A Specific Complaint
As another reviewer wrote, I’ll often see the topic for the day and think “Eh, that doesn’t interest me” or “That sounds too heavy.” I nearly always find The Daily informative or even edifying, though. I have a gripe with today’s episode though. Great to hear from the highly estimable Maggie Haberman. Not so great to hear from Trump rally-goers. Sorry not sorry: while give these folks a platform? They aren’t representative even of Trump voters. My father is a staunch Republican who I have not doubt voter for Trump, and he wouldn’t cross the street to go to a Trump rally. He is the majority, not these poor sods who parrot lines about “nothingburgers” and repeat the BS that “he’s been saying what we’ve all wanted to say for a long time.” This is the best the journalistic engine of the Times can offer me today? Hearing conservative pundit platitudes regurgitated by Trump true-believers who make up .01% of the population? There’s so much more going on in the world.
Disappointed in MH and MB
How about analysis in the Truth of Trump’s claims in his Orlando political rally from MH and MB instead of just playing them back AGAIN and speculating on whether he persuaded his audience on being an insider outsider? This is SO lazy and focused on the wrong topic based on the current cultural and political situation in the US. NYT continue to disappoint me and their role in getting Trump elected and possibly re-elected will not look good when we look back at this scary and seminal time in the US. Shame the rest of the world are also suffering from the US cultural and political meltdown.
Fact check please
I listen to The Daily almost every day, find it interesting and helpful, and recommend it to others frequently. However today’s episode on Trump’s Orlando rally was disappointing in that it simply repeated his standard lines and concluded his 2020 campaign would be like his 2016 one. How about some critical analysis of his statements instead of just repeating them?
You did ***5 episodes*** on Europe and 0 on the Sudan massacre? Please tell me you have an extensive investigation coming, or you’ll lose many listeners.
This is my favorite podcast. I love the thorough reporting on individual topics. I always look forward to their follow ups in subsequent episodes!
Love the series on Nationalism in Europe
My favorite podcast. I’ve listened every day since the beginning and my day doesn’t feel right if I don’t. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the recent series about nationalism in Europe. Really well and fairly reported. Keep up the good work.
Great point of view.
Can you break down what’s going on in Sudan?
Great Interviews
Highly informative and easy to absorb in this format but Michael B’s way of narration (especially the haphazard pauses) gets a little bit annoying after about five episodes I had to take a break.
Can we get weekend episodes?
I’ve been listening to the Daily every day for probably the last 2 years. I love it because it goes in depth into interesting stories without overwhelming me. The interview format keeps me engaged because it feels more like a conversation than someone talking at me. I even got a subscription to the NY Times in order to support the show. Thanks for everything you all do!
Excellent discussion of current events
Laird NYC
The Argument gives a wonderful evaluation of the major issues facing our democracy from all sides. I respect and enjoy listening to the opinions and thoughts of all three on the Argument. Every time I listen to the podcast I feel I’ve learned something and broadened my horizons (as well as had a good 40 minutes or so of entertainment).
Any coverage on
Great show
andrew donald stockton
I love to listen to this reporting every morning. It’s a great way to get a briefing of news.
What about Sudan?
I’m a loyal listener and love The Daily with all my heart. It’s a ritual for me to listen every single week day while I brew my coffee and start the day. That said, why the silence on SUDAN? I thought if any podcast would mention it, it would be this one. I don’t want to hear about Europe right now. Where is the awareness?
Sudan 2019
I’m really disappointed in The Daily, that there’s still no report on the crisis in Sudan.
Why aren’t you talking more about this! Please give more air time to this important issue being silenced around the world.
Really like the variety. Most news shows are just and hour long Bashing of Trump. They get old quickly. This podcast is different everyday.
Favorite Daily News Podcast
I listen every day. Excellent reporting on interesting stories.
Even when, on first glance, the day’s topic strikes me as one about which I know as much as I want to (b/c I already follow it closely or don’t much care about it), if I go ahead and listen I’m quickly drawn in and realize there was more to it than I appreciated. Last week’s series on Europe, for example, has offered a rich new perspective on the erosion of liberal democracy. Extraordinary journalism so urgently needed now. Would like to hear more on climate change.
Journalism at its finest -imho
I love this podcast, so I’m biased. But they expose every story with such sincere journalistic integrity, it’s hard not to respect The Daily. Michael Barbaro is complete top notch, too. Furthermore, the story selections are so pertinent to today. I find myself seeing the next topic and thinking it’s irrelevant to my day-to-day life, but I listen anyhow and it proves it’s relevance - it proves me wrong! I don’t want to sound like a fanboy, but I am. I live in California and I subscribed to the nytimes simply to support this podcast. It has enhanced my life in so many ways, and I’m thankful. On a specific note, this week’s (June 10) series on Europe and liberal democracy has just solidified how important this podcast is. What an incredible week of listening pleasure - and a solid and sincere example of journalism in its most raw form. Everyone I interact with I tell how amazing this podcast is. I hope you give it a chance, and that you agree. Exceeds all my expectations for a podcast. Thanks
Last week’s 5-day series on Europe at the time of the 2019 EP elections is the most even-handed, empathetic and insightful reporting I’ve heard in a long time.
I like the Daily, it’s a great podcast. And personally I like Michael’s “mmmhmmms” because I say that a lot when I’m listening. It doesn’t bother me. Keep up the good work
Awesome but please stop the vocal fry!
I listen to this podcast everyday and the week-long series about nationalism in Europe has been fantastic. I get that it’s Michael’s shtick to use the vocal fry (creaky voice). His vocal fry is so over the top that it doesn’t really annoy me. But for the love of god, I’d rather listen to a reporter sing a piece in falsetto or speak a piece in pig latin than listen to another week of frog-voice valley-speak. You have enough gravitas and enough nuance! You don’t need this terrible vocal convention that is infecting millennials speech to sound authoritative! You just sound silly! Please stop!
Week of June 10th-14th
This weeks format and theme should be its own podcast! You ladies ROCKED this week and it was so enlightening, informative and something I looked forward to each day. The Daily is one of my favorite podcasts anyway, but this weeks episodes were something special. Thank you all for the work you do!!! It’s so important.
Best news podcast
This podcast does such a good job bringing news stories to life and bringing out the tough issues. The recent series on abortion and Europe were especially great. Keep up the good work.
Can Liberal Democracy Survive anywhere?
Nothing short of excellent!!! The 5-part series was the most profound piece of reporting I have listened to in a very long time. It poses questions for all of us at a pivotal time for many countries around the globe.
Perfect Biased Reporting
I can’t give enough accolades to the NYT, Michael, and his team. I personally only want to hear stories that conform to and fit my personal beliefs and opinions. I am not a fan of facts, so to get news from a source that reports more on opinion and feelings rather than facts, really fits my liberalist beliefs. I LOVE this program and the left wing narrative it promotes. I can’t understand why anyone would be upset about any of these podcasts! They are perfect! At one point I used to listen to several news casts and formulate my own opinion on politics and world events. When doing this, I realized that 100% of the time, those on the right were wrong with their Trumpism, Fake News and facts. I am so thankful that the Daily is able to give me a story the way I want to hear it; Completely biased. Keep up the great work guys!!!
WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Daily was hijacked ,for a week ,by three ladies who sympathized and commiserated with Italian racists, German Nazis, Polish homophobes and French malcontents willing to embrace extremist in exchange for more social benefits! Little to zero follow-ups and zero push-back to all the crazy but you can almost see them holding hands with and consoling these racial and cultural purists! Oh they “understand” you see! Hopefully Michael will return soon and restore The Daily’s credibility.
Fact and science-based reporting
Excellent podcast. Interesting stories with people interviewed throughout the entire political spectrum. Personal favorite episode is “When a cybersecurity weapon backfired.”
Thank you!
gratefully Alex
I feel like I’m aware of what’s going on out in the world. You guys do it such an awesome way, that I’m hooked and never bored ! Thank you !
My Daily Start
Kudos to The Daily’s special reporting this week about the EU , democracy , liberalism & their elections . Over the past 2 years Americans have become so insular and thinking & talking about our own government , this series has made me see what’s happening in the EU & the similarities here. Thanks for opening my mind again and seeing what’s happening in Europe.
Exquisitely politically correct
If you want to hear only one side of the story, give this a listen. The dialogue and narration is hesitant and asks all the “right” questions, leading the listener to the “right” way to think about issues. It’s full of emotion, light on facts. Science is absent, except the “soft sciences”. I hoped for more of the facts and less opinions, more tech, more research, science and helpful information. They have recently (summer 2019) had a surprisingly revealing series on Europe and the changes to society that was quite good, fascinating and well presented. If they have more similar I’d revise my rating. Keep up the new reporting please!
Perfect podcast to start your day
I love this podcast and is the first thing i listen on my morning commute from Fort Worth to Dallas. Not only are the stories well thought out and informative, they are also very well told. Some reviews have called these stories biased but i disagree. These stories are true journalism that present the many sides of viewpoints and let the reader decide. These stories have increased my knowledge of the world around and helped me better understand the viewpoints of those i disagree with. I encourage you to start your morning with this podcast.
Easy to Understand News
Sydney Feibus
I have been listening to the daily every weekday morning for months, and I appreciate the insight it gives me into relevant, timely news stories on my way to work! Always something new to learn!
Usually Enlightening and worth a listen
I don’t listen every day. But I highly recommend the reporting on European countries and why the citizens may be leaning right and supporting the break up of the European Union. Check it out!!
As an expat living in Europe, kudos to Katrin Benholt for her outstanding reporting
I love this podcast ! Listeners expecting a prompter driven bullet point recap of the day's news will be disappointed. Michael Barbaro definitely has a point of view and he humanizes the day's events and makes me as a listener feel like I'm part of the conversation . For a more traditional take and presentation of the news I suggest NPR's podcast "Up First". I have been listening to Michael Barbaro since “The Run-Up” and was so happy when he carried on with “The Daily” - No one says “ Today” like Michael
Informative and engaging
Blue and grey
This is my first ever review. I’m a producer myself and I listen to this show ever day. Theo balcom is an inspiration.
I am an active listener of the Daily and believe you guys are doing a great job at getting news to the public. However, I would like to hear more about whats going on in Sudan. You covered the fall of the dictator but have not covered the aftermath. It comes off a bit bias that you guys cover US, European, and Asian news constantly but chose to only do bits of Africa. This seems like a matter for the masses. It would be great to hear more about it. Please don’t overlook what’s going on and get this new out to the public.
Fabulous reports on Europe !
I’ve loved this podcast from the beginning. It goes into the deep humanity of each story. The European sequence is a summit in this endeavor. As a European expat , although deeply chilled by this report, I have a better sense of how the very survival of the union - and that of this country as a democracy - is at stake. Thank you for your investigative work. You are one of the most important defenses of democracy as we know it.
Marxist Propaganda
Clearly bias and demonizes those who disagree.
In-depth, thoughtful and timely.
Awesome top-notch reporting. Thank you NYT.
Changing of Focus
This podcast started outstandingly with the combination of Michaels delivery and topical coverage that seemed to be always an arm and a leg ahead of its major competitors in terms of insight and relevancy. In recent weeks, while the quality hasn’t dipped significantly, I feel it’s lost it’s ‘edge’ and began to blend in with the rest of the news coverage type podcasts available. This might be a product of Michael shifting focus to the Weekly or just a relative slump in the news cycle, but I’ve found the podcast has started to blend in with its competition. Still a competent show, but for what it’s worth, it’s starting to miss the magic for this listener.
Great reporting. Please de-S the ads.
Great coverage of important issues. Please de-S the ads. They are so sharp in my ears.
Michael Barbaro
james huang25
Can Michael Barbaro stop saying “hmm!” as a response to someone retelling their interview/research/story? It drives me crazy.
Heeeeres whaaat else you needtoknowtoday ?!?!
I thoroughly enjoy most of the content and welcome going into a rabbit hole on a good topic. However, and I’m sure I’m in the minority on this but, I find the host quite annoying. His delivery and speech pattern seems a bit contrived. The hipster Paul Harvey?
Very Biased
I’m pretty conservative but do try to listen to both sides of an argument. This podcast has good content and interesting stories but they only ever share one side of the story and it’s always the far left perspective. It would be way more respectable if different opinions were offered and not completely drowned out by liberal ideals. You’re supposed to be a news source. Report the stories and let your listeners decide what’s the right path. It’s kind of exhausting having to weed through all the BS.
123concern person
Thank you
I learn so much from this podcast. Thank you to all the wonderful reporters and people who work on it.
France yellow vest story
This was a great story and helped me understand, on a very personal level, how the yellow vest movement came to be. It points to a lot of mistakes that were made in the effort to make a union like the United States. The union is probably fated to end because of many factors, migration being only one of them. I look forward to the rest of the reports in this weeklong series.
Re-writing history
Hey wheneverhdhwisjeus
Listener for 2 years. This latest series on Europe is terrible! like how I imagine a Breitbart podcast would be, except on the left. “The Daily” - if you’re going present a totally biased view of events by cherry picking anecdotes, choose a topic that isn’t so recent and as well reported on as the European migration / Euro crises. Totally biased. Michael is usually solid.
The most informative and professionally produced podcast
I felt the need to write this review after reading a prior review stating how liberal it was. If every American listen to the New York Times the daily podcast, they would be more informed about what’s going on in America. Liberal or conservative, facts are facts and the daily delivers with the easiest way to absorb the information. Michael Barbaro is so great at what he does, as well as the team around him. Exposing what’s wrong in America isn’t liberal, it’s what real journalists do so that we, the people can work to make this country better. Thank you NYT!! And I thank all journalists for working to make our country/ world a better place.
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