Definitely worth listening!
Quit wasting time googling all your business questions! Jenna covers them all in a super easy to understand and fun way!
Amazing information
Jenna has a gift for teaching. Love hearing her. She shares so many amazing insights and is most encouraging!
Jenna is the bomb af real deal
Thank you for your insight. Your straight forward ness. Your willingness to help others. Your sense of money and the ways people see it in others lives. You are truly awesome.
Jenna is Amazing!
Love love love this podcast! I didn’t know what I was looking for a few months ago and already had Rachel Hollis, Ed Mylett, and Tammy Loftis on my regular playlist - some pretty amazing people and my virtual life coaches :) But the bare bones “how to” was harder to find other than the many boring mundane business chat shows. I wanted to know how to start a blog, how to leverage what I already know to find a niche and grow that side hustle and build people up at the same time! I have so many creative outlets and interests and expertise. And none are mainstream businesses I have an example yet to follow - so learning from someone like Jenna and all her guests for how they created a business from the absolute ground up and in their own unique way and filing a need to be able to serve a market that maybe didn’t have many options yet. I Love living in this century where we have so many powerful smart awesome and REAL women leading their best lives! If you want to be an entrepreneur,and you have your own style and moxie and you are distrupting your industry - Jenna is your gal!
Great, simple tips
Love this podcast. Jenna has great energy but without being over the top. She gives great actionable tips that are simple but powerful. Has a broad enough range of concepts without ever being irrelevant for me!
She doesn’t want your money, she wants your success
Jenna is like that friend you have who’s a bartender or masseuse and hooks you up with free drinks or back-rubs. She genuinely seeks to help her listeners succeed, not make a profit off them since, as she says, she’s passionate about offering this kind of education for free. She reveals SO much of how she got to where she is. It’s not some secret she reserves only for those who pay top dollar for a course. I learn a ton from this girl and I haven’t paid a dime!
Love love love Jenna!!
I absolutely love Jenna’s podcast. She has such valuable information for small business owners to grow themselves as owners and as a person.
Thank You Jenna!
For being so breathtakingly honest and open. You show the beauty and the grit, you truly did not have too. But I learn every time I enjoy one of these weekly goalden nuggets
Invaluable info
I love this show and, as a new entrepreneur, have gotten invaluable information about how to start a successful business.
Brooke 738593
I absolutely love this podcast! So informative and fun to listen to!
The one! The only!
Jesse Lillejord
Yep, that’s you! I was impressed by you last year when I was in the midst of starting my dream clinic - and the admiration and respect has only grown throughout the time we’ve listened. I say we, because now we have a team listening (because doing things as a team and paying attention to all the little details is beyond important - something we learned from you!)!! Thank you for inspiring me - us! We enjoy every minute - for both the personal and business nuggets! Thank you for all that you’re doing for our community of women! (P.S. I’m a fellow Duluthian - and I selfishly love that you live up there!)
Best show ever!
I absolutely love this show, and listen to it all the time! Jenna gives great information, and helps motivate me on the daily. Thanks for all the help Jenna!
123mia miyako
I’ve been binge-listening since I discovered Jenna a few months ago. She’s the perfect combination of professional and relatable. Covering topics everyone would want (and need!) to know about. Her story telling skills draw you in - she makes the podcast feel like you are just having a cup of coffee with a friend. Many of the women out there right now with a platform are great “cheerleaders” - but there aren’t as many “thought-leaders.” Jenna is really at the head of the pack in my opinion. She offers real tangible advice - tackling subjects from motherhood to marriage, and all things to help you run your business smoothly. I’m in the process of building my business and just getting started - Jenna is the perfect person to help! I’d say she’s the new blonde Oprah😊
Is this real life?!?!
Wow Jenna!! Your podcast is doing INCREDIBLE things. I’m watching my life change every day and a huge part of that is because of what you teach me every week. You’re bubbly personality is something that constantly reminds me to make the best of every situation. I know you have gone through a lot of hard things but you got through it because you are strong! I love that you teach other women that it’s ok to go through the hard things and be sad about it but you can’t let it ruin your life. Thank you for always sharing what others may not because you want to help other women live the lives they want. Thank you for being you.♥️
MBA for small business owners
I have been faithfully listening to The Goal Digger Podcast for 2 years and not missed a single episode. Jenna's super power is making you feel like you're having an afternoon coffee with your most intelligent, genuine and uplifting girl friend. I never fail to feel both educated and energized after every episode! As someone who used to work in management consulting where content and story-telling are key, I can assure you that Jenna nails both of these and is hands down one of the best educators I have ever come across. Now that I am starting a business, this Podcast is my version of a fun, engaging MBA course for practitioners! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Jenna and team! Thanks for shining your light all the way across the globe to brighten many of my days here in Southeast Asia!
The BEST podcast!
I was scrolling Instagram and came across someone I follow that mentioned this podcast. It is changing my long daily drives to and from work, and making daily routines exciting as I feel so motivated!
Thank you. May I have another?
I feel like I won the lottery finding Jenna's podcast. She has a way of speaking directly to me. She is passionate, open and honest. So thankful for her voice.
Why my Business Went Multi-National - Thanks, Jenna
I’ve been listening to Jenna for a year and am honestly just now rating her because I’m joining the GoalDigger Facebook Group! As a diplo-spouse, CEO entrepreneur, mum of three, and fluffy dog owner, I honestly don’t have a whole lot of time for extras in my life (helloooo late rating...). And let me tell you - Jenna is now a mandatory extra. Thanks to her business savvy and friendship through the pod, my business has transformed in the last year from a struggling idea into a multi-national corporation that’s changing lives on four continents around the world. Jenna’s weekly teachings give me the spice, the insight, and the fun that I need to keep growing and staying true to our vision while making money. If you want to explode your business, listen to Jenna - it’s like having a friend in your back pocket with all of the best answers, cheering you on to success.
Very grateful for finding Jenna on my journey
I found about this podcast couple months ago, and I can’t be more happy than I am now. I love to hear every episode because I feel so related to Jenna in many aspects. I, as she was, am struggling with fertility issues and treatments and discouragement and so on, but listening to her and how she is so compassionate about people who are going through the same, makes me feel secure and supported, it is my secret space. I listen to the podcast when I’m driving every single day, on my way to work and on the way home, and I feel like I have a friend talking to me. It is so personal and so intimate that her company is the best I can have on those goods days and on those not so good days. I just finished law school here but I am lawyer for many years in Peru, however I have a passion! Writing, blogging, sharing my story but I keep postponing that passion and put it aside. Listening to Jenna inspires me to take action! To go forward with it, even if people tells me I am crazy or I should give it up since I studied so much for practicing law here. Well, I have soooo much to say, my review would be so long, but in short Thank you so much Jenna for doing what you are doing. You are changing lives, you inspire and motivate everybody who get in touch with you. I don’t feel alone on this journey any more. If I would ever consider to have a life coach or mentor, that would be you! No doubts or second thoughts for that decision. Your story is gold and your educational experience is unmeasurable. Thank you for sharing, thank you just for being You!
Trust + Believe...
You will get so much out of this podcast; especially EP 282 feat. Jen Sincero. A great conversation with two lovely ladies about money, fear, getting over your fiscal hurdles and getting on to a great life. I recommend the Goal Digger podcast to anyone interested in proactivity via positivity because Jenna has it on lock! Thank you!
Inspiration & Motivation
Coach EBJ
Jenna’s transparency is refreshing and inspiring! I love how she helps you connect the dots and references previous episodes in case you need a deeper dive. She’s an amazing resource for entrepreneurial women!
Great find!!
Ashlee Y
Jenna is fun, inspirational, motivational, practical, and relatable. Truly shifted my perspective on myself and my future, made a difference in how I handle my life in the present. If you skim through the available episodes and aren’t sure where to start, I recommend episodes 257, 260, 277 as well as the numberless episode from March 2018 about Jenna’s experience with suddenly and unexpectedly going viral.
Practical. Uplifting. Inspirational!
I recently quit my day job to go full-time with my side hustle and Jenna and get guests have been an incredible source of wisdom and practical advice for me as I took the leap to do what I love. I love Jenna’s down to earth personality and lack of ego and find her extremely relatable. Thank you Goal Digger community!
Love this podcast!
New listener... as of the last week. But I can’t stop listening. I’ve been a business owner for just over 5 years- previously in a franchise setting and now as an individually owned partnership. And the information provided here is changing our new business and will be setting us apart dramatically. Thank you for the content and inspiration. I can’t wait to check back in a year to share the transformation!
Pleasant Surprise & Fave Podcast
So when I first went to listen, I thought this was going to be super corny and not helpful lol. I was wrong! I love Jenna and this podcast. I am a Black woman business owner and I sell physical products but even her episodes about things like blog posts have amazing and useful gems. Keep up the great work Jenna! <3
Future Goal Digger Guest
Jenna! I stumbled on your podcast a couple months ago after I decided to follow my dreams and start an online therapy business. I have gorged your podcast ever since. Your tips, tricks and advice have shaped, supported and eased my burdens of stepping into my new adventure as a business owner. I hope to be so successful in the future using your strategies that I can come on your show and share with your listeners how to I made an impact around the world being a goal digger hoarder.
I’ve been listening for a week now and I’ve started from Episode 1 and jumped around here and there. The things I’ve learned in this week alone has already helped make such a difference in my photography business! Definitely my favorite podcast!
Listen every morning!
I absolutely love this podcast! I religiously listen every morning as I drive to work. There are so many amazing things that I have learned. I literally am trying to jot down notes at the red lights. Jenna you help amp me up every morning and remind me that I have the capability to create my own future. I am starting up a luxury botanical skincare line, and your words of inspiration and encouragement help push me to obtaining my goal and quiting my current job! You are amazing!! Thank you for all that you provide for us ladies!!
Can’t stop listening!
I recently started listening to the Goal Digger podcast and I seriously can’t stop. It’s so good! There is so much information packed into the episodes that I can use and apply in my business!
#1 !!!!!!
I LOVE this podcast! Jenna you are a genius! I’m starting to build my business and didn’t have any idea where the heck to start. I remembered I had subscribed to your podcast MONTHS ago but never listened to anything... I started listening a few days ago and now I’m BINGING!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELPFUL LITTLE NUGGETS!!!! 🤟🏼
Listen for a better life
Love Jenna. She preaches overdelivering, and girl, she does it.
Ms. Hillary Rose
I found Jenna’s podcast at the time I needed it most. I was in the early stages of entrepreneurship, getting my organizing business off the ground, while continuing to pursue my lifelong dream of writing books. My business and my dream were at war with each other, and I didn’t know how to pursue both - until I heard episode 59. Why You Need a Brand Not a Business. I was overwhelmed maintaining 2 Instagram accounts, Pinterest accounts, and Facebook pages, and this episode was my solution. Jenna showed me how to connect my business with my writing, while giving my brand a personal vibe. I couldn’t be more grateful for her and her team and this incredible podcast!
Something for everyone
Jenna is like your Savy best friend. Here to help and give amazing tips and advice for your business but also to discuss real life along the way. I truly enjoy her podcast and take away tremendous value for my business.
Soooo Helpful, thank you so much for all the deets!
Reinvent Your Hustle
I launched my site in July and after 4 long months post job loss it is all finally coming around. I sincerely appreciate Jenna’s valuable information she works so hard to produce for her listeners. Thank you so much for the ongoing support as well as and all the tips and tricks you keep pushing out for your listener’s businesses! Keep it coming and I’ll be listening! Kristine (Duluth, MN)
Don’t sleep on this podcast! I overlooked Goal Digger for months. NO MORE! It has changed my life! Jenna shares the information concerning all things business and social media in a way that is relatable, understandable and ALWAYS ends with a light bulb moment. I am SO grateful for this podcast and can’t imagine my life before without it!
Hi Jenna and team! First I wanted to say that Jenna, you are truly my spirit animal Mac n cheese and all. Secondly, I just wanted to say how much your podcast inspires me in my journey to build a community and reach out to my followers as part of my MLM business I run through IG. It’s made me better at connecting with people, and has brought me so much more joy than I ever thought I could have in doing this business of mine. Thanks for the weekly inspo, and I truly love you guys and feel like you’re my friends even though I’m a total stranger!!☺️
My favorite podcasts for my business!
Style Coach
Goal digger is my favorite podcast to listen to for entrepreneurial inspiration, tips and so much encouragement for my business! Thank you Jenna!
Learning so much
I launched my business in May and found this podcast in July. I’ve learned so much from Jenna already and look forward to learning more! Thank you!!!
So much info!
I love how much I get out of each episode. It’s been very informative, excited to hear more
Everything you need!
This podcast has everything you need. I love Jenna and all of the people on this podcast! It’s been so helpful for me. You definitely need to listen to this podcast!!
Obsessed with Goal Digger
I have listened to a lot of podcasts and NONE of them offer the content like Jenna. She actually gives you tangible advice and teaches you in every episode. I am addicted to listening to Jenna. I have even started taking notes, most episodes I take 3-4 pages of notes of valuable content I can actually use! I have wanted to do more and chase dreams but have felt like I’m too old, my time has passed. But Jenna is sooooo stinkin motivating and helpful. Jenna is amazing! Such wisdom and knowledge in a young woman. You go girl - love it!
Non-entrepreneur in love
Bek Schrec
Although I am completely passionately in love with my non-entrepreneur career I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Any woman can take something from the topics presented. I especially love the self-care tips and personality type discussions. Jenna takes normal conversation to a deeper level and I always look forward to listening!
Ok, I’m a Jenna Fan!
Michele Romans
Jenna!! I’m sorry to say, I’ve thought for a long time that you sounded “scripted” & wasn’t sure if this was genuine but I kept coming back because of the helpful info you give away for free. After trying some other “girl boss” podcasts, I couldn’t even make it through them. I now 100% realize why you write & read your podcast scripts. Thank you for staying on script & getting straight to the good stuff. You deliver on your promise in your title for every single episode & don’t drag me through a wildly long back story before getting straight to the point ❤️ Needless to say, I’ll be back over and over because this is truly the best of the best out there.
My FAVE business focused podcast
I just listened to Episode 274 with the Email List/ Coaching Session and it is PURE GOLD!! So many great tips and nuggets! I’m going to implement SO much of what I learned in just that one episode! Thanks to Jenna for offering such great content on a weekly basis! If you’re newly starting a business (like I currently am), this is a MUST listen!
The perfect balance between relatable and educational
Wow! This podcast is the one I not only look forward to but always catch myself going back to either listen to older episodes I’ve missed or listening to them for a second time! So educational, authentic and relatable. I love how Jenna really makes it clear that you just need to START and then put the pieces together. I loved your episode on “how to take better photos” not because I am a photographer but because it just goes to show you don’t need the fanciest equipment to produce great work...that is determined from your grit and how bad you want it! Please talk more about your transition into becoming a mother and balancing work. I have the same thoughts that once I have a child and become a mom I will need to let my career-driven part of myself go. Thank you for speaking on this topic and saying that’s not true. Love your message! Keep sharing 💜 and congratulations on your little one. Wishing the best for you, your family and your business!
So much value & insight
I LOVE this podcast! Every marketing leader needs to subscribe & up their game with these insightful conversations. They help affirm strategies you are (or thought about) doing, but it also sparks TONS of new ideas from leaders in other industries. This podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
Great podcast!
Thank you for the great work! I can’t imagine how much work you put into this to make every episode so amazing!
Amazing & real tips!
Can’t recommend this podcast enough to any influencers, business, marketers, social media promoters. I’ve recommended it to my other friends getting started in small business as well, and everyone raves as well. Thank you Jenna!
Motivating, Inspiring, and Downright Enjoyable
Keweenaw Doula
Whenever I'm feeling uninspired, lazy, and not feeling like putting in the work: Jenna gets me moving! Even when I'm unsure if a topic will be relevant to me, there's always a good piece to take from each episode that I can apply to me and my business! Keep up the great content, Jenna Kutcher and team! Thank you!
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