Best synthesis of today’s important news
No pundits just essential news reporting
It’s how I start my day!
BW in Minn
Ever since it launched three years ago, consistently my favorite news podcast! The way I start my day each morning.
Love it but...
I really like up first. It’s a great way to get a quick update of anything big going on in the world. I read news articles too but it’s nice to get a few stories that aren’t algorithmically determined for my preference, so I’m not missing out. Many of the other news podcasts were just so long, up first is just the right length. It allows me to research anything I want more info on and optionally find that in depth coverage. My issue with up first are all the technology issues that have been occurring for probably a good year now. I was optimistic and kept waiting it out but I finally had to unsubscribe. I hated not only having 10 episodes of planet money download that I didn’t want, but any episodes of up first that I hadn’t listened to yet deleted and gone, unable to re-download. I kept having to go back and delete all the planet money episodes too. And it was too often to not be frustrating. I ended up unsubscribing and just download manually now. I understand switching servers can cause issues, but the issues should have been worked out already. If they could get that side of things straightened out then I would give it 5 stars.
Keep up!
herstory girl!
This is a great way to stay up to date on the news with minimal time invested.
Love the quick new summary!
Concise and professional. Great way to be updated on news of the world in a short period of time. Love the hosts!
C Deluna
I love this podcast, but i can’t get it to stop getting messed up with planet money in my feed, probably due to that same indexing error mentioned a few months ago? Up First is great, and planet money may be good but it’s not up first
Great way to start the day!
Ed Kramer
This is the first thing I listen to each morning to start my day! Excellent recap of most important stories of the day. Clear and concise.
Essential way to start the day
Betty Haynes
Excellent reporting on the top stories of the day
The only podcast I listen to every single day
Candace EM
Great way to start the morning getting updates on the biggest news
I start every day with Up First
I don’t get out of bed until I’ve listened. I love it!
Informative but biased.
It’s really nice to have the daily news and stay up to date on what’s going on in the country and the world. I just wish there wasn’t such an obvious left leaning bias when it comes to political news. Puts a bad taste in your mouth.
Planet money is embedded
I love this podcast, but seems like there’s a bug where planet money is embedded within my subscription... which makes it difficult to download the daily episode, sometimes. Please fix this bug!!
The perfect start to the day!
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