Love every episode
This is one of the best podcasts ever!
I LOVE TTFA and Nora
This podcast is beautifully done. Nora and her guests are a joy to listen to and I love learning from them.
“Tell Me About Yourself”
OK, Nora, back from my break! I love this episode for so many reasons. Freshly-minted ingenue intimidated by medical establishment, extreme self-doubt, all that ROMCOM potential. But if having kids becomes a priority, and one of those priorities is making friends and being “relatable”, with people just like you, why not adopt? Or use a surrogate? If you can’t use your body to make babies, but you want kids, then figure out another way. I somehow felt that Nicole was using her body’s perceived limitations to disqualify herself from even trying, in sort of the same way she accepted without question the three docs’ diagnoses, as sort of a good news/bad news thing. “Oh yeah, they finally fixed my body but no- assuming- I probably can’t have kids, but hey, whew, I don’t have to try.” I’d love to see a sequel. Great work, Nora! But what’s with all commercials suddenly sounding like AM radio?
Really Enjoy
This is my current favorite podcast. I listen a lot while at the gym.
Refreshing and captivating
Best podcast I’ve heard in a long time. It’s okay to not be okay.
Love love love!
In a world where we all just “get on with it” it feels great to stop and feeeeeel things. It reaches into my heart and reminds me I’m not a numb robot. Nora gives everyone the courage to have big talk with people not just small talk.
So F****** helpful
I’ve been going through a really hard time lately and have been struggling to just let my feelings out. This podcast and how just emotionally uplifting and sincere it is has given me the courage to just cry and open up to the people in my life.
Everyone needs this podcast
This podcast is so meaningful, honest, and deeply relatable. I have never found someone who speaks about loss, grief, and other difficulties (terribles) the way Nora does. She is so respectful, understanding, and yet hilarious about all of it. I relate to her and the stories she shares so much, even when they’re not similar to my own story, but especially when they are. This podcast encourages me to be more empathetic and understanding to others whose terribles might not be similar to mine and whose terribles I might not even know about. I’m so grateful that this podcast exists and gives permission to all of us to not be okay all the time.
There’s no way a single person on this earth won’t benefit from this podcast in one way or another. It’s beautiful, humorous, and deep. Trust me. It’s so good.
This podcast has made grief incredibly beautiful. I want to cry with every episode. Everyone suffers grief, no matter who you are, and it changes everyone. but with ever story, everyone comes out of it, stronger, wiser and more beautiful. I just got done listening to Dani Starr’s story and she said something that moved me: recognizing when the darkness creeps up. That is so important.
Everything everyone needs.
Everything everyone needs. This podcast is incredible; it goes to the deep places that our society, on the whole, is afraid to go to. A very healing, illuminating podcast.
I’m currently living in another county and I found out a girl in America who I was close with took her own life. This podcast has replaced music and movies. It has helped me. I cry, I laugh, and I find that I’m not alone in a lot of the crazy things I do. I love listening to it and I recommend it to many people.
Amazing Podcast
Literally my therapy away from actual therapy! A soothing podcast that is so informative, fun, and interesting! Love it so much and definitely one of my favorite podcasts!
Nora your the best...
At making each of the individuals feel heard, respected and most importantly loved❤️ These stories have to be handled very delicately, and you do it with such grace and compassion.
Pure, Raw Emotion
This podcast is one the realest ones out there! Everything is so raw and Nora always knows how to navigate each episode flawlessly. It is worth the tears you will cry, because I promise... you will cry.
Comforting and humbling
Provides a wonderful listen for anyone who (whom?) is currently experiencing or has experienced grief over the loss of someone or something in life; to remind us that we are not alone in our hurt; to expose us to the pain of other's and their specific situations.
Happiness despite excruciating pain.
I totally recommend this podcast!! Nora brings not only compassion, but great character to deep pain. She is hilarious. All of the stories are heartbreaking, but I’m a better person for it. Listening has helped me be better and more compassionate towards people with disability. I also think it’s prepared me for my loss. It helped me to grow a healthier relationship with death and grief.
Phenomenal storytelling!
Sooooooo good!! Such an amazing storyteller, funny and thoughtful and insightful and kind. I look forward to this podcast every week!
Love it
knowing she is human and her sadness helps others that are going thru something similar. Hope she keeps it going.
Space and Compassion
I really like listening to your podcast but I keep hearing negativity against "police". I think maybe it's time you stop portraying them as negative. There is more to them than what is being portrayed. Maybe it's time you do some one on one interviews with "police". Compassion is necessary. Who else are you going to get to run in when everyone else is running out?
Arfid episode
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Is creepy
Thank you
As a recent widow, my husband died unexpectedly 3/1/19, I have been listening to every podcast and Ted talk I can on grief. You are a joy to listen to and have helped me considerably. Now I want to be part of the Young Hot Widows Club though I’m not young (56) a question if I am hot. Having people with similar experiences is helpful.
I feel like you stole a chapter from my future memoir. Such a thorough, real and brilliant job at explaining this real disorder.
My kind of therapy
I lost my 21-year-old little sister to suicide in March 2018. It was truly a shock and horror for my family, and has been the worst experience of my life. I’ve considered doing individual grief therapy but never really felt comfortable pouring my heart out to a stranger... I started listening to the podcast after seeing Nora’s TED talk. This podcast gives great insight into grief, loss, and troubling experiences of all kinds. It is SO RELATABLE for anyone who has experienced a loss. I have only listened to the first five episodes so far. I especially identify with what Moe has been through, and with Danielle’s account of her experience with postpartum depression in the episode “Me Too”. My sister suffered with anxiety and depression quietly and alone, and listening to the episode helped me to understand and better empathize with what she must have been going through prior to taking her own life. I realize I sound like such a Debbie Downer and that the themes of the podcast are often sad... But it helps to know that you are not alone in this world (which can often be a challenging and sad place) and listening to the podcast so far has brought me some peace. Thanks to Nora, Moe, and the featured guests for sharing your experiences. You truly are helping other people to cope.
I so appreciate this touching episode regarding ARFID. As a mother of a child who suffers from severe picky eating I have asked myself all of the questions you posed. My heart goes out to the young woman you interviewed and I am grateful for her candidness and honesty. Thank you for tackling this difficult topic. Well done!
Heart wrenching but beautiful
I learned about this podcast from seeing Nora’s Ted talk and immediately fell in love with the way in which she speaks about death, loss and grief. I’ve felt lost and don’t even know what to do with myself some days after my father’s passing, and while this podcast is sad to listen to and brings up bad memories surrounding his death it’s also somewhat therapeutic to hear that I am not alone in feeling how I feel. THANK YOU NORA for this podcast you are amazing and speak so eloquently about tragedy 💕
The feelings are mutual
Mama the Gray
This podcast provides a platform for people to tell their stories. Yes, most of the stories are heartbreaking, but the host, Nora McInerny, speaks to the participants in such an empathetic and understanding way that you feel like you are all sitting around the kitchen table sharing your feelings. In the most difficult stories, McInerny helps the listener make connections to what the speaker is experiencing. When she struggles to understand, she walks though her process of understanding. Personally, what draws me to this show is the honest processing of emotions. I have a hard time really identifying emotions, but McInerny has a wide vocabulary of emotions. This has helped me identify and process my own emotions about my own difficult situations. This podcast reminds you that we are all humans doing our best to, not just get through but, fully experience this life and that we are here to help each other in the tough times.
Healing to Listen To
I began listening to this podcast after being diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. I’m 21, and I have always loved listening to stories from other people about their experiences, so listening to this podcast gave me so much insight into how other people cope and heal from tragic loss, grief from disease, and reminded me how lucky I have been to access great healthcare. I love Nora’s voice and perspective on life, and I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast through and through and will be a continuing listener. ❤️
LOVE this podcast SO much!
Pdcst Lvr
No one loves a sad story like I do (except for maybe Nora and the entire team that works to create this wonderful podcast) and since I’ve been really struggling this past year with so many changes in my life, this show has given me perspective that I haven’t found anywhere else, a perspective I didn’t even realize existed. My best friend (who refuses to listen to even one episode because she claims to be an “optimist”) discourages me from listening but she has no idea how much of a positive impact this podcast has made on me. My favorite, most life changing episode so far is the one about being both happy and sad at the same time. (Actually, it’s episode 65 titled “Sad and Lucky”.) Thanks to all of you who work on this show. It’s such an amazing podcast!
Love this
Feeling all the feels every time I listen to this.
❤️ Love this show so much! ❤️
Thank you!
Great podcast more people of color please
Probably the most prolific podcast there is. I would suggest to bring more diversity in the guests POC, disabled, English as a 2nd language. The more exposure to all kinds of Terrible brings healing and gives voice to the most vulnerable and underrepresented demographics.
Love your format
la hermanas
Love your voice, love your self deprecating humor but please stay away from politics! You will lose so many followers. Trump is not the enemy. You don’t have to like him. But the conservatives semi graciously put up with the Obamas for 8 years it would be nice if the liberals would do the same for Trump
Painfully beautiful
This has become like my daily dose of therapeutic crying-my-heart-out. I feel so grateful and hopeful after every episode.
Love! But music takes away from the content
Love the podcast. Love the stories and the compassion Nora brings to each person. We heal through connecting and compassion. Nora, thank you so much for this lovely podcast. I have one little critique: Recently the music has become a distraction.
ARFID?? Are you for real?
I just listened to an episode about ARFID. It is an overly sympathetic story about truly self obsessed people. In the world where just about everyone has autism, this is one more type of luxury madness. I come from a poor immigrant family. I couldn’t afford to have an opinion. Wow. This ARFID afflicted woman is truly about herself. Only about herself and nothing else. I am so disgusted. I am so done with this podcast.
Touching and interesting and thought-provoking
I just listened to the first few episodes and this may be the best podcast I’ve listened to. Episode 8 had me crying and in awe. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you TTFA
This podcast has given me a lot of perspective since I started listening. I decided to read through the reviews and it seems that people are completely missing the point of this podcast. It’s here to allow people to speak about their experiences in an unapologetic way and share their truth. Nora’s opinions are never said in a malicious or hurtful way. Before leaving a 1 star review, take a minute to realize that.
Average Sue
Just wondering why food obsessions often exist only when there’s an abundance of it. Would ARFID be a thing in a shanti town in Soweto? Projects in Baltimore? Nora- I have loved you for many years and think you have such amazing empathy but TBH, after this episode, I can’t see straight from my eyes being permanently rolled back for an entire hour. To the young lady on the show, please dust your passport and go volunteer somewhere where restrictive food choices are all people have, mostly because none is available. Poverty cures a lot of first world illnesses.
Thank you for this episode. I just thought my son was picky and difficult.
Nora Mclnerny is amazing. This podcast is remarkable. I listen it basically 24/7. Which says a lot about my mental and emotional health! The stories people share are nothing short of extraordinary. Nora does an amazing job at directing and narrating these amazing stories. Her sense of humor is beautiful! Nora and the amazing people who share their stories are like therapy. This podcast is healing. I sometimes get this urge to just call Nora up and chat when I am not okay! So I just put in my headphones and listen! Thank you! ❤️ Love you always and forever! -Brad
Annoying Music
The music makes it really difficult to settle into the story.
Getting us there
There is more depth and yet more enjoyment and ease in these challenges due to the magic created here. Thank you, thank you, thank you🙏🏽💙
Best podcast, intelligent, intuitive, empathic
The best
Among the best podcasts out there. Of course, some will appeal to personal preferences more than others, but clearly Nora is the best out there!
This is the Best Podcast, Thanks for Asking
Shaina Elise
This last podcast episode, No. 73, was weak. There was so much unnecessary commentary that was cloaked in comedy, but did not resonate and fell flat. The episode strayed away from the strength of the other episodes. I hope TTFA can get back to its identity and make better episodes going forward.
Please stop with the annoying background music
I’ve been a loyal listener & huge fan but recently I had to stop an episode mid-cast because the background music is awful. It’s so distracting. Your content and delivery is plenty captivating without it- please stop the music! Thanks.
The best
Vulnerable and real. Hands down, the best podcast I’ve ever listened to.
Welcome to Minneapolis!
Hello Nora, I just want to say thank you for doing this podcast. First, I’m a talker, I think growing up without removed a sense of shame in life that allows me to open up. You can’t be ashamed and poor. That’s sad. However, I know most people don’t open up in a way that causes healing and awareness. Second, I’m moving to Minnesota. God called my husband and I to this area to assist our Pastor in starting our church. This podcast has introduced me to the Twin cities in a way I may not have been able to otherwise be indoctrinated. I know it’s not all encompassing and there are many people who may answer “Good and you!” and mean it when asked how are they doing. As a church we are coming to help those who answer “Terrible, thanks for asking and be a representation of light sand love. I appreciate you and your team and the hard work you put into this podcast. I appreciate your honest and candor. I hope you get to read this to know you are helping folks. How am I doing you ask? Blessed, thanks for asking. 😀
Learning from compassion
What a beautiful and compassionate podcast. Sometimes the episodes are hard to listen to because they cover horrible tragedies but Nora always finds that pearl of wisdom that teacher the listener that we can all be survivors. I absolutely love this podcast.
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