The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

Telehealth with Ana María López MD

May 2, 2019
55 min

Electric cars, virtual reality, nanotechnology, and now… telemedicine? We chat with Dr. Ana María López MD, FACP about the future of telehealth, how to implement it in your practice, and the challenges you might face in doing so. Dr. López is immediate past president of the American College of Physicians (ACP) as well as Vice Chair of Medical Oncology and Chief of New Jersey Division Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center of Thomas Jefferson University. Her main areas of professional interest and expertise include cancer prevention and equity, integrative oncology, implementation of innovations in health care including telemedicine, and women’s health. We learned immensely from our talk with her and we hope you will, too! ACP members can claim free CME & MOC credit at Download Dr Brigham’s telehealth cheat sheet as a PDF at

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Written and produced by: Hannah Abrams, Stuart Brigham MD

Cohosts: Matt Watto MD, Stuart Brigham MD, Paul Williams MD, Hannah Abrams

Guest: Ana María López MD

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Disclaimer, intro and guest bio
  • 04:20 Guest one line, poetry recommendations, favorite failure
  • 12:00 Defining telemedicine
  • 14:12 What kind of services exist in telemedicine? How can the technology make your practice easier?
  • 20:18 Is there good evidence for telehealth and telemedicine?
  • 24:20 Concerns about telehealth and the loss of touch as part of the doctor-patient relationship; haptics and the remote physical exam
  • 30:17 Providing telehealth across state lines
  • 34:35 Consultation codes for telehealth and ECHO (remote consultations)
  • 40:20 Basic steps and best practices to start implementing telehealth
  • 44:30 Stuart’s shares some preliminary data on use of telehealth and workforce satisfaction
  • 49:12 Adding access by using telehealth in primary care
  • 51:40 Take home points
  • 54:42 Stuart shares a pun


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