No one cares
You guys were on such a hot streak then it just turned into recaps of your rounds. No one needs a dissertation of how you played or where you played. Oh videos of every round that a so called 6, 10, and 20 handicapper play? Riveting... The interviews are decent but the stock questions are cringe worthy. Frankie Butter Knives is the only reason to listen and the occasional big interview. Also the lack of knowledge of things that happen on tour is unreal. The Reed snapping his wedge is and example. I hate Reed and think he’s a jabronee but to say he snapped his wedge for no reason is ridiculous. He needed to get up and down to guarantee the weekend and instead chili dipped it, kind of club snap worthy of you ask me. The boondoggling is unreal right now so honestly credit to you three.
“Unbelievable, Unreal, Incredible”
5-stars only because I like these guys. But you would think they were born 30 seconds before the podcast starts or lived in a cave for 30 years. Absolutely everything is “Unbelievable”, “UNREAL”, or “Incredible”. Wrinkled shirts are UNREAL! Trent’s small town he grew up in is INCREDIBLE! Frankie’s chip shots are UNBELIEVABLY bad! So you if your vocabulary is the size of a children’s book and you’re a semi golf fan you’ll love the show.
Insufferable hosts
The content is decent, but the hosts themselves are the most insufferable d**ches imaginable.
Trent is trash.
This podcast is close to being great, but Trent’s takes and overall commentary are complete and utter trash.
I think Riggs does a stand up job and is clearly the alpha and patriarch. I like Trent and he is a great follow on Twitter, but I don’t respect his perspective on topics in golf. As soon as Frankie starts talking I stop listening. I wish their was one other person who is an actual golfer to banter with Riggs, Lurch could do the job. Whitney is a great addition and his perspectives are always entertaining. This is a pioneering podcast and the first of its kind that appeals to average golfers, that’s just my honest take.
Trash hosts
The nice part about barstool podcasts is that they’re either, a. funny, or b., contain unique insight from people who actually accomplished something related to the sport. Foreplay has neither. While boreli and Trent look like they live in their parents basement, where did they find this cross-eyed, cocky loser Riggs? This guy may be the most unlikeable figure I’ve ever listened to on any show, and the comments support the consensus. The guy is an absolute zero and his swing is worse. It’s frustrating because I love golf but can’t stay up to date because I refuse to listen to this podcast, unless it features someone worth listening to.
Best Golf podcast hands down
another EPIC interview with Kis...any time he is on I can’t stop laughing. You guys are the absolute best and it Just keeps getting better the bigger “yalls stuff” gets. Can’t wait for every episode to drop. Keep killing it boys. #Viva
It honestly makes me cringe that these bafoons have the chance to meet some of the game’s most important and influential personalities. This show is essentially 3-4 2nd grade tumble bunnies bragging about shooting 97 at nice courses. It’s pathetic. It’s a hockey podcast with hosts who don’t know the sport of golf. At all. Terrible. Awful. Horrendous. Garbage.
Really on the Nicklaus thing?
house this
You’re disgusting. Get off tigers d. Trash human beings
Not even a hater
Huge barstool fan and a life time golfer, I so desperately want to like this podcast. These guys spend more than half the show talking about themselves and not nearly enough about anything golf related. Sub par amount of knowledge about the game of golf, nothing special about their personalities. Hopefully Kisner will retire someday and him and Whitney can make a golf podcast worth listening to
These guys are hilarious and intelligent on their takes on the game! They are growing rapidly and I am enjoying how they are getting more and more involved with big names like Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spayyth, Kevin Na, Kevin Chappell, Kevin Na, etc. Tiger lovers and supporters which I support significantly. Give these guys a listen for inquisitive opinions and comedy golf gold. Keep up the good work Riggs, Frankie, Trent, and the occasional Lerch!
Adaquate more like outta quit
How is this the best golf podcast? These guys almost talk about nothing of value the whole time
It grows on you
Okay I’m a 50 year old former golf professional so I enjoy watching golf, talking golf, listening to golf and playing golf. I’m also, I guess, old school. These guys are not. I started listening to this podcast about a year ago and (at first) these guys are complete idiots. But as I continued listening (and I don’t really know why I kept listening) it started to grow on me because I found myself thinking that they are saying a lot of things that I usually say when it comes to golf. Apparently I too am a complete idiot also. Give em a chance and I think you’ll be surprised that maybe your a golf idiot too.👍
Love y’all stuff
Your PGA Championship recap from minute 30 and beyond was podcast gold. I was driving in a no service area up to the Eastern Sierra Nevadas on the way to a camping trip with my girlfriend and we were crying laughing. For the subsequent 5 days we proceeded to quote, Love y’all stuff, Rahm, Mahm, and NoCoatTaday. Your pod feels like hanging with the boys talking and fanboying over golf. Gold Jerry Gold!
Just embarrassing
These guys are clowns. They are so uneducated about the game. The lingo they use is so cringeworthy and out of place. It’s mainly just inside jokes and stories about their rounds that nobody cares about. No Laying Up is SO MUCH better! They have actual golf journalists, that are genuine fans of the sport and very knowledgeable. These guys just babble for an hour about total nonsense.
Funny and informing
Sumi 07
These guys are always covering what’s going on in the world of golf and doing so while cracking jokes that leave me in stitches. And they get lots of awesome interviews with great people
I absolutely love this podcasts. Trent if you are going to be a part of it make a commitment to the game it’s tough for everyone. Frankie plays explains his struggles and same with lurch. Only issue is Trent being in interviews not asking questions it seems awkward. Will never stop listening. Let’s go Trent 💪.
Pretty good
Trent brings nothing to the podcast. Frankie is decent. Riggs is unbearable with the long ad reads.
Could be way better
A balding butt-eyed wannabe Phil, a sandwich artist, a corn-fed cunthead, and a HVAC unit on life support take turns speaking in hyperbole for an hour. Literally, the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life!
Phil Mianus
If you still yell "SAFTB!" this podcast is for you. The sole goal and why BSS gives them a platform must be to sell merch because they don't know a ton about golf outside of Riggs. Trent is nice but he doesn't play and doesn't follow golf, Frankie is a classic "I'm a 10" who shoots 90-110 regularly who loves dressing the part. No Laying Up is immensly better in many ways: more knowledge about the tour, more insightful interviews, greater knowledge of the history of the game (who won where, etc.), Fried Egg for the deeper cuts if you're and arch. nerd.
My favorite podcast
I finally feel like I know what my husband and his buddies talk about on the golf course. My favorite pod right now. Anyone who doesn’t give this five stars takes themselves too seriously.
Good content
These guys understand how podcasts work. Length is usually good no longer than hour and a half. Podcasts should generally never go above an hour and 15 minutes. (KFC podcast ruined itself with length) Good guests who actually bring something to the podcast.
Good show, obnoxious audio
Get a handle on your audio levels! Love the podcast but constantly adjusting the volume during the conversation - it’s either too quiet to hear or blaring in the same 30 second segment.
Keep up the good work boys
Very funny
New logo 🔥🔥🔥
Waiting for the Peter Millar shorts ads to start rolling with the rule change Hit it hard
People who rate this other than 5 star are idiots
This podcast is incredible. Anyone who thinks otherwise either is not in line with the Barstool culture or simply just doesn’t find funny things funny. These dudes are the best
Love everything these guys put out. Riggsy has blossomed into a great host and one of the top guys at Barstool over the past couple years, the addition of Frankie has been incredible, Trent always brings the common fans perspective, and Lurch is a great addition. I think now that the YouTube is up you should get a series going where all 4 of you go out more often for teams. Or maybe a ForePlay lessons series where we see Trent in action trying to get better. Keep it up
Uneducated drivel...a time waster
Tiger and Frank? Are you guys serious? You had to be kidding, when you said, "How have we not heard of Frank before?” Thought you guys were big Tiger fans? Disappointed, but I guess you youngsters were in elementary school when Tiger and Frank made quite a few hilarious commercials for Nike. By the way, David Duval also starred in a "Frank" commercial and you likely don't remember him either. David was a top-ranked golfer himself and winner of The Open Championship in 2001. Just trying to help you fellas out so you don't continue to embarrass yourselves on your “golf” podcast. Also, I have to agree with others...10% funny, good content and 90% fluff, BS, and idiotic nonsense between adults acting more like children. Next pod please...
Wretched Sound Quality
Theses guys need help with sound balancing. They are yelling into the mic and you can’t even hear the guest.
I’d Pay Money to Listen
These guys make my Southern California commute bearable and even enjoyable. Golf covered the way it should be. Average at best, but in the best way possible. Whether it’s Frankie getting buried on his wedge game, or Riggs creating electric hype for Tiger, it’s the best way to stay close to the World’s greatest game. Thanks boys. Cheers!
These guys are nothing but glorified Tiger fanboys, especially Riggs. Please get qualified people to run a golf podcast
Shut Up
It is a shame these guys get all these good guests and then won’t let them talk. The Masters Story episode was the worst. Caller takes 2 minutes to tell a story and these idiots talk 5 minutes about how to pronounce vase. Each episode is 15 minutes of good content and and hour of 4 nerds giggling.
No laying up is better
I usually love barstool when it comes to pardon my take and on other podcast....the no laying up podcast is better.
The is by far the best golf podcast out there...funny and they get big names in golf to show their true personalities. 11/10!
Always enjoy on the lunch break and on the way to the course. Keep it up
Might be the greatest podcast of all time
Keep it up boys......would love to see some more content with your close personal friend usga
Love the addition of Lurch. Brings more golf experience to the crew. Amazing!
Good Content. Create Segments.
Fishing Adiuction
The golf knowledge from Frankie and Trent is Sub Par at best. Riggs knows his stuff but they need to create segments related to golf that can entertain the crowd. I now only listen to the caddy/golf job shows because the stories are entertaining.
Interrupting Hosts
st andrews 60 degree
I feel bad for the caddies that call in on their own time and have to wait 5 min in between introducing themselves to when they get to tell their stories because the hosts decide to each share their story about the time they went to that city/town. Let the guys speak and don’t rudely interrupt them. A funny story can be killed by people cutting it off.
Hilarious golf podcast. Not for p*ssies or your 75 year old dad. Riggs, Trent, and Frankie do a great job making it feel like you’re just hanging talking golf with the boys. Kudos for the local caddy episode. Keep it up guys!
Good stuff
Golf talk and good laughs. Makes for a much better ride to work.
Best golf podcast
Best golf podcast, I wanna golf with Riggs for the one time
Hilarious banter between the guys, the nonsense mixed with surprising good golf talk makes this a must listen every time it drops.
Very entertaining
Wesley Ryan is owed a lot of recs for bringing up the Friday stories. It triggered the common man movement the Kuchnar caddie story just gave platform. For what Ryan set the seed.
Riggs is just the man
Favorite golf podcast
Drew in Kansas
You guys need to circle back with these caddies that you interviewed and find out how many of them got fired / not rehired for telling those stories.
Pippen not Pippin. Respect the great.
Love you guys
Caddie episode
Tyrone Big'ums
I listen to foreplay religiously and the caddie episode is hands down the best episode y'all have made. Listening to golfs salt of the earth was great! I hope this is a reoccurring episode! Thanks for the pod boys
Get rid of Frankie
I’m sick of Frankie acting like a hero, when he cannot even fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Trent and Riggs lose credibility to Frankie’s childish and ridiculous comments. Love the pod, but I absolutely cringe when Frankie starts talking. Riggs, your going to go far in the golf world, drop the dead weight.
The Cursing Isn’t Necessary
I would give these guys 5 stars if they didn’t curse at such a high rate. They get good guests and cover topics many want to hear, but the cursing becomes unbearable at times. It takes away from what otherwise is a good podcast. When they decide to grow up and speak like mature adults, then I may listen more often.
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