Wowza AOC
scottie on the fly
The AOC interview was fantastic. So inspirational. She gave me hope for our party but and humanity in general. Thank you for booking her on the show y’all.
Shapiro sent me!
These guys seem to know what they’re talking about. They aren’t necessarily stupid. Their ideas and logic jumps just make me want to gargle bleach. But it’s fascinating to hear how “the other” thinks. I imagine their ears smoke a lot... lots of gears grinding. Bad results... But they DO think. So I subscribed. Should give me a giggle at work. But mayhaps, like the blue moon sight of a unicorn, they might get me to consider a different point of view. I think it’s funny though how some real supporters of this cast are hounding it for “lack of diversity.” These are the people in your camp! 🤣 People whining like “boo hoo, this leftist podcast that I appreciate the views expressed on isn’t full of LGBTQ minority women of color in wheelchairs!” Who CARES they’re white guys?! Like what they say? Then be quiet and listen. Left-brand BIGGOTRY isn’t a valid criticism. Also calling any dissenters right wing trolls. I mean MAYBE I’m a troll, but homie saying, “eh, 3 stars cuz too lefty,” isn’t a troll!
You tried...
Brendan Schott
I only listen to this to understand where the opposition is coming from, and was disappointed with the lack policy in the discussion.
Biased in support of Biden
The crew needs to state their political leanings clearly when covering the democratic primary. It seems like they are biased in support of Biden and it colors how they analyze the race. Listeners deserve to know, so they can weigh their opinions accordingly.
The fastes runner sonic
They will make you a believer!
They will break down all things politics with lots of how and whys that keeps it simple to follow. It's for a Democrat audience- with no apologies- but it doesn't cross the line to be ugly. I've learned a lot from these guys!
Stop talking about polls
Please stop talking about polls. People outside the beltway don’t give a shi# and they get enough horse race bs from CNN/MSNBC/the rest. Unsubscribed today after 20 minutes of discussing a Michigan poll. You all vowed to do better, to be more substantive.
Tim in Sheffield
Decent podcast to understand the inner workings of more orthodox dems. Would be a five star review if it was less of those other jabronis because the only thing that can save America needs more Jon Lovett.
M4A? This ain’t it fam. Pathetic #Resistance
SWAG666 is taken, so yeah...
Leftist here. Be real. Dan from the pod was the Policy Director at GoFundMe. With the state of health insurance in this country, so many GFM campaigns are to cover medical expenses for uninsured or uncovered bill. GFM makes a huge portion of profit through these campaigns. If a plan like Medicare 4 All were to be implemented, Americans would save more money and be healthier. They’ve seen the same studies I have. However, they have personal stakes in one of the most important issues this election cycle. Tune in to Dan and the Jons for some inexcusable reasons why we can’t have M4A.
My favorite political podcast!
I look forward to this every single week! Even the ads are hilarious! If you love this, make sure you also listen to Pod Save the People! I miss when they used to have Deray or Brittany Packnett on regularly. POC perspective is extremely important and I’m not sure everyone who listens to this also listens to PSTP. Amazing show!!!! Excited to see you guys live!
Helps me keep fighting, but some issues
Hire a woman and a person of color and bring them into your regular show as a part of the rotating commentators— not just for live stuff. Poor representation aside, I still like to listen to this because it keeps my fire lit to keep fighting. BTW Favreau, you always sound exasperated with Lovett, but Lovett’s humor and articulate rants are the best part of the pod; treat him like the MVP he is.
Keeps me from imploding
I live in Arkansas. I’m the most political and most informed of my friends and family. I feel bad for my fiancé because he has to listen to me constantly railing about Trump and McConnell and Congress. This show keeps us both sane. Thank you and please never stop making it. Also, Lovett should be on every show. I don’t mean just every PSA. I mean every podcast.
Missing important perspectives
Generally they’re good, but when it comes to issues around race it’s painfully obvious we’re listening to three white males. Most recent example, the series of racially insensitive incidents with Biden has not gone unnoticed by people of color, and dismissing the casual racism of things like the bussing issue, bragging about reaching across the aisle to some of the worst bigots to serve, attacking a black woman who just said how those policies and comments hurt her personally... this is what we think about when there are slips like comparing “poor” versus “white” kids, not that Biden’s mind is going. Love listening but you guys need to wake up on these things.
This is an unabashed liberal POV. They don’t pretend to be “fair and balanced” like Fox. It’s not intended to be centrist or journalism. The sarcasm & venting is a necessary therapy for those of us being attacked and/or harmed by this administration. When you’re living in fear of your own gov’t, you need hope and ways to take action. This isn’t propaganda intended to mislead anyone.
If you’re left of the right
This is for you. Helps this guy living in red country from thinking I’m completely insane when I talk to my friends and family. Plus they’re fun to listen to and have some experience to back it up.
Biased but intelligent
They make no secret of being Democrats (they were all Obama staffers) but they are intelligent, informed and clear.
Good podcast, outdated logo
These guys should really give Mr. Washington some air pods. Who uses corded headphones anymore?
cheesehead guy
Thought they would be more moderate but way to left wing. Some of the stuff they say breaks my heart to think of the America they want. Sad
I'm not sure I would be able to withstand the Trump presidency without this podcast.
Each and every episode includes: (1) outrage and disbelief about the Trump travesty; (2) hopefulness about the future of the Democratic Party as a whole; (3) incisive analysis of current events and the current (in)actions of our elected officials; and (4) Jon Favreau’s smart and concise overviews (e.g., ”It’s not great, Dan!”), Tommy’s anecdotes from working for the Obama campaign and later at the NSC, Lovett’s Hot Takes™️ that continue even through ad breaks, and Dan Pfeiffer’s soliloquies about the moral corruption of Paul Ryan. It’s a refreshing, funny, and honest discussion about politics, and the guys make you feel like you—the listener—are part of the national conversation.
Good podcast
However, the love letter to the New York Times in the August 8, 2019 Pod Save America podcast should be avoided. The New York Times is an advertiser on Pod Save America and any comments promoting the NYT should come with the caveat that the views expressed may be influenced by that fact. NYT is hardly objective and is wholly owned by the current administration. Crooked Media damage it’s brand as a progressive media outlet by claiming otherwise. Your listeners are smarter than that....do better.
F- off Russian Trolls
Seriously the best political podcast out there. It’s never boring and always informative. I even listen to the ads- they are hilarious! Lots of reviews on here from right-wing trolls so I’m posting another review to combat this nonsense. Fortunately there are tons and tons of people who listen every week who love crooked. Keep It up!!
5 stars
Great podcast. The guys are very well educated. They have great talking points and have a way of discussing current events that not only educate you but bring up points that you may not have noticed before. If your a republican or conservative this is not the podcast for you.
русский бот
Иисус Господь
Angry hosts
Pure leftist propaganda
Boys in a bubble.
Your will not save America by pointing fingers and whining that everybody on the right is racist. 60+ million racists in America?
Not good
Very biased
My fave podcast...
as well as the only podcast in which I listen to all the Ads. You Gus crack me up!
Dane Carey
Five stars in general. But this episode on 8/9/19 was scary. The media is not should not be a tool of the left or the right. Your discussion of the New York Times was disgusting.
Guns and Mitch
I’m lowering your score Like I have said in the past you spend Too much time yakking to each other Spend more time on I interviews Heather
Trump Stan Dad not a fan, but I am!
5 stars, I love these guys, my dad is mad because I made him listen to one episode, he said they’re leading me to hell. Just fantastic. My dad made me listen to Rush Limbaugh in the car all the time growing up so I threw on Pod Save America when he asked me to drive him an hour away. Since then, he’s been obsessed with discrediting the podcast entirely. He was so mad about he it completely forgot I’m gay. So now instead of telling me I’m going to hell for being gay, I’m going to hell for listening to this podcast! Fantastic!
Taylor the wanna be toaster
Love this pod.
Lol @
All of the Fox News worshippers coming on here and complaining how biased the show is. It’s an intentionally liberal media company, people. If it’s not your cup of tea then I’m sure the white supremacists at Fox will welcome you back with open arms.
Pod save America
florida dame
Delightful and a learning experience. I am glad to be a fan
Leftist Opinions found here
A lot of complaining, whining and finger pointing.
Debate recap
I’m typically satisfied with this podcast’s ability to cover an entire spectrum of perspectives/views/ideas.. but was shocked that NO ONE even mentioned Yang?? Who did pretty well in the 2nd night of debates.
I heart Dan
barb lowe
This review is meant to say how much I admire and chuckle and love these 4 incredible guys. But this post especially goes out to Dan, who I find smart, sarcastic cute and yes has a lovely voice. He can discuss politics in my ear any day, any time, anywhere.
Best Podcast- need more!
Is it just me or do Tommy and Lovett hate Dan? 🤣
Awesome podcast
Thank you for your wonderful commentary and reporting. It helps me keep sane. Love this podcast. I don't miss an episode!
Thank you!
Absolutely love this show. Thank you for your passion, and knowledge, to help motivate and educate to make a change, so we can get this moron out of the White House in 2020!
TRUMP 2020
My Favorite Podcast
A great combination of straight shooting, insight and humor.
Kiss him already!
Is it me or is the underlying sexual tension between Tommy and Lovett palpable?
The best!
Laurie 2
This podcast has given me a much deeper and clearer understanding of so many political issues. Engaging, informative, and fun to listen to—one of my favorites!
Far past their peak
You’ll like this podcast if walking platitude Beto O’Rourke excites you and you enjoy annoying advertisements about men’s underwear.
Corporate Democrats
Lesiure Lotion
If you studying politics without bias you should realize these people are mouthpieces for the ruling class and the only real difference they have with republicans are social issues.
Best Podcast
Moderate Mom
My favorite part are the presidential candidate interviews. Particularly the Bernie Sanders one.
I disagree with most of their views but they are very informative and it’s always good to be informed on both sides. 😀
Thought I laugh more but was sadly disappointed
The setup is very repetitive and they always have this extra host on the show who really has no place in it. They do not contribute to the already boring segments that this podcast reuses. You will not learn anything from this podcast nor will you really laugh. Doesn’t have much a place for someone like me who enjoys Last Week Tonight (even if I don’t always agree it) and the Jim Jefferies show. Feel like if the show doesn’t make you laugh about politics It should at least help you learn something. Feel like these guys are just part of the probes of making sides and laugh at the other side because they don’t agree with you
Pretty good if you are on the left and love politics
This show is good mix of entertaining and informative, and they are putting some effort into making the ads funny and worth accidentally not forwarding through. Some dudes who all basically agree with each other talking about stuff isn’t normally something worth listening to, for me, but I do enjoy listening to this podcast because of the unique political observations and nuance on topics, all with some good humor.
Awesome pod
Love these hosts! Great break down of the debates. I look forward to the show every week. They help me keep the faith.
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