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Ep 147: Side Hustle Spotlight: Her Side Hustle Zen in a Jar Helped Her Pay Her Tuition

May 15, 2019
66 min

Today’s spotlight is Dr. Danita Nikki Brooks, the Founder of Zen in a Jar, a zen-focused home and body care line.

Dr. Nikki is an entrepreneur from Washington, DC. As you’ll hear in this episode, while working full time in government, and pursuing her Doctor of Science in Information Systems & Communication, she startled hustling. Side hustling that is. She started Zen in a Jar on the side, and it actually supplemented her income and helped pay her tuition.

Upon completing her doctorate, Dr. Nikki realized her passion is self-care. Through Zen in a Jar, she creates ways for women to access luxury experiences for the mind, body, and space with an emphasis on the power of aromatherapy.

“Respect your magic” is the mantra she lives by and her goal is to pour into other women and create experiences for them to tap into their very best lives. On today’s episode, we hear how she does it.

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