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Ep 132: From YouTube Sensation to Beauty Pioneer: Rochelle Graham Campbell of Alikay Naturals

February 20, 2019
66 min

Today in the guest chair we have Rochelle Graham-Campbell. Coined a “beauty pioneer” by Essence Magazine, Rochelle is the CEO & Co- Founder of Alikay Naturals.

From struggling college student to YouTube sensation with over 16 million views, Rochelle is a Millennial Beauty Boss who made “getting to the root of you” her mission when she took an $100 initial investment that she earned waiting tables to convert her kitchen into her first laboratory.

Composed of the richest natural & organic ingredients, Alikay Naturals is one of the fastest growing beauty brands. The award-winning products are currently available at select Target, Rite Aid, Walmart, JC Penney and CVS stores.

On today’s episode we get into:

  • Her early entrepreneurial endeavors
  • How waiting tables at Olive Garden and throwing newspapers funded the early stages of her business
  • How she grew Alikay Naturals into one of the fastest growing beauty brands


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