How to Scientifically Make Your Brain Perform Noticeably Better & How to Effectively Hold a Grudge
January 14, 2019
47 min
How many times have you been told you should be thankful for what you have? Well, there may be some profound wisdom in that. I begin this podcast with some great research that shows how simple acts of gratitude can bring you benefits for a long time. http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/01/how-expressing-gratitude-changeyour-brain.html While you might think memory loss and cognitive decline are problems only for older people – you would be mistaken. Many younger people are walking around with sluggish, underperforming brains. Why? Listen as I talk with Steven Masley, M.D., an affiliate clinical associate professor at the University of South Florida, a fellow of the American Heart Association and author of the book, The Better Brain Solution (https://amzn.to/2VLIgdO). Dr. Masley explains the 5 things that are causing so many people of all ages to have brain fog and underutilize their mental power. Then he reveals how to reverse it so you are using all your cognitive function and memory. Do you know people who never seem to get sick? While some of it may be luck, a lot of it has to do with certain habits they perform that keep them from becoming ill. Listen as I describe several ways you can better arm yourself against winter colds and other bugs.  https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/wellness/10-secrets-from-people-who-never-get-sick/ss-BBROEI0#interstitial=2 Holding a grudge does nobody any good – right? Well maybe. It really depends on how you define a grudge. Writer Sophie Hannah has a way to use grudges to your advantage. Sophie is the author of the book How to Hold a Grudge: From Resentment to Contentment―The Power of Grudges to Transform Your Life (https://amzn.to/2AD8Rkd). She joins me to explain how grudge holding – when done correctly – can lead to a happier life and better relationships. This Week’s Sponsors -LinkedIn. For $50 off your first job post, go to www.LinkedIn.com/Podcast -ADT. Go to www.ADT.com/smart to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you. -Quip. Get your first refill free when you buy a quip toothbrush at www.Get Quip.com/something -Care/of Vitamins. For $25 off your first month of personalized vitamins, go to www.TakeCareOf.com and us the promo code: something -Geico. Go to www.Geico.com to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance
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