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Fascinating Stories Behind Holiday Songs and Traditions & How to Acquire the “It Factor” for Success

December 10, 2018
41 min

It is easy and tempting to overspend on holiday gifts. Plus retailers do everything they can to encourage you to spend more. So this episode begins with some strategies to help you spend a bit less and avoid those impulse purchases that you often wish you hadn’t made once you get home.

Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? Why do we bring fir trees into our homes and decorate them? Why is Jingle Bells so popular at Christmas when it is really a Thanksgiving song? Ace Collins author of Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas ( and Stories Behind the Best Loved Songs of Christmas ( joins me to reveal the fascinating backstories of some your favorite holiday traditions and songs. 

Do you have the “It” factor? It’s the thing that makes people want to get to know you and perhaps become part of your life and help you succeed. Mark Wiskup is a top communications expert and coach and he is author of the book The It Factor ( He joins me to explain how anyone can acquire the It factor even if you consider yourself shy or introverted.  

Doing household chores may not be the most exciting thing you do but it turns out there are some great health benefits. Things like making your bed or doing the dishes can actually be good for you. I conclude this episode by discussing some great reasons to tackle those chores you have been putting off.

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