Fantastic podcast
Tiffany N, South Texas
This podcast tics all the boxes. So well done, the stories are relatable to the human experience. Hope there are more episodes to come!
jen stoddard
i love goldstein’s books, and i am obsessed with podcasts - how did i not know this podcast exists?!?! just heard about it while listening to the Clearing - mention of Rose episode - now will binge entire library!!! it is very rare that i will actually laugh - and he makes me laugh so unexpectedly and it’s so therapeutic!
This show is amazing. Johnathan’s story telling is in a league of its own. I love his narrative style and how he draws people out to get them motivated to do what they need to do. This podcast has episodes that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you laugh and cry! Some episodes are so touching. Johnathan, thank you. This show brings me so much joy.
This miller high life half season is a serious misstep
I’ve been with heavyweight since the beginning and always look forward to the new season so when I saw this fakakta half-season appear I thought “meh how bad can some miller beer sponsored opining be?” Turns out plenty bad. I am kind of embarrassed for Jonathan and gimlet. And I’m sure they don’t care because it probably enables them to take some lovely vacations but holy cats guys....didn’t Spotify buy you guys for heaping gobs of money? I honestly would have just rather waited than have to listen to this. So I won’t. One and a half mini episodes and I’m out. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Almost as if I had just drank a sub-par beer. Now if only I could think of one...
What happened?
I had been a fan. But this season is a waste of time. Sorry. I’ll have to unsubscribe. It’s like some 5th graders wrote it. It’s funny to them but is completely void of any substance.
Please tell me
Jonathan, where is Season 4????
I love wry humor, very funny!
Absolutely Hysterical
Since the last seasons I check all the time for more episodes. Finally more are coming!!!! This show is awesome. Thanks Gimlet!!!
Jonathan Goldstein is a genius
This guy can’t go wrong. Love his self deprecation and the fact he trolls Alex so hard.
Great host
I love the premise of this podcast, but more so I love how the host shares each persons personal story. I love the humor and the heart that are used in every episode. Probably the best host on any podcast I have ever heard!
Have listened to only 2 but have found them to be awesome! Great podcasts! Looking forward to Season 2019!
Jonathan is the best!
I have loved every show Jonathan has been on and was an avid listener to wiretap! I was so disappointed when that show ended until I heard about heavyweight, one of my favorite shows on gimlet!
In love.....platonically
I SO want to be friends with this guy, he can call me all the time and talk about whatever. My daughter said he seems like my type of human. I agree, his sense of humor is awesome. Hes dope. Not baking soda.
Great sense of humor!
Big podcast fan!!
Makes me laugh all the time - great show!
Diaries is a waste of time
Heavyweight is my favorite team podcast. The Diaries series is a waste of time. You can hear the contempt in Jonathan’s voice as he desperately tries to help Gimlet make money from Miller. I get that podcasts are a business and that Spotify didn’t buy Gimlet to lose money. In the battle of art vs commerce, art always loses. The real loser here is fans of Heavyweight. I just hope that the onext season isn’t also a Miller Lite commercial too cause it would be a shame for an average beer to ruin a great podcast.
One of my favorites
Thoughtful, funny & entertaining!
What’s going on?
Why is this season so weird? Feels like a tacky Miller beer plug. Please bring back the enjoyable side of Heavy Weights
At last!
I must have been hiding under a rock to not notice but, at last, I have found my people. So glad you do what you do. Love it all. DON’T change a thing!
How did I JUST find this?!?!!!
Applies stupid
Can’t. Stop. Laughing.
Jonathan Goldstein is my hero
Juror #11
Jonathan, I honestly think we’d be best friends. Jonathan, if you’re out there reading this, hi.
Jackie be my BFF!
I love this podcast. On each episode I have laughed out loud, felt sad, then hopeful and at the very end I have found my own closure as the subjects have sought out. Really well done. Jackie is hilarious and I want to friends with her! When she was saying she didn’t want to be on the podcast I felt genuine fear! She stays. Please tell me she stays!!!
Too quirky for me
Your last two episodes were getting a little too silly and eccentric for me. And could you talk about anything more boring? I don’t think so.
Love the podcast!
I needed a break from my TruCrime binge and I stumbled on this podcast. When I heard the trailer, I was impressed and intrigued to listen to more. One of my favorite episodes is “Tony” with his struggles of being an absent T Godfather to 3 children. I love the story so much I teared up listening to his youngest godchild saying how he says “you’re a great godfather”. So happy for Tony and keep up with the show! 😊
Love love this podcast
ram marie
Got me laughing and holding my tears so no one sees me crying at work..
My heart...
I’m late to the party. A few episodes in and I have laughed out loud, cringed, cried ... all the stuff. Gimlet. You magnificent bastard.
Are we going to get extended commercials till SEP?
The Real Zen Boy
Suddenly my feed is being filled with something called The Heavy Wait Diaries, which is an extended commercial for Miller beer with a story that could really fit into a tweet spread across it. The story isn’t even that good. Please regain your dignity and stop this. I really hope this isn’t the format the upcoming season is going to take. I was wondering what effect the purchase of Gimlet would have, and I guess we now know. Between constant plugs for Spotify and 8+ minute long commercials with no real content, we seem to have our answer. Even tho it breaks my heart, looks like I am going to have to say goodbye to Gimlet podcasts. Luckily, there are tons of other great ones out there.
Hilariously Quirky
I’m known to many as a cold hearted snake who doesn’t laugh at jokes, but there’s something about Jonathan Goldstein that makes me smile the moment he begins speaking. I’ve even found myself laughing out loud in the car over a ridiculously dramatic problem he’s concocted. Do yourself a favor and indulge in heavyweight. Your mood will thank you.
What’s going on here?
I agree with another reviewer below, to paraphrase: Season 1: excellent, 2: passable, 3: what is going on, here? He’s a great writer, and likes to show off...that’s it? No substance at all?
I laugh, I cry, I get all the feels. This podcast is so well done, and J.G. is my favorite podcast host by a mile. His relationships with friends and family are the backdrop of his generous and genuine mission that he’s on - to fix one thing at a time to take the weight of someone’s past off their shoulders. Brilliant and moving. Please keep at it. It’s made me look at humanity in a positive way at a time when it’s easy to forget the good in others.
Love the podcast!
Cream cheese and jelly sandwich??! What??!
Super cool Podcast
I love this Podcast. A few tears have been shed on some of the episodes. Great work Jonathan!
Quirky love for this podcast!
I’ve been loving this podcast since it was recommended to me years ago on/by Apple! Nowhere near my wheelhouse but I’m always left with a laugh! Must be a northern thing heard he married A Minnesotan read best state! Grey duck forever! Please have her on!
My dude
I love this guy truly unique, SEASON 4!!!
Really? You said the best place to listen to this show is on Spotify?!?! Loved the show and that just rubs me the wrong way as I listened to preview of new season on Apple podcasts. Poor choice. Unsubscribe.
Pod Love
Lex Mila Jander
I plan to write an expansive, effusive review, soon. For now let me say, 😻😻😻😻😻.
Diarrhea not Diaries
Trevor Akers
The diaries so far are horrible and annoying.
Please don’t ruin season 4
PLEASE!!!! Heavyweight is my favorite podcast, but you seem to have been confused during season 3.... that listeners subscribe to this podcast.... to hear episodes of this.... and not episodes of other random podcasts that are ‘coming soon’.... ANYWAYS. Hopefully you guys made enough ad revenue last season to actually release your own episodes :) love - angry from last time, but I’ll still listen.
After Serial
I have listen to every season. It’s quirky, funny, sensitive, and deep. It always leaves me with hope for humanity, expands my heart, teaches me a new perspective and often makes me cry. Thank you for being yourself Jonathan! And Jorge.. this cannot be easy to edit! Good job!
One of the best
Just an amazing show. Jonathan is a fantastic host and he's great at taking mundane stories and making them feel so profound. One of those shows that makes you cry happy tears at work.
Love it and miss it
I love the stories Jonathan brings to light every week. I laugh and cry and just fall in love with each person. I hope gimlet brings this show back for another season. I could listen to theses stories all day long
Thank you for this Podcast
Had a hard time finding podcasts that didn’t have me scared out of my skin or depressed beyond belief. Heavyweight is gives me reason to smile while listening to people trying to do better in regular life. And Jonathan is kind a funny
My favorite
I LOVE this show. The style of storytelling is excellent and so so funny. Please bring us new episodes!!!!
Great storytelling
Funny, heartwarming, compelling.
My Favorite Podcast
I love this podcast! Every episode is compelling and Jonathan Goldstein is a great story teller. Each episode Jonathan takes you on a roller coaster of laughter and emotion to help someone confront something from their past. I look forward to every new episode and even enjoy listening to past ones. My teenage kids even enjoy listening to some of the episodes when we are driving somewhere. You won’t regret subscribing to this podcas.
Sliding Scale
Season 1 - excellent Season 2 - good Season 3 - seems to have run out of material Future - Gimlet was purchased by Spotify. I fear the Apple/Spotify divide has begun in podcasting. So long Gimlet; I’m an Apple guy.
Warm N Fuzzy...
A podcast that provokes an emotional connection that few podcast will EVER come close to. Laugh, cry and think, Johnathon brings out all of it. Sometimes all three in a single episode, great job!!!
This is my favorite podcast! I love it! It has such an authentic connection with others as they explore their struggles. Great job!
One of my all time faves.
longlastin' podcastin'
This is my third time listening to the podcast all the way through and it still causes me to feverishly grin and tear up like few others. The writing is equal parts dryly hilarious and heartbreaking poignant. At the top of my list for anyone who asks (or doesn’t) for a podcast recommendation.
First listen
Mary Frances/Erie, Pa.
Heard Dani Shapiro rave about this podcast and had to give a listen. Jon’s humor is delightful and original and the way the episode built to the end.....so touching. Listened to the “Alex “ episode, will listen now to past episodes. Thank you!
An emotionally healthy show
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Additionally from the subject line I can say I love this show and I am probably the toughest critic of every podcaster.
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