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#89: Conjunctivitis: Red Eye in Pr-eye-mary Care with Dr Glaucomflecken

April 2, 2018
58 min

Revolutionize your approach to the red eye in pr-eye-mary care! Dr. Glaucomflecken (of GomerBlog/Twitter--fame) teaches us to recognize and manage common eye complaints. You’ll develop an approach to diagnosing and treating your patient with the dreaded red eye. We answer: What presentations should have us running down the hallway for that prized ophtho consult? What on earth does glaucomflecken stand for? Which eye drops are best? What is an eye dentist? Plus, answers to your twitter questions, and so much more! By the end of this episode, you’ll be sure to say “Eye Understand!” Self Assessment Questions: Take the ophtho self-assessment!

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Written and produced by: Nora Taranto AB, Carolyn Chan MD; Original art by: Bryan Brown, MD. Edited by: Matthew Watto, MD.

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Times Stamps

  • 00:00 Disclaimer
  • 02:33 Guest bio
  • 04:15 Dr Glaucomflecken
  • 05:40 Best advice as a learner
  • 06:05 Book recommendation
  • 07:33 App recommendation
  • 08:32 Clinical case
  • 10:02 Corneal ulcers and contact lense hygiene
  • 12:10 Indicators of urgent eye problems
  • 13:39 The eye exam
  • 18:00 Visual acuity exam without an eye chart
  • 21:15 Approach to the red eye, blepharitis, allergic conjunctivitis
  • 23:45 Approach to vision loss
  • 25:52 Angle closure glaucoma, and other emergencies
  • 27:37 Bacterial conjunctivitis
  • 29:00 Viral conjunctivitis
  • 31:26 Return to school or daycare after “pink eye”
  • 34:00 Rundown of common eye medications
  • 38:35 OTC redness relievers
  • 40:30 Breast milk eye drops?!
  • 42:07 How to correctly use an eye drop bottle
  • 44:16 What does Glaucomflecken mean?
  • 45:40 Questions from Twitter: Floaters, diabetic retinopathy treatments, blurry vision from high glucose
  • 50:15 Eye dentists?
  • 53:10 Take home points
  • 54:28 Plug for First Descents charity
  • 56:54 Outro

Tags: eye, ophthalmology, eyedrop, GOMER, conjunctivitis, twitter, red, glaucoma, glaucomflecken, acute, angle, closure, glaucoma, bacterial, viral, blepharitis, assistant, care, doctor, education, family, foam, foamed, health, hospitalist, hospital, internal, internist, meded, medical, medicine, nurse, practitioner, professional, primary, physician, resident, student

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