Just love it!
I discovered HHS a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been listening and laughing my butt off ever since. Ya’ll are hilarious. I have listened to about 50 episodes now and hopefully will be caught up soon. Thanks guys for all your hard work and appreciation for everything spooky! This show absolutely makes my day every day 😊. Update: I am an avid listener of this podcast and have been for over a year now. Jerry and Tracy are enjoyable to listen to and you can’t find better people. Their Facebook group is also full of amazing people. The live events they put on with other well known podcasters are insanely fun. I also love the fact that they are truly supportive and caring people who take time out of their lives for listeners who need someone to lean on and they provide support for suicide prevention. TRULY AMAZING & GOOD PEOPLE.
Paranormal Dr. Phil vibes
Just catching onto this show, you’re both great. Two things I wanted to comment on that were discussed in some of your episode that I’ve recently binged: - Muslims believe and revere Jesus (peace be upon him) - you took on a lot of guilt for the death of a Swedish listener and I wanted to say My heart goes out to everyone. That said, please don’t feel guilt about it - that’s easier said then done, but you could not have stopped this.
Awesome content every time!
Grace's Cafe
I love you guys!!! When there is a world such as ours that full of hate and unhappiness you bring a smile too my face!!! My son and I are talking about doing a podcast together and if I could be as sweet as Tracey then I would be happy!! God bless you both.
I’ve been binging y’alls show for a few weeks. Well since school started back up, I’m currently a stay at home mom and caregiver. I can’t say enough good stuff about you two and the contents of this show. I’m glad this little weird gal from Kentucky has an outlet to escape to when I need it. I’ve had my fair share of experiences and really love hearing about others as well. Keep on doing what you’re doing!
Can’t stop binging!
I recently discovered this podcast about a month ago & cant stop listening! I drive for a living so I spend many hours/miles listening to podcasts. It’s pretty hard to gain my interest but I’ve been hooked since the first time I listened! It’s the perfect mixture of paranormal, unexplained, conspiracy, & unsolved. I enjoy the way the stories and information is presented. Almost like I’m sitting down & discussing things with my friends! Tracy’s commentary just puts it over the top! I’d definitely recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the other side of things.
Love y’all
I just started listening this past week and I’ve just passed the one year anniversary show. This is my new favorite podcast, I’ve told everyone who would listen they need to check it out. Jerry and Tracy remind me of my own family (probably doesn’t hurt some are scattered through KY). If you like detailed stories of paranormal, a bit of humor, and a family atmosphere you won’t go wrong with this podcast!
Love you guys!
SarahD OilLady
Just wanted to pop on and say thank you for the smiles. I always enjoy listening to you two and truly have fallen in love with your hearts. You give your all to us and we truly appreciate it. Tracey, you are the sweetest person on this planet! Thank you for being you and know I worry about you girl when you go to haunted locations. LOL. God bless you both and God bless Hillbilly Horror Stories!! SarahD OilLady P.S. I share the text number 741741 all the time now so people know there are options to ask for help. Thank you for educating and loving us!!
I’m on episode 2 and I’m liking Ricky
CMS Designs
I really appreciated the disclaimer at the beginning of episode 1. For some reason I thought it was just a nice touch. I continued listening and I loved every minute of it. Now I’m worried about Ricky leaving. I hope it keeps getting better.
Good show
I love this show so five stars, but I hate when Amanda is on.
Two thumbs up
I came across your podcast when I randomly chose to listen to an episode of Blurry Photos and y’all happened to be on it. I gotta say, that was a week ago and I haven’t stopped listening since. I started at the beginning and am up to episode 30 now. I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast of my own for a while and listening to how much fun you two have doing yours has pushed me to take the leap. Thank you for the show and keep it up!!
Hillbilly Power!
Hey guys! I was born in West Virginia & I am called the "hillbilly of the family" because of it! The rest of my family/sibilings were born here in Alabama! So when I came across your podcast I had to give it a try! I LOVE it! Me and my boyfriend listened to many episodes on our 12 hour trip to Kansas! Keep up the good work & don't worry about the people who don't like it! A little cussing makes it better! :)
Good but could use some attention
I like the topics. Especially Amanda. She cracks me up. There are many distracting background noise. In the Stockbridge episode I could clearly hear the country station playing in the background.
My favorite
This makes my little hillbilly heart so happy. Listening from MI. Such a good show.
My favorite podcast
Jerry and Tracy are just phenomenal, even the serious episodes have the tiniest amounts of comic relief which I find refreshing, especially listening to a darker episode. I find myself in an instant better mood while listening to them, they really make you feel like you’re best friends. Thanks to them I find a little happiness on a daily basis. I highly recommend this show to all of my friends who are into podcasts, I’d give y’all 6 stars if I could.
Jerry & Tracey
MeMommy 2 KB & the OC
The best podcast ever. I look forward to every week. Keep it up y’all. May God bless.
Love your show, you both a great!
Thank you for always being so entertaining. This show is like sitting down and having a chat with a great friend. I started listening a few weeks ago and what got me first was how you thanked the military and your theme song. It caught my attention and I kept listening. You don’t hear that often on podcast. Keep telling those awesome stories.
Great show
I’m hooked. Just give it a chance if you love spooky stuff, it will become one of your favorite podcasts!
I just recently found this show, and it took me a few episodes to make up my mind. I have decided that I absolutely love this show. Jerry and Tracy are fantastic and they come across as very genuine people, which I also love. The only suggestion I have is that I would add a little music to indicate commercial breaks and returns - it makes it easier for us skippers. 😜 Keep up the great work!
Y’all make my day!
not your typical age group
Hey guys. I wrote a review about 4 weeks ago but I wanted to do another one. I just finished all the episodes. It took about 3 weeks of binge listening at work. Y’all do a great job telling the stories. I like the background you provide and all the details. It was interesting that I started with the most recent and went backwards and found that some of the topics you revisited had more details in the most recent episodes. Tracy don’t let the stupid people out there get you down. I enjoy your interaction with Jerry. You make the show. I liked Ricky but love you. You have also been in my prayers for the loss of your father. I’m so sorry for the loss of your father. I say I’m not your typical listener because I’m 57 but I intend to keep listening. I joined your Facebook group and have told everyone I know about the show. I also want you to give a hug to Ninja for me. I noticed in a couple of the early episodes that I could hear him panting. I loved it! I love it when he barks and snores. I have 3 fur babies of my own and love them dearly. Keep up the great work. I love y’all and hope you will be around for a long time. Lee Hall PS I am female even though it’s spelled like a male.
A-?’’s take? WHY, WHY, WhY
I am by no means a prude- but you loose credibility with this “TAKE”. Here, you start with condolences to lost lives of not one, two, three shootings in the past week; you clearly are filling a void for many who are suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies; AMEN! But what in GOD’s Green Earth would you continue to air this? Please don’t tell me to “not listen”... I haven’t since, that Amanda decided to describe ‘torso porn’ and describing a preference of “if given a fatal illness-she would “go out drugging it up with her husband-hard core...” (clean quote)”. Am I the only one seeing the contradiction here? Tracy, girl, what is going on? This person is not funny, interesting or worth airing. Sorry, I tried, but I can’t be the only one who seeing this. If this is your way of grabbing listeners, your missing the mark. Tracy, clearly was in tears, upset. From last time, I listened, she lost two close friends! I want to hear you and her interacting in real emotion, console her... talk about it to her- why waste aire time on some person who has no connection to your purpose- figure out you mission. Yes, it is a pod cast... entertainment. But don’t tell your listeners that you’re helping others with your group and then have somebody who is offensive on in your podcast.
Shualena Robertson
Jerry and Tracy are amazing!!!! Jerry is a great story teller and Tracy keeps things light and funny so you don’t get so creeped out if you’re listening alone. I love all the details that Jerry adds to his stories. Great chemistry between these two and awesome stories!!!! And I love ninja too
Love love love.
I started listening a while back. I’ve never been interested in the paranormal. But yall’ve got me hooked. From Bardstown, I love love the episode about Talbot Tavern. My mom and stepdad actually got married at the Jailers Inn. Step Dads father was the Jailer during the 80’s and stepdad spent a lot of time at the jail when it was a working jail. My favorite is the episodes about rock but I learn something with each episode. Keep up the good work.
Best way to start a Monday morning!
Jerry & Tracy Paulley bring so much charm and humor to this fantastic paranormal/true crime podcast! Their chemistry is just magical! Jerry does excellent research and every topic is captivating while his adorable wife Tracy’s commentary keeps you giggling and having fun! Definitely the best way to start a Monday morning! 😘❤️👍🏻
Funniest Paranormal Show Available
I found this podcast through the Real Ghost Stories Online podcast (also another great paranormal podcast). Jerry and Tracy are a great team who do some serious research into each episode. Not just ghosts, but also cryptids, aliens, the supernatural and anything scary. I’m still catching up on episodes while at work and it makes the day go by so much quicker. Love the show!
Trump basher
12 st12
Was really enjoying it until you bashed trump !!!!!!!
My absolute favorite podcast!
I started listening to you guys in December and don’t really know why I waited so long to give a review, but I absolutely love this podcast! I do a lot of driving. I drive for research (I’m an animal studies/biology student at Eckerd College in FL!), and I have very long drives going home on holidays and for the summer, & this podcast helps the drives go by so much faster! I got my mom listening to the podcast on her drives as well! My mom and I both share an interest in the paranormal. Some of our best bonding times were over watching paranormal shows together; now that I’m away from home this podcast gives us that connection even when we are so far apart! Absolutely love the show and everything you guys stand for. With family members that are veterans your guys’ appreciation means so much. Keep up the amazing work!
I just found y’all a week ago and couldn’t be more please that I can binge the show. It’s the perfect combination of spooky and funny. Love your chemistry.
Love listening
Missing her nana
I enjoy listening to your podcast. My co-worker got me into podcast and found Hillbilly Horror Stories. I love to google some of the stories you two talk
Going to give it a try
kev nred
Gave it a try its awesome stuff!
Unnecessary Racist Jokes Abound
Another Nother
I really wanted to like this podcast but just listening to one episode (Myrtle Plantation,) has me cringing at the racial bias of the commentators. It’s not okay to make fun of a Native American tribe name- Tunica Indians have nothing to do with Tonka trucks. Or to laugh about 300lb black women in a club dancing, saying no white woman would do that. You can be hillbilly without making fun of non-white people.
Love the accents!
I found your show from twisted philly! I’ve been binge listening and love it. Love the stories and how you tell them. Another podcast I’ll be addicted to. Thank you and keep up the great work!
I LOVE you two and your Ninja pup!!! You have awesome chemistry and your shows are incredibly entertaining! Jerry: you are a natural born story teller and Tracy: your humorous comments are hilarious! Even Ninja seems to know when to bark on cue. The only downside of the show is when Amanda does her ‘take.’ I am not easily offended by crude banter; however I do think her discussions are in bad taste. Others may enjoy this but I think it takes away from the quality of the show esp. her second ‘take.’ Jerry and Tracy: I would LOVE to attend one of your live events!!!! Love you guys!!!
I can’t believe I just recently found this show. I found you guys about a week ago and have listened to at least 15 episodes. I can’t get enough and am loving the older episodes while still catching the new ones. You guys are hilarious!!! I’d love a shout-out to your new favorite superhero, Supermanda. But I’ll still be listening even if I don’t get one!!! Thanks for all you do!!! ~Supermanda
Brandon Gamel
My wife and I absolutely love this podcast it is now a Sunday night ritual for us to listen to you two Please don’t change
The hard work pays off!
I look forward to your cast every week! Keep up the good work Tracy, Jerry and Ninja! ❤️❤️
Love these cuties
Sophie Velasquez
Such a fun, interesting, hilarious show!
Awesome podcast
I love listening to you guys! I love the stories... and thank you for sharing! I'm not sure if the other review worked... but I wanted to express how much better your show makes my day at work- Mel
Love it!
I started listening a few months ago, it took me a little while to get into it since my go-to podcasts consist of haunted places, lore, and spooked. This was a different feel and pace for me. I ended up really loving this show. Jerry and Tracy are just adorable to me. Their little back and forth and Tracy’s reactions to some of the most messed up stories make my day. I’ve been creeped out and laughed all at the same time. Love the twang, Tracy’s laugh, and the randomness that is Ninja.
New to Podcast
I’m in love with this show. I’ve never listen to podcast before two days ago. I’m getting my feel for it! I ran into this group Friday morning and listen to you guys all day. You’re funny and very intriguing! Thanks, so much you’ve made my Friday fly by!
You will love this show
Imagine listening to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton not singing islands in the stream but instead talking about some of the most scariest stories there are out there , i love how much information Jerry brings to the table on these cases through his research They’r dynamic and chemistry on the mic is just spot on , you can tell they are not only great podcasters but also great & caring people , oh and mrs Tracy Paulley is a real live southern belle and she should be respected accordingly or i will be sending some vikings over . All the best from Iceland. Kristinn F
Love, love, LOVE this show.
Jerry seems to be very knowledgeable in the subject matter he presents and Tracy sounds like a little darling you’d just love to squeeze. I love the way they interact with each other and how Tracy interrupts at exactly when she needs to. Keep up the good work and my goal is to make out to a live show
Love it!
I just recently started listening to y’all after hearing a recommendation from another podcaster on their show.. so far so good! I listen to ghost story podcasts everyday during work to keep me awake at my desk and I can already tell this one is going to keep me on my toes in the upcoming days. Thanks so much guys & keep doing what you do!
Scary Good
Love this podcast and the hosts just as much!
Great show
Love the show! You two are awesome and entertaining!
I listen to this podcast literally all day everyday while at work. I LOVE horror movies, and I am very new to podcasts. It amazes me how I can get goosebumps from just listening to you guys tell your stories. You know you have real talent when you don’t have to use blood and gore, scary music, or jump scares to scare someone. I highly recommend you guys to any podcast users. I also love everyone’s sense of humor. Keep being awesome! 💪♥️ P.S. the “12,” in WolfWoman12 is for Joe Namath the former Alabama football player. Not my age. Haha
I absolutely love you guys! Everyday at work I listen to your podcast and it really keeps me going throughout the day. I listened to the one episode where you guys talked about how one review said Tracy’s voice is annoying but I love its so cute! But keep doing what you guys are doing I’m hooked! -Felicia Felice
Thank you
Thank you for all of the hours of entertainment and love the stories. Unfortunately can’t stand the way you guys have gone with the segment of Amanda. Would rather hear more stories from you guys instead of hearing her takes. Thank you again for all of the entertainment guys.
Awesome Show!!!!
Love Jerry and Tracy! Being from Tennessee it’s great to hear some Southern Twang in the podcast! Well researched and not just reading from a script... ♥️☠️👻
Love this
Absolutely love. Just like sitting around and listening to friends talking. Great content
Hillbilly congrats
jason b 007
What a great podcast! I love the stories and the way you two play off each other. I always eagerly await each new episode. If you ever come down to south Texas let me know. Jason B
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