So great to listen to but WAY too many commercials!!!
Painful to listen to
This podcast is painful to sit through. More than half of it seems to be listening to this tweaker ‘Catfish’ ramble and ramble.... and ramble. He’s soliloquies are unintelligible and I cannot understand why this was produced in this fashion since almost none of what he says is even relevant. We understood he was not all there after the first conversation, the rest is basically just taking up time to make the series longer. Just google it and save yourself the hours.
It’s ok but they only do one person per a season.
S2 insults your intelligence
S1 - interesting story but goes too long once killer is identified. But the self-indulgent, self-congratulatory nonsense really ramps up in the ridiculous S2. S2 is a crime itself. Full of more speculation and unsubstantiated conclusions drawn by Payne and team than actual fact because they can’t find anything. So they ramble on, subject you to hours of unintelligible and pointless phone recordings and never get anywhere. What a vanity project. Google the story of S1. Sorry for the loss of life in S2 but this podcast does nothing for it.
Needed subtitles
mr mark fan
I’ve enjoyed this and Payne’s subsequent podcasts but I must comment that the accents of some interviewees here were unintelligible to these Yankee ears. Wish there were subtitles, because it sounded like juicy stuff.
Definitely worth listening to
QT Kait😘
This is by far one of the most interesting podcasts I’ve listen to. Payne has a lot of good information and I hope they can solve this case. I’m definitely tuned in. It’s worth subscribing! #justiceforTara
Don't understand the hype
Season 1 was decent.. I couldn't get very far into season 2. Story goes nowhere, lots of bad audio, unsympathetic subject, and lots of "padding" episodes -reviews, Q&As, etc that break up the pace in order to work in more ads
Highly recommend season 1..
The first season was amazing, easy to follow, kept me hooked, I was always eager to hear the next episode, I found myself loving the the breakdown episodes and Q&As equally as much as the main story line. The second season has such a great storyline and so much potential to be everything season one was.. but I am disappointed to say, it is underwhelming. I found myself very confused and lost in the stories that were shared, felt there was way too much off topic information, and was struggling to comprehend the phone call dialogue. I feel the podcast has a great team of people behind it, with only the best intentions at heart in sharing these women’s stories. I really hope they can get back to the amazing podcast I loved in season 1. Thank you for a great podcast!
The story is interesting but I had to stop listening after 4 episode because they were obviously so desperate for content they would repeat EVERYTHING at least 3 times and fill the rest with cheesy mystery music.
Payne is not a reporter
He’s a podcaster. These are just conversations. He’s a part of the story. His relationships in Ocilla are a part of the story. I’m not sure what to make of Phil Holloway.
First-half = GREAT. Last = TERRIBLE
The first ten episodes were some of the greatest put together episodes of any podcast I’ve listened to. The quality was brilliant and factual. However, the remaining episodes were all fillers and painfully boring and unneeded to listen to. Payne interjects his opinion too frequent in the later episodes and his opinion is annoying and listening to it I had second embarrassment. Listening to him talk to a forensic psychologist about Facebook posts is time I wish I could get back in my life, what a waste of time. But nonetheless, first half was great, once you find out who did the killing, stop listening and google what happened to save yourself headaches and time.
Great podcast
I’ve just started listening to this podcast. I can’t wait to get in my car everyday to hear the next episode. It keeps me on the edge of my seat wondering what happened. Hope we get answers.
I really tried but the self-praise and narrator are too much
I listened to all of Seasons 1 and 2 to give it a chance and hope it would get better. I'll echo the many people (on multiple sites) who suggest audio quality is not great, Payne spends half of S1 bragging about himself including having his grandmother say "oh Payne, I'm so proud of you". The content: Fine. The first season started somewhat interesting and then once an arrest happened, it was just minutes of reading things verbatim or voicemails or conversations that went nowhere. Amazing how all the people interviewed have the skill to talk for an hour and say nothing. S2 was just awful. Don't bother. Rambling, incohorent, full of opinions and no conclusion. The audio quality: not great. Much of the time you end up adjusting volume when different people speak and trying to understand some of the interviews is almost impossible. Combine the strong Southern accent with no audio clarity and the whole interview is just lost. The narrator: Stop. Just stop. I can't with this guy. WHY must you have this narrator overdramatize every reading? I have to skip past his reads because they're so painful. *deep attempting to be menacing voice* "The suspect was handed a piece of paper. That piece of paper had a question. The question was 'Did you kill her?'". COME ON. By adding this gibroni to literally read for minutes or recap something that was just said is so annoying.
Great Podcast
Love the Podcast.... don’t understand why it’s so hard to get one episode after the other!!! Soooo frustrating when I’m driving and have to hit “previously played” and scroll down all the way to Season 1.... episode whatever!! Other than that I LOVE IT!!
Terrible Recordings
I loved season one and was really enjoying season two, but these long and unintelligible recordings have made it too bad to continue. It’s incredibly lazy to not clean up the sound on those and if that’s not possible, at least do a transcript and have someone read it. I’m literally leaving in the middle of season two because I can’t take it anymore and I have a headache after the last episode.
Poor audio
Jake Swift
Good story over all... but the production quality isn’t great. By episode 4 all of the taped phone calls are a jumble. Volume isn’t consistent. Maybe better with headphones?
I never listen to podcasts, but when I happened to stumble upon U&V I was hooked!! There’s something about true crime that’s absolutely fascinating. Payne and his team do these cases justice (literally) and uncover things people wouldn’t have even thought of investigating. Keep up the good work U&V team!
When listening to this narrator speak it feels like time expands, infinitely.
Listmaker 101
This content’s great potential is overshadowed by excessive promotion, rodomontading, and self aggrandizing. First half of S1 was intriguing and had potential, 2nd half of S1 was extremely repetitive and drawn-out. Has potential, and could be quite interesting, but needs some serious “cutting room” discipline. Lastly, show would benefit from promotional stunts, live “Q&A’s,” and merch being less gauche.
First Podcast I listened to and I thought it was great! Hard to find another one that compares!
Season Two is terrible
I really enjoyed Season One and was really looking forward to Season Two but I cannot stand the long unintelligible conversations in this series.
overly long intro for episode I tried to listen to. Sales pitches and virtue-signaling. I couldn't get through the intro.
Hard to understand
I just tried to listen to season 2 episode 6 and felt like I couldn’t understand a word the guy ( Landon?) said. Just kept fast forwarding hoping it would get better. Did I miss anything? I enjoy the podcast a lot and feel like they’re trying to give a voice to the victims and their families etc... super important. Seems like there are more and more ads though. Too many.
I miss the original guy
So good!!!
mike beans
Really well done and very interesting
Waste of time
I listened to season one because someone had told me that the podcast actually led to the arrest of one of the suspects. That was not the case. Instead, Payne Lindsey just rambled on for a whole season and then tried to take credit when actual law enforcement announced there was a suspect in custody. He played an audio clip of his freakin grandmother telling him that she was so proud of him for catching the suspect. Pathetic. Season 2 is a bunch of interviews with Colorado stoners that leads to nothing.
You pooped your pants hhahjahaha
rigby and mordocai
Pickle power pickles are the ww is my go home and then go home and then eat my house and then eat my little eat then go home and then go home then eat and eat then go home and then go home eat and eat my house and then eat and
long, dragged-out story, just mildly interesting
Could have been tighten-up and presented in two or three episodes. Lots of repetition and dragging out red-herring theories.
Stoners and loners
Mister John gooooallll
Season 1 was taut and interesting. S2 is another story entirely. Listening to stoners like Catfish drone on and on is pointless and painful. I got through about half of S2, but I’m done. Unsubscribing-from the series. What a fall off compared to S1.
Payne needs to chill
Payne Lindsey is so insensitive to Brooke I don’t understand why; he should just be grateful she’s telling him the story. I keep listening to this podcast because I want to hear the result but I absolutely think that so many episodes before this were unnecessary and a waste of my time as they didn’t really pertain to the results of the case.
Couldn’t stop listening. The format uses back stories and a good variety of characters to show how much work is being done to ensure as much information is being presented. Really enjoy the Q&A to hear other listeners and what they are concluding.
Great Podcast!
This is one of my favorite podcasts, and I have listened to many! It is such a compelling, suspenseful story. Not only do you get to know the people involved in the case, but the personalities of the investigators as well. Payne, Dr. Godwin, Dusty, and Philip all add their own perspectives and insight. Is it perfect? No. In fact, the only time I was turned off by the podcast was during Payne’s interview with Brook. However, the negative reviews here are extremely harsh and, in my opinion, not an accurate depiction of the experience while listening. I’m looking forward to starting season 2. Keep up the great work, guys!
Season 1
I'm way behind but can't wait to get to the next episode!
So slow and boring
A Pinterest addict
I came because I know a bit about the story and wanted to hear it more in depth. But it’s excruciatingly slow and I’m so bored I don’t think I can continue. I’m bummed, I had high hopes.
Both seasons are great. The team is fantastic. I find no justification in any of the negative comments, sound issues and all. Things happen, but it was always replayed in a clearer way. I challenge any of you people to do better. Thank you Payne. I appreciate and admire you as an artist. I know it’s delayed but so sorry about Dusty 😓
Darren is Payne!
I believe “Darren”. Is you, Payne. The speech pattern is identical! Why do you narrate like a second grader in the slow learners class? I’ve known stroke patients with a more natural cadence. Jeez.
Unbearable to listen to Payne, his guests are amazing
I can’t stand listening to Payne, he grits his teeth, pushing words from his lips, he needs to take a Enunciation course. I gave 4 stars because of great content, minus 1 star for Payne’s annoying voice. Went to sworn to listen to the lawyer talk, much better to listen to!
Great podcast
Great podcast, but the sound quality of the phone call interviews is absolutely atrocious. I can’t even understand the phone call episode with Landon.
Love it!!
Hooked from the beginning. Payne breaks it down so well.
A MUST if you’re into True Crime
I am OBSESSED with Up and Vanished. My only issue is that we haven’t gotten an update on Crystals case from Season 2. The Catfish tapes specifically were so mind blowing, I wish we had more. Props to Payne for pulling so much out of his interviewees! Keep it up guys! -Meghan from Birmingham, AL
Started interesting but...
dissapointed hippie
The story was really compelling at first but it got so drawn out - completely needlessly. Payne dedicates a lot of time to self congratulating himself (I do not need to hear a voicemail his grandma left his mom about him) and starts being unprofessional with his interview subjects. Save yourself the time and google the case instead.
Who did it
I don’t know why but even with an arrest being made in Tara’s case I still have an uneasy feeling about her neighbor. He found the glove and he had her car detailed two days after she went missing. Maybe I’m just looking into it to much.
Truly the Best
As someone with a history in law enforcement who is currently working in criminal law, I felt as though the podcast was respectful of local law enforcement and accurately explains and depicts what is happening— all I want and more in a podcast! I love the narrator and it’s genuinely my favorite. I can not recommend this enough.
Great Story but Sometimes Questionable Judgment on Behalf of the Host is a Turn-Off
I’m just wrapping up Season 1. There are some great episodes and contributors. In fact the contributors were often the most compelling. I really appreciated their professionalism. However there were some things that bothered me. First, I didn’t appreciate the broadcasting of listener speculation some of which could inflict more pain on people that might not have anything to do with what happened. Second, the listener Q&A often felt like it was just trying to stretch things out. Among other things, sometimes it felt there were multiple versions of the same question or broadcasting of questions very clearly answered in the previous episode. Finally, the biggest disappointment was toward the end of Season 1 I felt like there were lapses in professionalism on behalf of the host that has me unsure if I will listen to Season 2. I’ve listened to other podcasts with emotionally invested hosts who manage to share their opinions and frustrations in an appropriate way. I appreciate the depth of which the host cares but no longer don’t trust his claims of objectivity. A true “unadulterated search for truth” would treat all interviewees with respect. Not only was the combative treatment uncomfortable, but it could discourage other potentially key people from being willing to speak openly if at all. You can challenge the content of an interview without humiliating the interviewee...
Interesting story, horrible storyteller
Almost through with Season 1 - the case itself is incredibly interesting but there’s no organization or editing in the storytelling. Information is repeated 100 times and interviews go on and on.
Great show!
Just caught up listening to season 2. After listening to season one last year,I didn’t think you could surpass yourself, but you did it again. Can’t wait to listen to more shows. Thanks! BL
Do not expect this podcast to progress the case
50% of this podcast is about Kristals background and talking to people who knew her but no nothing about the case. 25% is talking about the town. In the other 25% when the case is being discussed they establish no timeline, repeat themselves constantly and play atrocious audio clips of people who make very little sense (tweakers and super hippies mostly) and the nugget or two from the conversation that might actually matter is either never discussed or discussed just for the purpose of attempting to leave a cliffhanger so you will listen to the next episode which won't discuss it. About halfway through S2 Payne tells you the case is going to get "darker" and that there will be a resolution by the end which was the only reason I continued. NEITHER are true, you know basically everything when he says that. They never never try to nail down exactly what the victim and primary suspects were doing on which days, or really ever lay out the major events of the case in chronological, or any, order. The podcast also never really distinguishes what things are meaningful and what is just idle gossip with no legs (of which there is plenty). Besides incompetence the only reason I can think they don't do this is because they know the case and discuss it so little they don't want people to see it in the light of day. tldr- Expect a podcast that is primarily about 1) the victim where friends/family make glowing remarks which aren't relevant to the case in the slightest 2) the town and history of Crestone and 3) small town gossip and ramblings. The podcast literally does NOTHING to move the case forward don't waste your time.
Payne gathered, interviewed and reported this case so well, he brought a cold case back to life and was able to give a family answers. Love his professionalism and how he handled the information, and he really paid great respect to this sad case.
Nice work
Thomas Train
Love the podcast! Love your dedication! Can’t wait for next season!
Absolutely love that each season is dedicated to one cold case. Allows for so much more detail and information to be presented. These cases really stick with you and reiterate the fact that I dearly hope never to have to experience something like this, and am blown away by the family and friends who so bravely live through these!
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