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#55: Eating disorders: Specified and Not Otherwise Specified

September 4, 2017
76 min

Enhance your skills in the identification and management of eating disorders with clinical pearls from Dr. Rosalind Kaplan, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University and a Primary Care Physician in Jefferson Women's Primary Care. We learn who to screen for eating disorders, what questions to ask, criteria for diagnosis, common complications, and how to manage them. This is a must listen if you’re like us and don’t know much about eating disorders specified and not otherwise specified.

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Case from Kashlak Memorial Hospital: 24yo F medical student with history of anxiety, weight loss, and restricting food senior year of high school. She regained weight with psychotherapy. Now she is a medical student who is over exercising, and abusing laxatives. She passes out one day after class and is referred to you at Kashlak.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro

01:19 Listener feedback

02:43 Picks of the week

06:50 Topic intro and guest bio

09:10 Getting to know our guest

15:18 Clinical case 

20:15 Broad overview of eating disorders

26:40 Eating disorder not otherwise specified

29:19 Underreporting and under diagnosis in men

30:25 Who to screen and how to do it

34:33 Questionnaires: SCOFF, ESP, and Binge Eating Disorder Inventory

38:42 Initial lab workup for eating disorders

42:38 Bone density screening, treatment

45:41 Back to the case: Initial patient counseling 

49:22 Medical therapy

52:20 Can we use bupropion?

54:02 What’s the role for primary care?

58:14 Hyponatremia in eating disorders

60:34 Complications of purging

66:25 How to be an ally for your patient

69:12 Treatment for binge eating

72:51 Take home points

74:30 Outro

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