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What Music Does to Your Brain & The Amazing Benefits and Techniques of Decluttering

July 30, 2018
38 min

Negotiating your own salary can be stressful and difficult. This episode begins with some proven ways to help you maneuver through the negotiation process effectively so you get the best deal and the most money possible.

Just about everyone enjoys music. But it is more than mere entertainment. Researcher and writer Dan Levitin author of the book, This is Your Brain on Music discusses how people have used music throughout history and how we use it today to help wake us up, make us think, enhance our mood and help us sleep.

Houseplants can make any home look better but houseplants also have real health benefits. I’ll reveal why it is worth the fuss and effort for you and your family to fill your home with houseplants.

So many of us struggle with clutter – whether it’s our workspace, a room or our entire home. It’s not just getting rid of clutter that’s hard, it’s making sure more clutter doesn’t come in and take its place. Decluttering expert Dana White of is author of the book Declutter at the Speed of Life. She joins me to share some very simple, practical strategies for getting rid of clutter and also talks about the amazing benefits that come when the clutter is gone.

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