Very thorough
Thank you for digging in
Season 2
Just finished Season 2. So well done!!! Praying for justice for Curtis Flowers!!!
Madeleine Baran for Sheriff!
Loved Season 1 and looking forward to Season 2. For season 1, I was worried that knowing Danny Heinrich had confessed would make the entire series anticlimactic. It wasn't. Madeleine Baran's careful investigation and very-well-produced reports are riveting analysis to and absolutely heart-breaking. I did not expect that it would also provide a lens to look at the context of child abduction crimes and our response to it in the US. Thank you for the fantastic podcast.
It's incredible how much time and effort they put into investigating the Curtis Flowers case. This is by far the best investigative podcast.
Investigative Reporting and Story-Telling at its Best
Colin Oatley
The reporters go to incredible lengths to uncover hidden facts, then tell the resulting story in a gripping manner.
True journalism amongst “clickbait” style crime podcasts
I cannot say enough good things about the content and delivery of this podcast. Compelling storytelling without the gimmicks - no sound effects, movie trailer voiceovers, or manufactured drama necessary.
Lifelong resident of Mississippi and barely heard of Curtis Flowers case. I’m angry for the racism that taints my state. I’m so grateful that these reporters have taken so much time and effort to uncover so much about this case. These reporters are amazing. Thank you for the effort you put in. Keep up the incredible work.
The Route
I’m addicted to this lady’s voice! Such good story telling. I cried and cheered many times. Very good reporting ❤️
Very good
brim tats
Love it great job and thanks for giving a voice to the voiceless ✊🏽 keep up the good work
Well done but I have a question...
Who was Bobo Stuart shooting pool with the night before?
AMAZING podcast!!
Highly recommended! ❤️
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Interesting and informative.
Curtis Flowers
a small town town girl
Looking forward to season 3
Very well done! Each episode was well presented and I couldn’t wait to hear more.
Intelligent, Compassionate, & Thorough
I just came across this podcast a few days ago while looking for something true crime & I definitely found what I wanted. The team’s reporting is top notch & I especially loved how respectful & straight-forward the crew is with their interviewees. Can’t wait for more updates. Thank you for bringing light to such important stories & for doing so in such an accessible way.
Fantastic podcast — Such important stuff!
This podcast is so well done. Highly recommend!
Reporters/producers conducted professional and compassionate interviews.
The best!
It’s so good! Every episode has so much info. I couldn’t stop listening. Ready for season 3!
Insightful and meaningful
I love the structure of the podcasts and the fact that each season goes into such depth about the case and anticipates and answers all questions. The stories are reported with empathy and well reasoned arguments.
Excellent job!
Just finished the last episode of season 2 and wow. I’m continually impressed by their thoroughness & persistence. They’re great at getting people to open up to them and expose shocking truths. I don’t know why this doesn’t have 5 stars because it totally deserves it!
No need to try and find the “true murder.”
the peasant prince
I think this podcast has been incredible. Amazing and thorough reporting. But the episode where they start following around Willie Hemphill and asking him if he committed the murders was cheap. After all the corruption and rush to judgement prosecutions they’ve reported on, to try and piece together some half assed theory of “the real killer” seems sensationalist and really dangerous.
Thorough, thoughtful & engaging
Really great reporting & execution. Can’t wait for Season 3.
Well Done!!!!
Such great reporting!!!
As skewed as they claim the investigators are!
Golf's my thing
This has been some of the biggest self promotion as I’ve seen in Podcasting (especially the updates). I couldn’t continue listening after she tried to tie the fact that the prosecutions investigator is showing his true self by singing the song he did in a pizza joint?!?! I couldn’t get past the 1st update.
Just plan good.
Tickle lover
This is investigating journaling at its best. Well worth your time and great at just laying out the facts. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, griping podcast.
Ep 15
Episode 15 was simply heartbreaking.
Good too many mentions of names
Both seasons are good stories but she repeats the names of each person wayyyy too many times. It gets redundant. It’d also nice for her to be more of an unbiased reporter and just tell the story.
Phenomenal, Thought Provoking, and Rage Inducing
If you want a podcast with award-worthy investigative journalism unafraid to dive into our country’s dirty laundry and hang it out to dry for everyone to see, then this may be a good podcast for you. This isn’t the “new Serial” it’s much, much better.
Incredibly good
Grafiti ball 10000
Both seasons 1 and 2 are as good as any crime podcast I’ve heard. I really hope they keep making more of these.
Curtis Flowers
I’m new to podcast listening, but have listened to all the top ones recommended to me. This is THE best podcast by far! The story is heart-wrenching, I literally had to stop cleaning and put my head in my hands crying during the episode that talked about Curtis being denied the opportunity to attend his mother’s funeral. What an amazing thing you all have done to help this man and his family. The amount of time and the attention to detail you put into this case. Going into a moldy building and sorting through all of those documents! Such determination and commitment. You deserve to win the Pulitzer Prize for online journalism.
Sad commentary on justice system in Mississippi
Season 2 made me cry at times. It’s so disappointing that this kind of thing happens so very often in the U.S.. so much racism, hate and ignorance. It made me so frustrated listening to some of the people say such biased, racial, racist things. I hope Curtis Flowers is released soon.
Excellent reporting!!!
Amazing podcast!
Season one was good. Season 2 I had to stay up late and night to finish and see what happened! I love the way they present the information. Everyone is interviewed and it is all very thorough. Can’t wait for season 3!
Season 1 is Bad Journalism
I listened to season 1 because of hearing good things about season 2. I’m reluctant to listen now. Throughout season 1, conclusions are jumped to that are hot backed by fact. It’s sensationalist and bad reporting.
This is a amazing podcast! Season was really good and season two is even better! This is a must watch podcast Keep up the great work!
Everyone Needs to Listen to Season 2
I am almost finished listening to season two’s poignantly captivating story of Curtis Flowers. Listening to this harrowing story, that happens to be true, and an actual human being has had to endure this kind of injustice for so many years, breaks my heart and infuriates me. I’m so thankful for anyone who took part in bringing the real, gut-wrenching story to light. Everyone needs to hear this!
This is critical work and essential listening.
You have done an outstanding job with this podcast. Far less, unfortunately, than the quality of the investigations of Jacob Wetterling’s murder or the Tardy murders. Thank you much for exposing these abhorrent and egregious flaws in the criminal (in)justice system. Putting law enforcement on a pedestal only serves to perpetuate injustice and oppression, especially for poor people of color. But your work has also demonstrated the failure of the system where race is not a factor. Your work exposing that is critical to the movement for change. Thank you so much.
Twisting the truth
Asa's cv
Liberals always twisting stuff around.
Curtis Flowers needed an angel. In the Dark is it. With painstaking research, relentless questioning and superb storytelling, this podcast is so good!
She’s amazing!!
If you are not listening, you are missing out! I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. Absolutely the best out there!
Crazy smart reporting & great storytelling!
Colleen Phelan
I’m a true crime podcast junkie and this one is one of the best. Madeline and the team have done such excellent reporting to uncover the truths, with zero bias shared, to possibly have real influence on this case. And the storytelling is so gripping and well done that it keeps you interested and wanting more. Well done, and Free Curtis! I’d be so ashamed if I were Doug Evans - they have the wrong guy, they believe their own stories, and they ignored the facts. The evidence just isn’t there and his misconduct has now been proven at all levels of the system. He cannot be allowed to continue!
Must listen
Amazing. Part of the reason why I’m studying to be a journalist is outstanding reporting line this
Excellent Reporting
How this podcast isn’t given 5 stars by everyone is beyond me. It is truly in depth, caring, attentive, and riveting. Kudos for your work. I will follow all of your work moving forward.
Excellent journalism
It just shows you how racism still exists and the State of Mississippi and that town should be so embarrassed by their prejudice.
A podcast that’s making a difference.
This podcast is responsible investigative journalism and podcasting at the very highest level. I believe it made a difference with the supreme court case. I look forward to hearing them take on another case.
Top level journalism!
I listen to a LOT of true crime and justice related podcasts. A LOT. In the Dark has been my favorite. Season one stood out to me for the beautiful interviews, the excellent production and use of archive recordings, the comprehensive storytelling that gave all perspectives and wove them into a compelling and extremely well thought out narrative. I was particularly struck by the research done regarding murder solve rates and local police and sheriff departments. It was revelatory work that paid respect to all parties but fearlessly ventured into unveiling disturbing realities about our justice system and police. Season two: this is just phenomenal work. No other journalism team that I’m aware of has gone to this level of investigation, covering so many possible explanations and bases that one cannot listen without being left with a pronounced and tragic sense of the injustice that has been repeatedly carried out against Curtis Flowers. Ms. Baran and her team have done insane levels of rigorous, painstaking, on the ground investigation far surpassing the work done by law enforcement with regards to identifying the true perpetrator in this case. This is transformative journalism. Speaking truth to power in such a well researched, unceasing, even handed manner. Do not be fooled by Ms. Baran’s sweet-toned, soft and steady voice; she is relentless, she is laser-eyed, and she is ferocious in revealing the absolutely disgusting corruption and criminal abuse that Doug Evans has subjected to Flowers, and most likely many others. Evans underestimated her at first and thought he could hand wave all this away, but I can absolutely understand him hiding in his bathroom closet every time Madeleine comes a-knocking. Keep up the fantastic work! Having fearless and tenacious reporting teams like yours gives me and many others greater faith that we will one day see our corrupt systems reformed.
Corrupt Mississippi
Mississippi is sick, unwell. I grew up on the gulf coast, rough crowd. I’ve since relocated out of state for a better quality of life. I got stories for the rest of my life.
Good job!
It was so riveting listening to the Curtis Flowers podcast. I am so heartbroken over this poor guys life and what his family has had to endure. Hopefully, he will be released soon, Thank you for bringing his plight into the light of those of us who have no idea what it’s like to be railroaded because of the color of your skin...Bravo to you for your compassion and tenaciousness in telling this story.
Justice for Curtis Flowers
An absolute must listen. Madeline does an amazing job telling Curtis Flowers devistaing story. Bringing to light so many truths and justice for Curtis. I love this podcast and I am praying for Curtis and his family. I can’t wait to hear what happens next. A must listen!
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