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#53: Urinary Incontinence: Tips and strategies to stay dry.

August 21, 2017
58 min

Get control of urinary incontinence with tips from Internist and Women’s Health Specialist, Dr. Molly Heublein, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF. This is a must listen if you’re still uncomfortable managing urinary incontinence. We learn nonpharmacologic strategies like pelvic floor muscle therapy, bladder training, timed voiding, foods to avoid, and run through the available medical therapies, their efficacy and side effects. Plus, a brief review of next line therapies like percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, and botox injections for overactive bladder.

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Case: 79 yo F with at least 10 years of urinary urgency with occasional loss of small amounts of urine and rare full bladder emptying. She drinks 1 cup of coffee every morning and about 2-3 glasses of water per day. She tries to minimize liquids due to her incontinence. She has HTN and takes HCTZ. Has been on oxybutynin for 10 years and wants to try something else.

Time Stamps

00:00 Intro

01:06 Listener feedback

02:43 Announcements

03:43 Picks of the week

09:07 Getting to know our guest

14:27 Case of urinary incontinence (UI)

15:30 Epidemiology of UI

16:34 Screening for UI

17:30 The 3IQ Questionnaire

18:44 Additional testing in UI

21:23 Classifying UI

24:00 Nonpharmacologic therapy for UI

32:42 Effectiveness of pharmacologic versus nonpharmacologic therapy

34:50 Case continued. Changing medications

37:42 Mirabegron as an alternative to anticholinergics

40:18 More options for stress UI management

41:40 Next line therapies for urge UI, overactive bladder

44:38 Surgery for stress urinary incontinence

45:50 Botox therapy for urge UI, overactive bladder

48:30 Do we need any more fancy diagnostic tests?

50:30 Take home points

55:05 Stuart schools us on urinary incontinence in men and timing of BPH meds

56:40 Outro

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