Almost 30

Ep. 192 - Game Changers: Optimizing Your Life, Smart Drugs, and Gratitude with Dave Asprey

February 7, 2019
67 min

The Founder and CEO of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey is BACK. If you haven’t listened to his first episode (139) on the podcast, be sure to give it a listen! In today’s conversation with Dave, we talk about his newest book, This book is our go to for a daily dose if inspiration and information to optimize how we feel and how we think. There is a big emphasis on life’sintangibles– whether it’s the words you choose to use and the limitations they create, or the importance of nothingness so your brain can rest and recharge. We also talk about the importance of blue blockers, and Dave’s brand, True Dark, that has a line of the HEV blue light blocking glasses.


We also talk about…

  • Smart drugs
  • Balancing the research and the biohacking
  • What Dave has learned about listening to his body
  • Dave’s toe shoes
  • What you should be doing today to better perform as you age
  • Practicing gratitude and forgiveness


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