I love their voices and the surface level psychology.
Well researched with a good pace
Excellent podcast. I come back every other week to hear about a new killer. While they do cover well known killers, they spend a lot of time covering lesser known killers.
All true crime
This duo works well together their voices are steady and interesting.
Constructive criticism
Please allow us to determine if a show deserves a 5 star rating. Telling us to give a 5 star rating gives an impression that you probably don’t want. Also, we can appreciate that no one on the show is a dr or clinician but it’s got to be a better way to incorporate this information without sounding redundant
Very well written; fantastic format; like the tag teaming f the two narrators.
Great stories
Tina DePaul
Great stories told in an interesting way.
Good stories but two talking corporate robots.
I enjoy the story within the podcast with the two host sound computer generated by a corporation that wanted to get into the podcast world. I wish they were personable and just didn’t rattle off from a script. I know it’s a serious matter talking about serial killers but crack a joke every once in a while are you human or AI?
Prostitution and Stripping is a “choice!”
Frustrating when people say it’s not a choice for some women. That’s BS. Bikini coffee shops, Hooters, strippers, prostitution and porn is a CHOICE!” Sex tracking is a different story as is rape, obviously. There are other choices for work although I agree it’s challenging. The sexual addiction of men in this county is outrageous. We are not helping this by allowing these places to be open for business. Just my opinion though. I have some good points.
The narrators (which is what they are - the fact that they say they’re “starring” in this podcast is laughable) are pretty bland which little personality as they read their scripts. Other true crimes podcasts do a much better job at storytelling but I still listen to this one because of the content. Also not a fan of the last 20 minutes or so of recent episodes being used to showcase other podcasts - a 5 minute clip would be more than enough.
Top notch background effects with extremely good stories
super interesting ! great info & delivered really well! huge fan :)
To notch
Well written, well spoken, great delivery with respect to the victims without glorifying the perpetrator. Excellent show.
Sound artificial
Sorry, all the narrators sound extremely artificial, especially when compared to other true crime podcasts like Crime Junkies etc. Especially the female narrator sounds like a bad voiceover, zero personality. Where did she train, perform, hone her skills? That place needs to apologize to her. The guy doesn’t sound much better. They all sound artificial and like they don’t understand what they are doing. Sad.
Lived it but....
Love this podcast but can't stand the Vanessa disclaimer. You never claimed to be licensed, and from what I've heard you cite where you got your info/idea. So it doesn't matter. Also why add in up to two more people sometimes? Two is enough.
Love this podcast
Serial killers
No comparable podcast honestly!!! If you want anything crime, this is it!!!!
Every Aspect is Dreadful
Do you like underwriting that’s designed to feed off your paranoia? Do you enjoy massive overreaches in constructing a narrative for events no one could possibly relay? Do you find pleasure in hearing two NPR-wannabes desperately try to sound intense while also maintaining a faux professionalism and failing at both? Well, Serial Killers is the right podcast for you!
Toy Box Killer
There’s a lot of speculation in this, which they state as fact. If they did get their source material from DPR’s journals, there’s no evidence that they were accurate or if they were embellished. He was never convicted of murder, only of kidnapping and only sentenced to 2.5 years. This makes me question the accuracy of ALL of their podcasts
Serial killers
Brydie Monaghan
This podcast is the best podcast EVER! It has some sad parts and some jaw dropping parts. The podcast has such a soothing voice. And the podcast doesn’t focus on one type of murder. I highly recommend it.
Awesome podcast
Love this podcast. I don’t usually like listening to people talking but this podcast definitely caught my attention. Keep up the great work!! Just one thing I wish you guys would do. I wish you guys would keep all of your podcast show on here instead of taking them off.
stop pushing other podcasts!
this is a great podcast but adding other podcasts that are not related to the subject ruin the experience and clutter my queue. A simple “if you like this, listen to this!” would be enough I dont need half the episode ot be a different podcast.
Parcast is the best
Another great podcast from parcast. Narration is always great. Awesome job!
Doodler episode Narrators describe the murders with what is going on in the victims mind as the murders happen with very specific details of what happened as the murder happens-how can this be if the killer has never been caught? Only the victim and killer would know what’s going through their minds??!
For the love of God, get Vanessa a licensee or certification so I don’t have to hear that stupid disclaimer every freaking episode!
Amateur Hour
ryan ryan
Once again, the team at Parcast takes a nifty subject and drains it of all vital fluids, leaving only a book jacket's worth of detail between daft jokes and ads for flower companies that charge 100 bucks for wilted daisies and a tin of pecans. When the subject of a podcast is as intellectually vacant but thrilling as serial killers, you would expect hosts who are capably salacious and schooled in the ways of vintage Geraldo. Not at Parcast. On this show you get a desiccated sideshow mummy with a penciled-on mustache reading cue cards lifted straight from a Ranker.com blog post. Who the heck is giving this podcast so many 5 star ratings? I would put the blame on a bot factory somewhere in Russia, but even the basest forms of AI would revolt against the job. The scripts stink. The hosts speak in the feigned neutrality of NPR washouts with imaginary dietary restrictions and bumpers covered in Co-Exist stickers. I'd rather listen to a pair of vagrants outside the corner pub argue about the Mets for an hour. Don't believe me? Go ahead and listen for a few minutes. You'll quickly agree with my rant and these parting words - Serial Killers by Parcast is the podcast equivalent of a stoned multiplex ticket usher who asks for a tip after directing you to theater number five. This show is atrocious.
Love it!
SLP 1988
I love this podcast! It is legit the ONLY podcast that can keep my attention without me tuning out. I think it’s the fact there are 2 of you keeps it from getting monotonous. Y’all do a great job, and I enjoy every moment of your podcasts! Keep up the good work!
I don't pay for pandora
Consistently consistent 👍🏾
A must listen
Michael Esteban
Very entertaining.
Moved back catalog off free platform
Love That Wolf
Whenever I listen to this podcast it makes me feel like I’m really there, which makes it simultaneously fascinating and terrifying! It’s great!
Love it!
Good podcast I love this type of stuff lol, very informational too.
Well researched, and logically delivered.
Juno Darling
Please vary from the script
I love this podcast because they give a really good overview of the case and include international cases. What drives me crazy is some of the scripted lines. For example “many of you have asked us how to help...”
This is such a good podcast so much so that I listened to 4 different serial killers in one day while I cleaned. I’d recommended not doing that because I’m so bummed out about all the victims now. 1 a day would be much better. I love the details about the killers childhood and this has tons of good background info! Love it!
I am not into this type of podcast, but I have become hooked here. Well researched, excellent presentation has gotten me into a lifer. This is interesting disturbing programming subjects, but listen and enjoy.
Best, straight forward, storytelling. No acting, no fluff.
We have tried others and this podcast is the best for the whole story. Love listening in the car for long drives.
Brent lol
Too much ridiculous speculation. Emotionally charged opinions stated as fact. I much prefer the more pragmatic style of Casefile and really wish this pair would just steer a little bit in that direction and lay off the intense usage of buzzwords too. Just tell the story.. and with less conjecture.
My opinion
Purely my favorite podcast of all time. Perfect. Period.
One of the best true crime pods!
I listen to a lot of True Crime. There are a couple I ever go back to now. Serial Killers is one of them! I love how thorough they are. I enjoy hearing the childhood and psychology of the killers, it puts things into perspective. Shows you how monsters are bred. Thanks for being awesome!
My morning commute go to
Detailed, investigative and unique stories I havent heard of. Thanks for all you do!
Informative & Interesting
I love this Podcast!
Honestly can’t get enough of this. Love the way you guys are straight forward and deliver facts!
Excellent Podcast
Very well narrated and super detailed. A podcast I look forward to listening to every week!
Addicting to listen to!
Very well made podcast, it’s like a book I can’t put down. Thanks for all you do. Cannot recommend serial killers or any other parcast show enough.
Love it
Greg and Vanessa kill it in this podcast
Super interesting!
Always love listening! Great content and amazing stories! 😃
Hilarious and Amazing
Bob's Burgers lover
I love Gillian and Patrick. I like the fact that you don’t have to watch the documentaries (I don’t have Netflix anymore) because they give you the necessary information. I enjoy all of the pop culture and musical references and the interactions between the shows hosts is perfect. They are playful and funny but serious when needed. Thank you guys for this podcast! PS good luck with the ghost, Patrick!
Too scripted
I find this podcast too scripted and don’t really connect with the hosts. The format is dry; I don’t need gory details but would like actual interviews, to hear police interviews of witnesses, victims who survived, and the detectives that worked the case. Just an ok podcast. Not one I’ll “have” to listen to.
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