The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

#126 Kashlak Morning Report with Human Dx

November 19, 2018
66 min

Practice solving diagnostic puzzles with The Curbsiders and Internist / Diagnostician, Reza Manesh MD, Assistant Program Director for Clinical Reasoning of the Osler Medical Training Program at Johns Hopkins! Solve along with us at these links: Case 1 and Case 2 Topics include: clinical reasoning terminology, how to use cases to practice diagnostic reasoning, how to build a diagnostic schema, and how to conduct your own cognitive autopsy.

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Written and Produced by: Hannah Abrams

Hosts: Hannah Abrams, Paul Williams MD, Stuart Brigham MD, Matthew Watto MD

Guest: Reza Manesh MD

Special thanks to: Doctors Steph Sherman, Zaven Sargsyan, Anand Jagannath, John Inou Hwang, and Rabih Geha for contributing cases

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Disclaimer, intro and guest bio
  • 04:02 Guest one liner, book recommendation, favorite failure, advice for learners
  • 11:27 Human Dx Project and Global Morning Report
  • 15:35 Diagnostic terminology
  • 21:25 Case #1, Reza solves
  • 33:40 Diagnostic autopsy and teaching points for case #1
  • 38:00 Case #2, The Curbsiders solve
  • 57:30 Diagnostic autopsy and teaching points for case #2
  • 61:33 Take home points and a plug
  • 64:30 Outro

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