You invited Epstein to your home knowing he was a sex offender with a taste for young girls
This is something you need to discuss...especially since you have young daughters. Why did you invite Epstein to your home knowing that he was a sex offender & attracted to young girls?
I’m only listening to one
I listened to the episode with Marie Kondo and it was fine UNTIL KATIE ASKED THIS WOMAN HER HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. My mind is blown. Katie, are you serious? No. I’m now done with this podcast.
Thoughtful, interesting
The podcast showcases Katie Couric’s genuine interest in the world around her, her thoughtfulness and her warmth. I highly recommend.
Always good
Katie is the best in the business and if you like the subject, don’t miss.
Who asked for this?
YouI baggins
Who wanted more Katie Couric? Does anyone think to themself “I want more Katie Couric opinions in my life”?
Thank you
Brooklyn Roots
I was driving from south Florida to western Massachusetts with my mom and listed to every episode. We just love each on and hope you and Brian continue to make more.
5stars easy
Talented interviewing, but why did you stop? There is a wealth to report on right now. What happened??
I LOVE Katie and I’ve become such a FAN of hers over the years😊 I think she is so bubbly and optimistic and even tho I can’t see her, I can visualize her SMILE and sparkling eyes. Keep up the great work in all you do, Katie👍🏻
Not good
paul tickles hargis
Katie is not good at this. She promotes fake news and fabricated her reports.
So long, see you soon, we hope
ADN from SoCal
Great show. Enjoyed many episodes. Sorry to hear about the Hiatus (hopefully). Best of luck with new endeavors. hoping to see the two of you back with this or something else as interesting. Au revoir. ADN TO, Cal.
Say it ain’t so...
I’m sorry to hear you won’t be doing podcasts any longer. I looked forward to listening to your weekly updates.
Happy for Katie
I’ve been a big fan for long time & wishing you continued success for years to come!! Delia
My favorite podcast ... I’m so disappointed they are ending it !
Interesting interviews and topics
I have found most interviews and topics to be very interesting and informative. They pick a wide variety of subjects. Definitely leaning to the left but not too annoying about it LOL!
So sad it is finished. :-(
Loved that this podcast had a little bit of everything. I will miss it!
Oh Katie
I am crying, missing your podcast already. You absolutely amaze me - your charm and wit, your attitude and philosophy and even your tone of voice. Love love love. Please don’t stay away for long!! Please. Please. Please.
Love this pod
So bummed to hear this is the last episode. I looked forward to spending my Thursday mornings with Katie and Brian. Really enjoyed the diversity of topics and guests.
A Gem Among the Podcast Deluge
Katie Couric and her sidekick Brian and their support team have produced a delightfully upbeat and informative weekly program. Every episode taught me something I didn’t know before, and made me laugh and feel optimistic. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this podcast sooner. I have been listening for about six months, and I just listened to the last episode! However, I will definitely re-listen to some of my favorites, especially the one with guest Martha Stewart. Thank you for all the time you invested in these classy episodes full of your genuine warmth and goodness. Best wishes on your next projects!
Wish Katie would sing more!!!!!
I love this podcast so much it is my no.1 it makes me smile, plus I learn something. What could be better? I love the banter between Katie and Brian, I love the tone they use when they read the advertising bursting into laughter (occasionally). I love that Katie has a rep for being “thrifty” But most of all...love the singing!!! Why doesn’t Brian adore her outbursts? Maybe he should sing... I Enjoy the eclectic selection of guests including professional musicians who Katie sings with! Lol Always searching for a new episode.
Blame Trump for Everything! Really???
The 2018 Year in Review should teach Katie and Brian to back off on their blatant bias and vendetta against the current President. In the segment on Race and Immigration, Katie and Brian attempt to fix all blame on the Trump Administration when, in fact, their own subject matter experts restate the narrative and rightly show that the problems have existed in all prior Administrations. And, further, they point out that the problems have been exasperated by prior Democratic and Republican Administrations alike. Katie - please go back to unbiased journalism and keep your personal feelings on the side lines.
Fun and educational
katie has such a fun personality that I sometimes forget how much I learn from her large variety of guests- Bryan is also really good at asking the questions I want asked. Thanks for making my long commute so entertaining.
Love these conversations!
To avoid the 24/7 news cycle, I began listening to podcasts. Obsessively. A friend from the old days (Today Show) I guess I didn’t know how much I missed Katie and her real and down to earth nature. I enjoy both she and Brian - I’m really happy to have her back in my ear again!
This is an excellent podcast! Thoughtful, insightful and humorous. They both are excellent interviewers and cover all kinds of subjects. It’s always informative and makes you think. And it will also make you laugh. Highly recommend!
Mixed feelings
I have enjoyed this podcast for months now. I’m becoming frustrated and haven’t been listening as often due to the strong dislike that is expressed for our country’s president. He is our president and it is uncomfortable to hear the constant Trump bashing. I had hoped this program would be more professional.
General review
lin kay
Don’t always agree with their politics, but love listening to Katie & Brian. Thoughtful interesting interviews, great topics & guests. So entertaining with a great sense of humor.” Have loved Katie since the Today Show & she has the best Instagram 😀.
❤️Katie and Brian
Informative, insightful and entertaining. Highly recommend.
Interesting and Engaging Podcast
cant find a proper nickname
Really great podcast. Katie is an exceptional interviewer and wonderful conversationalist. The conversations are in-depth and very fascinating!
Katie Couric
Thank you Katie for this fabulous podcast, I enjoy all of your interviews. I would love if, one of these days, you invite Oprah Winfrey.
Sarah plain look -back
Couldn’t get enough of this interview! What a good compilation of inside / behind the scenes information. Loved this interview. Katie is a great podcaster.
Love it
This is such a great podcast. It’s interesting with deep topics but presented in a mostly casual and fun way.
Fabulous interviews & insights
The last three installments of this podcast have been amazing. The two-part look back at the Palin interviews was an insightful, informative examination of that election and how it contributed to our current political landscape. The most recent interviews on women’s anger and the Supreme Court were cogent and constructive discussions that helped me reflect on (rather than react to) recent events.
I loved both of the episodes on Sarah Palin. Really well done, a fascinating and at times terrifying look back at what fueled our current political situation. Keep up the great work, knowing it is appreciated.
Rhonda, California ☀️
Katie!!!! This first episode of the Palin interview was excellent!!! Love the background, especially the commentary with Nicole and Steve. It was funny and sad. Cannot wait until next week!!
Juilianne margueles
They are all wonderful. I’m a die hard radio news fan, but frankly distressed over 24/7 Trump coverage. I now listen to these podcasts during my drives. Haven’t heard one yet that wasn’t entertaining and thought provoking. My only worry is that I may run out of podcasts.
Hello from Anita
Just listened to your interview with Jonathan and Simon. Your 4 personalities blended well to produce an enjoyable show; feel good and serious topics.
Excellent Palin 10 years later
Interesting, informative with lots of information we haven’t heard before. Looking forward to part two.
Katie Couric with the Palin interviews are great
Katie Couric is great glad I found this podcast from her interview on Pod Save America! Love the Palin podcast looking forward to listening to the others.
A Favorite
Katie and Brian are a great team, covering so many topics and interviewing interesting people. I appreciate the “deep dives” into today’s issues, with Katie’s willingness to ask tough questions and Brian holding the line with his knowledge and research. I have learned so much through their candid interviews with today’s newsmakers. I spent their summer break catching up on back episodes—so interesting juxtaposed with today’s reality. Their lighter episodes are just as interesting and provide welcome relief from today’s news cycle.
Sarah 10 Years Later
from scottsdale
Fascinating behind-the-scenes interview. I always thought the reading question was meant to encourage rather than be a gotcha. Can’t wait for next episode. I love that you plan to follow the Palin trail into our present mess. Off the watch the hearing.
Love this podcast so much!
Very lovely in depth conversations with exciting guests! I’m having a great time.
Smart and sassy
Joan nyc
I think Katie and Brian are a good team, with Brian's fact quoting as a good counter to Katie's humor and warmth. I love that both can be passionate and tough, alternating who is good cop or bad cop with their guests. They are always well-prepared and respectful and often one of them sings.
Engaging and interesting
Love Katie’s (and Brian’s) conversations with such a wide variety of guests. I always learn a few things and get introduced to many people at a more in-depth level. Thanks for the opportunity to listen in!
Day making podcasts
I enjoy your podcasts so much. They are enlightening and oftentimes inspiring. Just finished JVN pod and went right home and started watching Queer Eye and realized wow I’ve been missing out. I have laughed and cried through many of your episodes and I think you bring a touch of humanity to a world where sometimes it’s hard to see some light.
My favorite podcast
Thanks Katie and Brian for such a outstanding Podcast!!! I look forward every weekend to a new episode.
Pleasantly Surprised
I mean, I knew Katie could interview like a champ, but I had no idea she could whip out a musical number at any point! And Brian is that little something extra I never knew I needed until now. 😊 I love your curiosity, K and B!
sharp & upbeat
I never even liked Katie Couric but here when she’s not always interrupting the guests, she presents as sharp, witty, and funny! Relaxing and upbeat podcast with great guests & questions, along with intermittent singing by Katie. Happy to have discovered it!
Bob Woodward and Tina Brown
kiki to some
It’s fascinating to listen to this podcast now in light of all we know. Brian was correct in suggesting we listen to what the candidates proposed to accomplish in office, as that has been the guiding force for Trump. It’s ingesting now to hear Bob W say neither candidate is light Nixon... not so fast Bob. It would be great to have them both return post election and review their comments and speak to the presidency under Trump and what journalists might have done better. It is clear that Trumps base are less concerned with articles of “fake news” by the Post and NY Times.
Love your podcast
UVA alum
Love to listen to your podcast, Katie and Brian. You have such interesting topics that you explore on a wide range of topics. Suggestion for your podcast name-Katie Gold! Both of your names and a solid gold title! Ann from Keswick (close to Charlottesville)
Informative and Entertaining
I have been a fan of yours since your morning show on NBC and followed you to news anchoring at CBS. I just found you at this podcast. Now I walk with you every morning.
Katie at her best!
Ben Nemo
The insightful, real, and clever Katie you always loved does fascinating interviews covering a range of topics - with a new accessibility and modern sensibility I hadn’t heard from her before this podcast format. Highly informative and entertaining - thanks to the team that makes it happen.
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