I love these ladies 😍
I love these girls! I feel like I’m hanging out with my best friends 💗 They go through the same things I do. It’s so comforting knowing than I’m not the only young woman going through this growth journey.
Love but can’t HEAR you all 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹
Wish I could give 0 stars
I really do love this podcast. They are relatable and touch on interesting topics. It’s just really HARD TO HEAR!!!! Seems like Rebekah and Saphira are never on a mic and are whispering in the background. I listen while commuting on loud NYC transit and I can’t hear y’all! I’m either putting volume DOWN for Alicia and Gia who both project into a mic, or putting my volume UP painfully trying to hear the others in the background. Honestly I stopped tuning in because it’s frustrating. Please get mics for everyone!!!!
I loved this week podcast. Great conversation and great transition to topics.
Dope podcast
I love you all. I’m a male so I feel like I’m ease dropping in your convos. I’m just on the first episodes. I’ll catch up quick. But I disagree and agree a lot so that’s great. ScottieBeam can hear about a woman bombing a church and make it the fault of men 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so bias and bitter
Love Y’all but I can’t hear you
I love the podcast. You guys are Awesome and amazing.the episodes are wonderful and full of black and magical content. Sometimes it’s very difficult to hear you guys even when turning my volume all the way up. Other than that it’s great!
This podcast rocks!!!!
Very informative; these ladies are so intellectual speaking facts on topics that I enjoy being a black woman myself
Black Excellence
MelaninPoppin' Southern Belle
Ladies your Boomerang interview gave me life! I love when we as sisters can embrace, uplift, and be cheerleaders for each other’s success. Keep up the good work. Impactful, meaningful, and relevant dialogue! Continue to shine my fellow queens.
Black Girl Magic x 5
This is amazing content. Five women loving up on each other. Going through life and showing vulnerability isn’t a bad thing. The dynamics work and each episode has someone showcasing something new. Love these girls. Wishing them the best
A must to listen
mom of 3 queens
These girls are the truth. I have been on a binge for the last month and so upset that it took me this long to find these friends in my head. I am currently listening to “fight” and crying because it’s a real discussion of how I as a young black female view myself. Thank you ladies for the transparency (as you say) of your emotions, life, mental and opinions. You women are the best.
Can everyone get a mic?
I really want to listen to this podcast, but the audio isn’t the best. Do all members have mics? Sounds like there are 2 cast members on mics & the others are in the background and not on mics when they are speaking. Their audio is so low.
Audio for everyone I off
Love the podcast...BUT can y’all please fix the Audio issue some People sound so far away. I tired of increasing and decreasing my volume.
First Time Listener
Martini Jones
I really enjoyed the candid conversation. It’s really dope that one of the hosts opened up and shared a personal experience. I really couldn’t her what she was saying, sounded really far away & the other hosts sounded closer. I wish I could’ve heard what she was saying. Otherwise , great podcast. ❤️🍸
My absolute favorite
BGP is my absolute favorite podcast. These ladies are real, raw, funny and sweet. Some of the episodes have allowed me to be real with myself instead of hiding behind the truth in fear that nobody is going through similar situations! If you’re not listening, please tune in
Room for improvement
Wish the podcast was more structured. Spend less time on personal updates. Everyone needs to speak clearly into the mic
I love you ladies
Like everyone has been saying, I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to listen to you ladies. You’re inspiring! Continue to tell your truth and be transparent. The things you ladies y’all about are very relatable and I know it’s good to hear that others are going through the same things I am going through and you can prevail! Podcast if definitely in my routine.
Audio Bummer
love, love, LOVE the BGP BUT ladies can we please get everyone speaking into the mics at the same volume?? It’s been consistent now, someone’s mic is so slow I have to stop listening with my headphones and wait until I can blast to hear through speakers. BUT like I said, other than LOVE the podcast I feel like we’re cousins.
My Favorite Podcast
I am a new podcast listener, and this podcast has HOOKED me! I started from episode one, and by episode two I was sharing their podcast link with my friends. They do a very good job talking about the hard and funny topics, being vulnerable with the audience, and just being real supportive friends to each other. From a woman who has had troubles understanding some hard points in her life and the world, and with believing in things that I want to manifest, this podcast has been very good for me. Episode eight is in full affect as I type this! ❤️
Amazing, Inspirational!
As a young Christian college teen trying to find herself, this podcast has helped me a lot and inspired me and I’m only on the 4th episode! I love you guys and keep doing what you do. I recommend this podcast to every black teen/woman. * It has adult content though, skip through that if you want. Lol.
Great podcast
I love this podcast and the topics discussed but I think it would be great to have more structure so that everyone isn’t talking at once.
Love y’all ladies
I seriously love their evolution. From episode 1 to now is just wow. The growth is incredible and they’re all winning and constantly bettering themselves. I resonate with each one of them and I always find myself crying because I’m truly proud of them.
It’s like a conversation with my friends every episode
Tiffany Jackie
I absolutely LOVE this podcast! These ladies have made me crack up laugh and do an ugly cry. Lol. I appreciate the candid conversation every episode and the deep themes that resonate with me for the long haul! It’s a great break! Keep doing your thing ladies! I’m a big fan!
Stoping talking at the same time!
Everyone is talking at the same time.
Black Girl Magic
Aye Yo Foe
Just Beautiful
Love them!
Ms Nesh
When you want real, authentic, intelligent with a little sass, funny and just girlfriend talk, this podcast is for you! Absolutely some of my best friends in my head! #subscribe #bgp
I found this amazing Podcast by mistake! I listened to one episode and stop “podcasting” for a while. Came back to BGP and missed a whole year! I am still catching up on every episode every chance I get! I just want these wonderful, powerful, amazing black sisters know that they have inspired me and help me in ways they wouldn’t even know! Any chance I get to talk about this podcast, I do! Much Love -Creigh
Gia, I think he pronounced your name that way, because his co-host announces his wife’s name like that. He should have told you that.
Audio no good
I really like this podcast but I can’t hear all of the girls. I can only hear a few maybe just two are using microphone I don’t know Keep doing good work. Good luck and success ☺️
Heartfelt and Entertaining
I love this Podcast!! The ladies are young, hopeful, inspiring and talented! I crave new episodes and listen with a big smile when I get them. Thanks ladies!
These are my girls!
I love this show. It’s like having the convos you don’t have time for with the friends you don't have time for lol. I LOVE IT!
scottie beam thinks pedophilia is funny!
she was laughing at a joke making fun of a sexual abused child on twitter. i can’t support. her humor is as dry as her hair. gross!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a whole year now and it’s seriously changed my life. The ladies are reflective, raw, vulnerable, transparent, hilarious, and just everything that it means to be carefree black girls/women! Listening to BGP feels like having a conversation with my friends. It also feels like having older sisters who have already been where you’re at and can guide you through different situations and emotions. I can’t wait to see where these ladies will go in life! Everyone should listen to this podcast!
Shay Nichele
🤣 Ayooo. Don’t play us I peeped almost said “AT&T” smh. Lol
I love this!!
I have no idea why I’m just now learning about this podcast but I definitely plan on binge listening to catch up on each episode. All 5 of these ladies are lovely, hilarious, and extremely relatable. Thank you so much for this podcast. You are all new friends in my head.
Favorite Podcast!!
I absolutely love every part of this podcast. The ladies are so relatable and make you feel as if they know your story. Every episode has something that can make you laugh, make you cry and that’s what I enjoy most about it. I love that they all tell their story and there isn’t any holding back. They are an inspiration to all young black so men out there. Awesome show ladies! Keep it up!
Thanks for doing this for the movement!!! It’s not a moment it’s a movement!! ❤️❤️❤️ Love you Sapphira!
Ladies, This podcast is amazing! I love the authenticity in all of the discussions. Thank you for the being the voice that we need and the encouragement! It feels great to know that I am not alone in my struggles and victories! Bless up!
This podcast has saved me in so many ways!
I can’t remember what month I started listening. I believe it was January or February. The first few episodes I listened to were UMI part one and two and another episode where the ladies talked about their experiences with heartbreak. Both some very tear jerking episodes, but I feel like discovered this podcast and group of ladies when I was at a breaking point and completely over the edge, mentally. I needed someone in my ear to keep telling me to press on with working, achieving my goals and sticking to the plan I have for myself to achieve all my dreams. Although they weren’t physically in my ear, their words and experiences still resulted in my getting my days going, despite how hard they were. I love this group of women like I know them personally. I’ve been listening FAITHFULLY ever since! 💖
I don’t know why I waited so long to listen. Let me backtrack and get my life 😍✨
So I’m super late, but I’m happy I took the time to listen. Love the perspective, the vibe, the encouragement.
Great to hear the voices of young sisters
I absolutely enjoyed listening to you young women. The chemistry between you all is just infectious and it makes you want to listen to each of the unique personalities and perspectives. Keep it up ladies!
Natasha Tottie Weston
Episode 31 saved my life. Literally the day I listened to it I was giving up. Gia spoke about fighting everyday and how sometimes when people ask the question "what have you been up to" it feels like nothing. I was literally in tears! THANK YOU GIA & other hosts for being soooooo open and honest about this life!!! Xoxoxo
Black girl MAGIC
Hey Ladies, First of all, I love us for real. I thoroughly enjoy this podcast because the conversations are real and very entertaining. I even share the same ideals as y’all and I rock wit y’all for that. Thank you for taking the time to create this podcast and touching on subjects that need to talked about i.e. therapy (we all need it). Keep up the good work ladies! Be blessed.
My Favorite Podcast EVER! ✊🏾💗
I binged listened to this podcast to catch up and died laughing during my commute, at work, and at home with each episode. I look forward to every episode because it gives me so much life! I constantly share this podcast with people, hoping that I can talk to them about the episodes! Please keep up the great work individually & as a whole. Y’all are truly black girl magic. ✨
yall so MashaAllah
Drost Kokoye
This is the ‘easy to listen to while one my commute’ podcast I didn’t know I was looking for. Yall are hilarious and on it politically, without being heavy.
Each of you alls Perspectives are powerful!!
Jonathan Jones Speaks
I enjoy being able to better understand ways to hear out, appreciate and even respectfully approach women. Thank you for what experiences you all share and I hope you have a great event this weekend A! Jonathan Jones Host of the Speak Your Success Podcast
melanin Millennial
Ugh they annoyingly (in a POSITIVE way) ,somehow understand what I’m going through.Im behind on the Epps but EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to an episode,they talk about the tings I’m going through.Each one of them i feel is a reflection of me.I feel like they know my thoughts and more.Its crazy bc it’ll be them laughing with the listens then I find my self in a Sunday meeting at the Kingdom Hall .I wish I had a group of friends like them to help me through my ish or call my on my ish.im about to be 19 and they are really helping on my self-journey.im learning a lot from them.i listen to some episodes over bc sometimes I need to for my own sake.Thank you women so much for this podcast.
Sapphira ugh
I can’t stand Saphiraa however you spell it
Great, but..
Ivan Mena
Super dope podcast and great conversations but they just need to release content more frequently.
I love this podcast .
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