I love to listen to these women amazing stories to the top.. I have learned so much
Latest episode w Tomara Watkins
This was one of my fav episodes in a while! She was just super relatable and just the essential side-hustle journey, loved it! Plus she mentioned “Customs brokers”, which is my side-hustle (FrontWest Customs Brokerage & Services) and you don’t hear much about the importing process in general, so her mentioning it was so cool!!!
Love love love this!!!
Tiff Jordan
I’ve been married for 2 yrs now and my husband and I are just about to start our debt journey. This episode gave me so much inspiration in knowing what God has planned for my family. I’m excited! Congratulations to this couple again! Who knows we may be next on our own debt free podcast.
Inspiring episodes
I love Nicaila’s interview style, the diverse entrepreneurs she chats with, and how engaging each episode is. So many different paths and most importantly applicable information with genuine interviewees.
Thank you
For some reason, my rating is only four. I want it to be corrected because your program is five stars. The program is inspiring and encouraging. Thank you very much and keep keeping on!
Love love love this podcast! 💕
Bana baby
Love love love this Podcast. Couldn’t have stumbled on this at a better time! As an aspiring side hustler & transitioning entrepreneur while working my Cooperate Job, listening to the speakers on here has been very inspiring to me. I actually listen while at work & this podcast helps get me through the day and keeps me motivated! 😎
Helpful and Enjoyable
I stumbled upon this accidentally and now I haven’t missed a week! Thank you for this podcast girl!
Episode 149 Was Amazing
Zealous Advocate
Thoroughly enjoyed this episode!! So practical yet natural — it even prompted me to download the app. Thanks for the consistent, quality content.
I love this show
Thank you for the visibility of black women entrepreneurs. Every episode is so informative and fun. I love when entrepreneurs are candid about their finances and give us the step by step story of how they got to where they are. I love this and I recommend it to all my friends and family interested in entrepreneurship. Thank you girl.
I have been listening for around two years and lemme TELL YOU! You will get all the best TEA and insight from the best black women entrepreneurs in all spaces-tech, fashion, healthcare, and Marketing/PR and much more. The host, Nicaila is also a calming voice that inspired me to be an entrepreneur myself. GO BLACK GIRLS AND WOMEN!
So Informative!!!!
I cannot tell you how much I’ve learned from this podcast! Super entertaining, but, even more than that, super informative and helpful as I move forward with my new venture!
A tool so valuable!
Purpose pleaser
Thank you so much for your work and willingness to show up for us. I refresh my podcast often hoping that you have posted something new. If not, I simply sharpen up on a previous episode. You have created a community that is needed, and inspiring. Every episode empowers and encourages my next step. I never leave reviews but your work really calls for a standing ovation. Thank you girl!!!!
I hit the Jackpot!
Literally free game! I love love love this podcast! Some of the guest give step by step notes on their road to success. You can learn something from not only every black woman entrepreneur guest but the wonderful host herself. I am overjoyed the Gods have decided to align Side Hustle Pro with my ears and my mind. Thank you so much Nicaila for manifesting your dreams into reality, sharing your story and asking all the right questions to your guest!
Taking women to the next level
Ownership is the only pathway to wealth and wealth enables influence and greater influence will lead to positive change in the lives of women and children globally. This is the seed that is being planted with SideHustle Pro. Side hustle then billion dollar company. Who are we not to be smart, beautiful, talented, amazing and wealthy and independent. Kudos Nicaila for this inspiring and empowering movement !
I love this Podcast 💖🙌🏽
I love how authentic and genuine she is... Very open about her journey and the people she interviews help me see that their are some dope black entrepreneurs out here! Love discovering and learning about people from different backgrounds... Culturehigh
Love. This. Podcast
I’m not one to leave reviews but this podcast is not only informative, it is also uplifting and inspiring. Thanks Nicaila! 🙏🏾
Such great information & inspiration
If you need information or inspiration to start or continue your side hustle you will find it here. I’m so glad I found this podcast and you will be too! Check it out.
Great Podcast
Marian A H.
I started listening from the beginning, so I'm a tad late with this review. I enjoy everything about this podcast from the variety of interviews to your personal check ins! Watching this podcast evolve has been amazing. I'm working on turning my side hustle into a profitable business thanks to this podcast! Keep up the good work!
Thanks so much. Enjoyed it and it inspired me to move forward with my business. 👍
I love what you’re doing ❤️👏🏽
Amazing episode with her hubby
I enjoyed the Family hustle episode so much! It was completely relatable and dropped so much information although it was supposed to be a get to know you Episode. They talked family, legacy, entrepreneurship, business school and much more. I wish the black community had more content like this.
Jewels , Gems, Gold!!
I started listening to sidehustle pro during the spring of 2018...right out the same time I started putting things in order to launch my sidehustle of training and consulting for child care business owners. I am a huge fan and am always telling others about the many episodes of amazing hustlers and entrepreneurs on the show. Keep me coming!!! Jamellah Owens M.Ed President of Growing to Lead, LLC
Great podcast!
As I work my 2 side hustles, I love hearing podcasts for inspiration and just feel good vibes. Today I'm listening to the podcast about Danielle Mull. Love her website and will be patronizing and following on IG. I'm all about supporting black/women business. Thanks for profiling us!!
The best. Hands down.
For anything entrepreneurial related, this is the show to listen to. Nicalia asks the burning questions we all want to know. The guests are amazing and have great stories. This show is so inspiring.
EK Hines
This podcast is so necessary, so inspiring & so well done.
Heard about this podcast from Yes Girl, recently. Looking forward to learning so much. Thanks!!!
You Are A Pro!!
I’ve been binge listening to your podcast for several weeks and I’m only two episodes away from being caught up and I’m like 😩You are awesome!!! Your transparency about your journey adds a special touch to your podcast. Love the way you keep your guests and audience engaged through every interview! Love your genuine passion to help women of color achieve their dreams! I can’t stop listening! ❤️
Since, I have a side hustle myself, this podcast really does have helpful tips for upcoming entrepreneurs like myself. Thanks for the encouraging words and keep it going !!!
Apples and Berries
Love love love this podcast! Most informative podcast I’ve listened to and it’s great to learn about people I’ve never heard of before. Super awesome!
One of my FAVORITE podcast!!!
Sierra Howard
I faithfully listen to SHP and look forward to it each and every week! I love the guest and I really feel like Nicaila is the Oprah of Podcast. It it truly the best podcast for anyone who is even slightly interested in starting a business or who needs help growing their business!! LISTEN NOWWWW! 🤗
This podcast is life.
neidy hornsby
Imagine listening to a podcast and actually LEARNING something. Radical. -Neidy
Listen to this podcast now!
I can’t say it enough, this podcast is a MUST listen! Each episode is filled with insightful conversations that have really given me a ton of inspiration. Keep up the good work! (I’m one of the fellas that listens secretly lol)
Every episode is fabulous!
I love Nicaila! Her warm spirit and smart interview style makes this podcast a “must listen” every single episode. She chooses the most interesting women and has a way of asking questions that tell their brand stories in an inspiring way. Subscribe and enjoy ✨
One of the BEST podcasts
I listen to a LOT of business podcasts, but Side Hustle Pro is one of the shows I always come back to. I love the energy that Nicaila brings to the show and the diverse array of her guests. I’m always something new and taking something away to apply for my own business. If this show isn’t on your radar, it needs to be.
I have subscribed 😁🙌🏾
Future Debt Free Woman
Love it!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Best podcast ever
I’m a 9 to 5er and I listen to your podcast at least twice a week while I’m at work. I love the honesty from both you and the phenomenal women you interview. I have learned so much about what it really takes to build a business on the side. Thank you for all you share!😊 Ebony
One of the best!
I finish every episode with takeaways! She is a great interviewer. This podcast is a great balance of insight and actionable to-dos that every level of entrepreneur can benefit from. I never feel like I’ve wasted my time! Keep it up and thank you!
Side Hustle Pro: Issa Move, Get into it, favorite! Thank you Nicaila!
BMF 36
Nicaila, Thank you so much for this podcast and all you’ve invested in creating this community for entrepreneurs! Your podcast is often one of the first things I mention when I meet someone interested in entrepreneurship. Side Hustle Pro is easily one of my top 5 all time favorite podcasts! When I’m feeling drained or questioning whether I have what it takes to continue on this path of entrepreneurship listening to Side Hustle Pro serves a quick remedy to help get me back on track! Thank you for your commitment to producing such a beautiful product and experience that is so needed. Yours in the hustle, Briana Marie P. S. I so appreciate your transparency and how much you share about your own entrepreneurship journey. I’m rooting for your success!!
Love this podcast!
Love her. Love the value she adds to my life.
Very Inspiring
This is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to. It provides great insight into the lives of entrepreneurs. It has also motivated me to launch my own podcast as I am an indie author. I love the flow of the podcasts and interviewing style. Almost sets the tone to become successful enough to become a guest in this podcast! Great job and I hope to one day catch up with all the previous episodes. There are so many of them with great information. Can’t get enough of it. Astrid Ferguson aka @astrid_ferg
Love Love Love Side Hustle Pro
I first discovered this podcast through a friend on Facebook earlier this year and it has made my life. I have learned so much and discovered apps, ways of working and products that I have purchased this year. Nicaila you are amazing and your style of interviewing is phenomenal. I enjoy that you allow the guests to freely speak and advise the audience of their stories and mountains climbed to get to their current success. I am a faithful listener so your personal shows also rock! Thank you for being you and being real every time. May you have continued success. I’m inspired daily to one day hopefully be a guest on your show.
On Time
Nikki BM
I serve an “On Time” God and I discovered you right on time. A job lost me (instead of me losing a job) and this podcast has given me the courage to be exactly who I am and what I need to be. After all, the world has been on waiting me!!! Love you tremendously and please continue unlocking the positivity that’s brewing within many souls who are ready to break free & earn a honest and fulfilling living. I’ll be listen and learning. - Warmest regards, Nikki BM
You’ve got a fan in Abu Dhabi
Hi Michaela. I love your podcast! My friend turned me on to it last year and I’ve been hooked every since. My morning commute includes sand dunes, camels and Side Hustle Pro. Listening to Side Hustle Pro in Abu Dhabi, I’ve learned about an array of amazing women business owners and change-makers. Truthfully, most of your guests are foreign to me, which is exciting to be introduced to these empowered women. Michaela, your interviews always answer all of my questions, dig deeper and give real tangible advice. Thank you for your invaluable content, and your dedication. Making money moves in the desert, Shani.
Loving these last few episodes especially Nicaila!
Loving these last few episodes especially Nicaila!
Great content for mindful #GirlBosses ✨
I enjoy this podcast a lot. I have always been intrigued by the business operations and lifestyle; especially the entrepreneurial journey! Instead of listening to music in my car, I fill head with the content shared here, to advance my career.
AMAZING podcast that is SO necessary!
This podcast is so important and meaningful for Black women entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. Can’t recommend enough!
Instructive and Inspirational
Great realistic steps toward growing your business. Very authentic with a great delivery style.
Wow Just Wow !
So I am not really sure how I started listening .... But this show in just a short time has been both insightful and inspirational! As a family dubbed Side hustle Queen . This podcast has let me know that I am not alone in my struggles. Thank you !
Feeling Inspired
Logan (im a girl)
Hi Nicaila, I just want to let you know that every time I listen to your podcast I always leave feeling so inspired and motivated. I just listened to your nine month entrepreneur diaries and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I am a graphic designer working towards building my brand in art licensing and this particular episode really lifted me as I took my morning walk. It was lovely to hear your honest take on what it is like to be an entrepreneur and your daily struggles and successes in building a strong business. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering if I was on the right path...but this episode gave me the needed boost to keep surging forward and stay committed to growing my passion. Thank you! Kemi
My First and Favorite Podcast
I love your podcast. I can’t remember how I came across your podcast but as a lost NYC girl trying to build an online entrepreneur life, this podcast is my go to for motivation. Listening to colored women who are killing it in the game is such motivation to listen to there stories and how they ended up where they are now. It truly moves me and gives me hope in one day being on there other side. Watching and listening to white women isn’t the same as Listening to black women living the lives they truly want. Thanks for you dedication and consistent Value!
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