Great storytelling.
Repeat Listener!
Tiara - Repeat Listener
I just finished my third time through STown, and it truly gets better every time. It’s my favorite road trip listening, and I’m always excited anytime I have the opportunity to listen with someone new. If you’ve already listened, you should make time to listen again to truly get an appreciation for the story telling of Brian Reed.
Brian Reed tells this mans story wonderfully. I’m not sure if it’s my personality or the fact that John reminds me so much of my Father, but I was easily hooked after the first episode. His intellectual, side tracked rambling, during each phone call was intriguing none the less. I felt for him. He is lucky to have met you Brian! I also really enjoyed detail about “ S town” narrated by Brian and the difference in lifestyle in Alabama. (I’m from Massachusetts). Keep sharing great stories!
The people who write this off as just being about a mentally ill gay guy, yes you’re right, this podcast is not for you... Great great storytelling. An experience. Thank you S-Town. R.I.P JBM Wish I could get a clock!
Five hours too long
Intriguing story but it could’ve been told in 1 hour instead of 6. I found myself 3 hours in not interested enough to continue but too committed to stop. I forced my way through the last 3 chapters.
10/10 recommend
Brian Reed did an exceptional job telling this story. By the end, it’s as if you know everyone on a personal level. It gives you all the feels.
Excellent. Wow.
What starts out as a story of a possible murder investigation turns into so much more. Such a rich story, brilliantly written and narrated. 5 stars plus.
I just wish there was more....
I’d love to Get updates on this and If anything ever happened with the money and a follow up of The boys and tattoo shop....
Best podcast available yet
Great Gamess
By far one of the best podcast’s to listen too. I only wish there was more to the story.
Spoiler Alert
Wish I had known. It’s a real train wreck. If you like that, this is for you. An old Queen in the redneck south who is uppidy and lonely, and buying the favors of young rednecks. The host can’t figure this out or he’s milking the story. With all the quality content available, this drama is just not important enough for me.
Big Hamma from Alabama
bloody bra
Time is a fraction of measurement! Time is one thing we get less of as each second passes us by ! Time waits on no man ! These are the lessons I have gathered from my time on this earth ! I f I could turn back time I would be the man that she needed me to be ! If I could capture Time you would still be my one and only, Time is me ! Time is my favorite dog ! What a short time we have to reminisce about the good times ! Great podcast , thanks for all of your Time !
Good stories was left waiting for different ending
Denny 2016
First few episodes were interesting, however, the last few I felt dragged on. I was waiting to find out if they found out about his wealth or not. It was all quality content but I felt it could have cut out a few things in made 1 or 2 less episodes.
Nipple piercings
I really enjoyed the podcast. Interestingly, in Acupuncture the nipple is somewhere that is forbidden to needle. It’s on the stomach meridian and imbalances of that meridian can cause mania, suicidal thoughts and a lot of other problems.
Extremely Well Done!
This podcast was very interesting, intriguing, and full of the unexpected. It was well written, performed, and documented. The host has a way of connecting with those involved in order to tell teach of their unique stories. I definitely look forward to the next Podcast topic from this group in the future and highly recommend it to others. Job very well done and keep up the great work!
All the feels
This show wil make you laugh and cry while you stay hooked on the mystery storyline. It truly hits ALL THE FEELS!
Wonderfully beautiful and sad
Brian Reed did an amazing job telling the story of one brilliant man, of love lost and found, and how to look at the big picture.
I want More!!
What a great podcast!! Totally loved it. Could really identify as someone I know is going through something very similar. Loved this.
R.I.P John B.
Ricky The Ruler
Sorry you didn’t make it out of S-Town, I’ll enjoy life a little more for you Almost felt like I gained and lost a friend over a few hours
Bar none, the pinnacle of podcasts, storytelling and reporting. Brian Reed and crew hook us from the first episode. Listened w my 19 year old son. Changed Both of our minds about country people and southerners. Fell in love with genius And compassionate John b. And Tyler Goodson too.
Wildly entertaining
One episode in and I’m hooked.
I found this story so amazing. I was so sad and confused. I hope we hear some news about how everybody else is doing now.
Like the synopsis of this podcast says—it started out as one thing and ended up as another. This was an interesting life story. There was only one thing I didn’t like and it was how fast the host talked. Sometimes I couldn’t keep up. Update: I’m new to podcasts and just now (weeks later) realized that my setting was on 1.5 speed. So if you think a podcast is too fast, check your playback speed! 😂
listened to this at work. Mostly 5 hours of it. Didn’t take my air pods out 😂 best podcast I’ve heard honestly. They should make a movie. Or a tv show. Thanks
Brilliant and tragic
I fell in love with John and had thoughts of contacting him to fill the space Reed May have left vacant. I’m grateful for having met him through this podcast, getting a glimpse of his world, and a number of laughs out loud.
francis 789
I absolutely loved this podcast
Time I can never get back.
The best part of this podcasts is Tyler's friend who affirms everything he says in the back ground of his interviews.
Perfect! Worth repeated listens!
One of the best podcasts ever. The first two times I listened to the series I was surprised by the twists, turns and subtle details. I have listened to the full series over a dozens times and it doesn’t get old. So well done. Perfect!
Tuffy 413
I went to school in Birmingham,AL and encountered many examples like Brian Reed did in Bibb County. I especially liked how he was able to present them as they are and not dismiss them as rednecks, which Northerners tend to do. He allowed them to be seen as vividly as any character in Faulkner or Flannery O’Connor (updated to the 21st century). The brilliance of John and exposition of his agonies are carefully uncovered in a wonderful narrative that is as skillful as anything I’ve encountered in many years. This is history and reporting as good as it gets. The cycle of life recapitulated in the finale is superb.
Wow! This taught me to be less judge-mental towards country folk. I learned a ton about like in the woods. Sad story
Couldn’t stop listening
Gabby from OC
His voice is so easy to listen to. I wasn’t expecting to continue past 2nd chapter, but kept me coming back for more. This story had to be told. RIP J. B. M. Life is...tedious and brief <3
Not a crime story at all
I only finished this because someone recommended it to me. My time was wasted hearing about a death that wasn’t even a crime and then the story went left... we learned about a mentally ill man with skeletons...
John B.
What a character.
I was very disappointed in this podcast. As a fan of true crime pod casts this one was marketed as true crime but was not. Women’s Health magazine which ranked this podcast as highly entertaining totally missed the boat here. Although the characters are well described it never evolved into anything more than a sad story about a gay man that killed himself. Crime was apparently imagined. Two Thumbs down on this one.
One of my favorites, storytelling at its finest.
Love it
Sooooooo gooooood
My all time favorite podcast
Bama Five
Storytelling at its best
Loved it!
Found this so interesting. Narrator does excellent job telling this story I could picture every person and thing with his wonderful discription.
This podcast was amazing. Weeks after finishing, I’m still thinking about this story. Brian does a beautiful job. I never expected to feel so connected and affectionate towards John, but MAN did he grow on me. Favorite series ever!
Language ruins this
Only a chapter and a half in when I quit. The language was so annoying. I kept wanting to say, “Get on with it. Get to the point. There is too little time in life for something like this.
A must listen
Hands-down the best podcast I listen to yet! Very well done, extremely interesting from go. I enjoyed this very much and binge listened to it for a week.
Fascinating story
I did not want to stop listening, I think this is my favorite podcast so far. The people in this story seem so unreal, I love that he continued to pursue a story even though it easily could’ve been a dud.
Very misleading
Anthony Seuga
The beginning started out good. Almost as if it was going to be a suspenseful crime investigation. Instead all it turned out to be was the investigators experience with a mentally ill gay guy. Impressive work creating a 7 hour podcast on such a mundane story. Story: John calls for a crime investigation Turns out there was no crime John commits suicide Investigator finds out John was gay And that’s about it👎
brilliantly made!! i’ve listened doubtless times
On a drive cross country, I discovered this podcast late in the trip and found myself HAVING to finish it even when I had reached my destination. Truly enthralling and so very interesting/entertaining. The hours went by too fast and wished it wasn’t over when it was. An absolute must listen! A+++
My first podcast experience
Loved every second of it. Real, raw, easy to follow, unbiased.
Brian is Brilliant
While this story and its incestuous interweaving is fascinating, sad and super educational the journalistic approach is brilliant. Brian’s melodic voice, calming nature and natural empathy for each person he interviews is so refreshing. Brian allows us to hear all sides of the stories. Music choice is outstanding - the Zombies song is hauntingly beautiful.
Love This!!
I wanna meet Brian Reed. He sounds amazing and I love this podcast.
A Tangled Web of Truth
This story is one of those complicated tales that gets even weirder as it progresses. Delving into the life of John B is ultimately a sad endeavor, but one that forces us to ask ourselves what makes a good life?
I love when I find random awesome podcasts and this is it for sure. Told very tastefully.
bendy fiddle
Layer upon layer of a life unfolded before our ears, provoking wonder at the endless detail any of our lives might reveal to a patient, compassionate witness.
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