Locked On Thunder

To Tank Or Not To Tank

February 28, 2018
31 min

1. To tank or not to tank? OKC plays 
    Dallas tonight, Mavs making known they are better off losing. 
     Audio from Billy Donovan:    
Do players try to lose,  does the NBA have 
      an issue, OKC Can't afford to take teams lightly 
2. Audio From Carmelo Anthony: Would he tell 
    his son to go to college or play overseas, 
    should the NBA care if they are killing college hoops? 
    Isn't the point of sports to make money?      
3.  Audio from Carmelo Anthony: On Why his shooting 
     percentage is down. Does he have a point? Do we 
     care as long as he contributes and PG and Russ 
     Pick up the slack? Audio from Jerami Grant: How 
     to beat Dallas, the particulars of tonight's game 

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