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#62: Pod Save Health Care: The Curbsiders Foray into health policy

October 16, 2017
36 min

Remedy your ignorance as we review some basics of health care policy with Dr. Fatima Syed, Chair of the Council of Residents and Fellows for the American College of Physicians. Dr. Syed is early career physician whose work is already affecting health policy at a national level. You can do it too and we’ll teach you where to start along with defining basic, but poorly understood concepts like The Affordable Care Act, universal health care, single payer health care, MACRA, MIPS, and how “quality” is really measured. Don’t miss this part one in our health care policy for beginners series.

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Time Stamps

00:00 Intro

03:20 Getting to know our guest

07:23 How to get involved in a professional organization

09:37 Resources to learn health policy

14:06 The Affordable Care Act and ObamaCare

17:56 What is MACRA, MIPS and how do they affect physicians?

23:09 Nationalized health care in the US versus other countries

25:33 Universal and “single payer” health care defined

27:00 How is quality health care defined? Why is the US rated so poorly?

32:53 Recap and summary of what we’ve learned

34:09 Dr. Syed’s take home points

35:36 Outro

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