The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

#48: Hyponatremia Deconstructed

July 17, 2017
88 min

Step up your salt game. We deconstruct hyponatremia with expert tips from our Chief of Nephrology, Dr. Joel Topf aka @kidney_boy aka The Salt Whisperer. Topics include: true versus false hyponatremia, SIADH, tea and toast/beer potomania, safe rates of sodium correction, fluid restriction, salt tablets, IV fluid choice, DDAVP clamps, and more.

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Case: 85yo F with anxiety, asthma, HTN (on a CCB), hypothyroidism with TSH of 3 on therapy. Sodium was 128 from previous values 134-137 mg/dL. She is more fatigued than usual.

Time Stamps

00:00 Intro

03:00 Guest interview

06:45 Pick of the week w/Dr. Topf

15:50 Clinical case of hyponatremia

17:18 False hyponatremia normal osmolality

19:04 False hyponatremia high osmolality

20:06 Understanding why osmolality matters

22:58 Workup false hyponatremia

24:15 Recap of discussion so far

25:10 ADH dependent vs independent hyponatremia

26:30 Psychogenic polydipsia

28:45 Renal failure and hyponatremia

29:33 Tea and toast, and Beer Drinker’s potomania

34:42 ADH dependent hyponatremia

37:45 Volume versus osmolality

39:30 Volume status exam

44:44 Additional testing with urine lytes and uric acid

47:00 Treatment for SIADH

52:12 Discussion of the vaptans

57:51 Additional testing in SIADH

62:20 When to admit patient for hyponatremia

63:29 Clinical case of hyponatremia complications

68:26 Fluids and rate of correction

73:06 DDAVP clamp

76:00 Moderate hyponatremia

78:05 Diuretic dosing DOES matter!

81:29 Loop diuretics for SIADH

83:55 Take home points

86:55 Outro

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