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#79: Dermatitis: Atopic to Remember w/The DermSiders

January 22, 2018
73 min

Differentiate, diagnose, and treat the various forms of dermatitis and stop the ‘itch that rashes’ with this in-depth, myth-busting episode of “The Dermsiders” with Dr. Kalman Watsky Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale Medical School. Topics include: how to differentiate between and diagnosis various forms of dermatitis, topical therapies, common pitfalls, patch testing, and more! Special thanks to Bryan Brown and Beth Garbitelli who wrote and produced this episode and the show notes!

  • Written by: Bryan Brown, MD and Beth Garbitelli
  • Edited by: Matthew Watto, MD
  • Infographics by: Bryan Brown, MD
  • Cover image by: Beth Garbitelli

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Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Hook
  • 00:24 Disclaimer
  • 02:32 Picks of the week
  • 03:33 Guest bio and intro to the topic
  • 05:01 Getting to know our guest
  • 10:24 Clinical case of dermatitis
  • 11:00 Atopic dermatitis and eczema: definition and background
  • 16:21 Counseling patients w/atopic dermatitis on choice of soap
  • 19:46 Mimics of atopic dermatitis
  • 25:16 Seborrheic dermatitis
  • 26:46 Dyshidrotic eczema
  • 28:35 Behavior modification for atopic dermatitis
  • 32:21 Wet pajamas
  • 34:34 Bleach baths
  • 36:52 Contact dermatitis
  • 41:29 Patch testing
  • 45:58 Back to our case, making the diagnosis
  • 47:44 Topical steroids
  • 51:43 Skin atrophy from steroids
  • 55:45 Calcineurin inhibitors as steroid sparing agents
  • 59:30 How to handle chronic need for topical steroids
  • 65:24 Questions from Facebook
  • 69:04 Take home points
  • 72:21 Outro

Tags: eczema, dermatology, dermatologist, skin lesion, atopic, contact, allergic, irritant, steroid, topical, therapy, atrophy, dermatitis, rash, skin, patch, testing, calcineurin, inhibitor, assistant, care, doctor, education, family, foam, foamed, health, hospitalist, hospital, internal, internist, meded, medical, medicine, nurse, practitioner, professional, primary, physician, resident, student

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