Easily my favorite show
For that listener that is ADDICTED to creating their future. For the listener who KNOWS they are destine for greatness but didn’t believe they could actually make a living in it. This podcast is for you. Mike asks very candid and heart opening questions. It would be a crime not to listen to this podcast and take notes.
Road Trip Material
Mike, you and your guests are my favorite traveling companions! I just completed a 3,800+ mile/3-week road trip and only listened to music for an hour each day. Your podcast kept me company, entertained me, and gave me something to think about. Thank you!
So Interesting
Just discovered a couple of days ago and I’m hooked. I needed something to listen to while I work around the house, and I wanted something that would hold my attention. So far I’m enjoying this podcast.
Awesome job Mike!
Really like the host. He asks great questions and interesting topics. Love that they can crank out so many quality episodes!
Profe H
In response to the review immediately before mine - there cannot be too many episodes! The host is easy to listen to and does a good job. The topics covered are surprisingly always engaging in spite of the variety. I can listen to all of them and dont find myself skipping or “shopping” for an episode I want to listen to like I do with other favorite podcasts. I like the depth of the coverage as well and the interview format although I do wish the episodes were longer. However, for many of the topics I follow up on the guest when I want to know more about a topic presented. I strongly recommend this podcast to people of all ages - it is one that truly has something for everyone. Thank you!
Too Many!
The host does a good job. The issue is the amount of content and rate they are pumped out. I never thought I would complain about too many episodes. But seriously, every few days is too much. I cannot keep up! My feed gets backed up, it becomes overwhelming and I end up deleting. Slow down!
My favorite podcast for the morning commute
Prudent credit watcher
Mike always has interesting guests, a wide variety of topics and always asks great questions. SYSK gives you a taste of what research and books are being published and I’ve read quite a few books after hearing interviews with their authors here. Also, a straightforward format that spares you the personal banter of some podcast and gets straight to the topic.
Love this podcast
I’m never disappointed with this podcast! Always has informative Ridleys to live by! Thank you.
Adding to my life
I listen to something you should know because there are interesting guests and helpful information from the host.
Podcast Staple
I like it because it engages my brain and leads me down familiar and unfamiliar thought paths. Additionally, I find myself incorporating the information especially when it reinforces things I have experienced.
Listen! Great podcast😃
I listen to many different podcasts and yet this is my first review. I really like the people he interviews ( not the same well known people that make the podcast circuit). I also enjoy the topics and solid interview questions. There was one episode where Mike was a tad rude and aggressive but I appreciated his follow up on the next episode- he’s brave, smart and does a great job! Thank you!
Something You Should Know
Reuben's Wife
Mike asks all the right questions! While listening, something pops up in my brain- and then Mike asks it. I love that about him! It’s like he is in touch with his followers( lucky to have that) His range of guests and topics is extraordinary. I never walk away without a need to research further something I learned. Thank you Mike and staff!
One of the best
I listen to Something you should know daily, when there aren’t new episodes I go and listen to old ones as there are so many I always have new things to learn! Thanks so much for such an informative and fun podcast!
Changed my entire circumstances
I dont really know whats too personal to put here in the review so I am going to write you seperate email Mike but needless to say your show is one of the most valuable and potent resources I have seen in a long time. I can find something to share with just about everyone and i never feel like your choices or opinions are biased or have agenda. Thank you soo much
Love this Podcast!
Always so informative and entertaining! Very well done & Mike has a great voice, which certainly makes listening to him a pleasure!
Great show
I learn something new everyone I listen!
Being that music can be garbage nowadays, I chose to listen to something that could benefit me. I stumbled upon these podcasts and have been listening ever since; whether it’s while showering or in the car. What I like most is the diverse topics and that I’m always learning. Thanks, Mike.
My favorite podcast!
Very diverse topics. Mike is an engaging interviewer. I learn something new in every episode! Highly recommend listening if you want a lighthearted and insightful experience.
Too many ads
K from Trucker
I lose interest waiting for the ads to be over.
I’m obsessed
I look forward to listening everyday. I am a teacher and I love to learn especially if there is good research to support it. Mike does such a great job asking the exact questions I am thinking. I wish all the episodes could be made in to a book. I listen to the same episodes often.
One of the very best podcasts out there, and probably my top pick. Always interesting and informative. The host brings in a wide variety of guests and is an excellent interviewer.
Accuracy is an issue
Lotion Soup
The host consistently makes inaccurate and irrational claims about the subject matter, and in several episodes I've listened to, I've also questioned the credibility or claims of the guests (though I've never actually looked into any). It's a shame, this podcast could be very informative if it were more well researched.
Best driving companion
I listen to Mike on my commute every day and learn something fascinating every time. My reading list has grown exponentially because I want to learn more about every topic he discusses.
My favorite podcast!
Candy 12205
Even if the list of contents doesn’t sound like the stories are things I’m interested in, the show always proves that I was wrong in my response! One program, and I was hooked!
Easy and Fun
Great podcast Mike! Very easy to listen to. Fun information. I have to admit, the most useful info I got was the proper way to tie my shoes. Sounds silly, but it has made a real difference in my everyday. Love it!
Excellent Podcast !
Conor Lloyd
I have recommended this podcast to everyone I know.The host is an excellent interviewer.He knows his subjects, does not interrupt ,asks the questions I would want answers to and does a terrific summary at the end of each interview. I love hearing these very articulate experts and I’m learning a lot ! Keep up the great work. I look forward to each new episode !
Best podcast ever
I love this podcast!! Very informative and the host works tirelessly to really press and get information from his guests.
Love, love, love!!!
This podcast is amaze balls! I learn so many things. I never get tired of hearing this informative but fun podcast. My only complaint...and it’s really no complaint, just wish it was longer!! Keep up the good work.
My favorite podcast
Rosay ahahah
Mike is well-spoken and great at interviewing. I find each episode intriguing and informative. I’ve learned so much from this podcast! Definitely give it a try if you haven’t yet.
Commercials, commercials, commercials...
The proliferation of commercials throughout ruin this podcast along with so many others. After my umpteenth time to try and free my hands and fast forwarding them, I just say F the whole podcast and move on to something else, just like when you hit the ads in your news articles, FB videos, YouTube, etc. Too many commercials for this one to be worth my limited time.
Great podcast
Such a great show, I always learn something new and very useful. Thank you!
Tamzid Raiyan
Very informative and very addictive tbh.
Love this podcast
Absolutely incredible information on a diverse number of issues. The format is great and the interviewer and interviewees are wonderful. Keep up the great work. -Roux.
One of my favorite podcasts
. Mike does a great job.👍🏻 I look forward to each new episode.
Great topics
Started listening to podcasts a few months ago and love this one!!! Very interesting tid-bits of information and Mike has a very sexxxxxy voice!!;)
But Dad...!
One of my favorite podcasts, consistently engaging and informative even though I sometimes feel like I’m being lectured by my father.
This is unfortunate that since I’ve listened to this podcast, I can easily count at least half a dozen cases where the information presented as truth has been either factually inaccurate, unsupported, or supported by questionable sources. Due diligence with research is essential and sharing an objective view is better. As is, this show presents truths alongside fuzzy truths alongside unsupported misconceptions and factual errors. As such, it is impossible to know which is which, this rendering the podcast harmful to our collective intelligence.
Very entertaining!
Paulio Stringcheez
I love listening to this podcast. The topics are always interesting and Mike does a great job with his interviews. I love to learn and this podcast makes it a lot of fun. It is my favorite podcast.
Love this podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast! It is very informative and has a wide variety of topics. Mike Carruthers is a fabulous host and speaks in a clear and soothing tone.
How to be a great customer episode
dobt listen
Normally love the show but this episode missed the boat, with the girl talking about data privacy. She told you 1000X ways why the end of digital privacy is dangerous and how it can effect us (patiently as well!) And the host was too stupid to receive it. Sometimes men can’t take it when women are smarter than them or tell them what to do. He did a horrible job of listening to her and missed her points altogether. Bad bad episode on his end, not hers.
Write a Review
Michigan Reviewer 2.
I've never heard it but I'm giving it a 5.
Inspiring and Educational
After listening to one episode, I was hooked. Subscribe if you want something that makes you feel, think and act.
It’s very interesting!
I really like your show, especially when you discuss anything about nutrition and trivia. Today I listened to the section about emoticons—only you pronounced it emoticoms. I was surprised you didn’t know what they’re called. Keep up the good work!
obnoxious loud commercials
Was a listener for a couple months and enjoying it, however lately the shows been airing obnoxious and loud commercials. I understand a guy needs to make money, but just go back to the personalized pitches. for now unsubscribing. commercials like the annoying ones on TV should not be part of podcast experience.
On my weekly rotation
I love this podcast. There’s something about Mike’s voice and attitude when interviewing that is both entertaining and calming. I always get excited when I see a new podcast in my library. Keep it up!
Good podcast but....
Way to many commercials which I end up fast forwarding through. I also don’t like how the show is edited. It’s seem a like host sends the guest questions which they answer but it’s as if it’s spliced in cutting room to be a tidy answer.
Too many commercials
This podcast is great. Very interesting and many different topics in one episode, which I enjoy. However, the downside is, there are too many looong commercials per episode which is annoying. While I do love the podcast, I think twice before listening, because of the commercials.
Great for the Brain
Interesting information to improve our intellect.
tell me something else
Hue b
love it!
A lot of useless information.
Cringy and boring.
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